Lost Gold Ring in Salt Lake City, Utah- Found

This was actually my first call of 2023 after a large snow storm rolled through Utah. Jefferey and his girlfriend were having a snowball fight when he noticed his large gold ring came off his finger. I met them at the scene of the battle and quickly searched the area which was littered with trash. After about two hours, I was unsuccessful of locating the ring. Since it was right next to a busy road and plenty of interference, I knew I need to come back with a smaller coil.

The next week, the snow had melted and I was in route back to my house with about 15 minutes to kill so I stopped by the area. I put on my smaller coil and right next to the powerline cable was the ring. There was a few pieces of trash around it but it was literally about a foot from the sidewalk and anyone could have came by and grabbed it. The reason why I haven’t posted this recovery earlier is that I am still trying to get in touch with Jefferey as his phone number has been disconnected. I am hoping he will reach out to me following the post.

Check out the full recovery on my youtube channel- Lost Jewelry Recovery Utah

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