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Lost Ring in Snow Simsbury, CT… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Serhii was taking down Christmas lights and moving patio furniture on his second-story balcony. With a strand of lights in one hand and a cold railing in the other, he heard a clink. He thought nothing of the noise until five minutes later when he realized his white gold wedding band was missing from his finger. The clink he heard was the ring falling from the second story down to the ground level and bouncing off of a bank of gas meters. He walked down to check the ground and snow below. Wading in over a foot of snow, he quickly realized the ring was lost. Serhii decided to find help online. He came across my website and submitted a search form. The appointment was booked, and Serhii was hopeful.

I arrived and made an initial pass around the fence, bushes, and gas meters just below Serhii’s balcony. I was worried the snow was too deep for my machine to pick up the thin gold band. I had to keep my metal detector power low because of the metal gas meters, pipes, and building steel. The low power setting allowed me to get close to larger metal objects while searching for the lost ring, but my detection depth into the snow was limited at the same time. Coming up empty-handed on my first pass, I began scooping snow from between the gas meters to find out if the band landed there. I scanned each plastic scoopful of snow with my metal detector to make sure the ring wasn’t accidentally picked up. Next, I shoveled the top layer of snow from the grass line. With most of the snow relocated, I heard my first signal loud and clear. I grabbed a handful of snow and waved it over the top of my coil. The sound was even more audible, so I knew the object was in my hand. Slowly opening my fingers, I saw a shiny circular item covered in snow. Serhii’s ring! After bouncing off the utility pipes, it only landed about two feet away in the middle of the service walkway. I must have missed it the first time I scanned because of the snow depth. It was also possible Serhii or I could have stepped on the ring, pressing it down even further into the snow. I called Serhii down began to explain the work completed so far. In the middle of our discussion, I flashed the ring at him! Surprised, he said, “whoa, that’s mine!” We chatted for a few minutes about how fingers shrink in cold weather. Serhii admitted it was a good idea to resize the band before wearing it outdoors again. He was thankful to have his ring back, and I was happy to help.























How to Find a Lost Ring in Snow

Lost ring in the snow? It happens all the time – brushing and scraping ice, throwing snowballs, sleigh riding, taking off gloves. Suddenly your ring goes flying. Don’t waste your time renting a metal detector. Stop and mark the area where you believe the ring is lost. If plowing or shoveling occurs, block off the site to preserve the ring’s location.  My jewelry finding service covers Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and other surrounding states.

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