Turning Luck Around: A Ring Rescued at Carpinteria State Beach

  • from Santa Barbara (California, United States)

Following Sunday service, my phone rang with a plea for assistance from a distressed young lady who had encountered a streak of misfortune during her weekend camping trip at Carpinteria State Beach for the Avocado festival. Amidst the festivities, she had tragically misplaced a ring gifted to her by her mother, intended to ward off the string of bad luck she had been experiencing. Adding insult to injury, a neighboring camper had inadvertently damaged her Honda Civic, compounding her woes.

Upon arrival at the beach camping site, littered with debris and remnants of previous visitors, our task seemed daunting. Nails, bottle caps, and loose change cluttered the sandy terrain, posing challenges to our search efforts. Undeterred, we embarked on the quest to recover the precious lost ring.

After scouring the area for approximately 20 minutes, a promising signal echoed from my new XP Deus metal detector amidst the iceplant and sand. With bated breath, I unearthed the buried treasure, revealing the gleaming gold ring hidden beneath the surface.

In that triumphant moment, amidst the backdrop of adversity, we emerged victorious. The ring, a symbol of hope and resilience, was restored to its rightful owner, turning the tide of misfortune.

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Here’s the aftermath

Amrit and all her family were pumped and we were too as it’s always exciting when you can help someone. In the event you have lost a ring call Ventura County Metal detecting Services at 805-290-5009 as soon as you can because time is not on your side when it comes to finding your precious jewelry.


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