Lost Platinum Diamond Ring in Chattanooga Tennessee...Found

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

Conner contacted me late Sunday afternoon, on October 28th, around 5:00 PM.  The ring was actually platinum, my first one, so I wasn’t certain what it would read on the CTX.  It gave me a solid 12-03, in the high-trash mode, very similar to white gold. I have attached a couple photos of the happy lady.



“After a heavy rain, the night before, my fiancée and I were getting one of our cars unstuck in the yard. Little did we expect her engagement ring would go flying off her finger into the grass. We both quickly went into a panic as this is a family diamond passed on for generations. We tried everything to find the ring from crawling for hours to borrowing our neighbor’s metal detector. After six hours we were running out of daylight. I got online and found Ed Hart! He understood how important it was and drove over immediately to help find it. Within three minutes he had found her RING! We can not thank Ed enough. It is hard to find such wonderful people like him! Thanks again Ed you a lifesaver! ”