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Great Great Grandmother’s Heirloom Ring Lost on Toboggan Hill Beaumaris Park, Edmonton, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received an urgent call around 8:15 pm from Ihsan requesting my service to locate his niece’s ring which she lost while playing in the snow. It was imperative to find this ring because his niece was flying home to Sydney Australia in the morning. After asking Ihsan a few questions I agreed to meet him within ½ hour.
When I arrived at the park and meet Ihsan I could sense he was very upset. He told me he had his whole family out on the hill searching for five hours with no luck. I assured Ihsan if the ring was there I would find it for him providing he put me in the area that the ring was lost in and he did.
His niece was making snow angles and had pulled the ring off her finger and put it in her pocket for safe keeping. After she got up she put her hand in her pocket and was shocked to find the ring was gone.
Ihsan told me the ring belonged to his niece’s great, great Grandmother and that it was very sentimental to the whole family. I began my search and within 15 minutes I found a rose gold ring in the area but that was not the ring! The ring I was looking for was a yellow gold ring with a diamond so we faced timed his niece and showed her the ring. She said that was one of her rings but she never told anyone that she had lost both rings as she was only concerned about her great, great Grandmothers ring.
I knew by my experience the other ring was close by and within a few minutes found the other ring, Ihsan was excited to have both rings back in his hand and I’m positive the whole family were over the moon, And his niece will never forget her stay in snowy Edmonton Alberta.

Beautiful 14K Rose Gold Ring Lost, Found in Berryville, VA.

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

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I received a call from Brandon on Thursday asking if I could help him find his 14K Rose Gold wedding band which was lost on his property in Berryville, Virginia. Brandon stated he bought a metal detector and attempted to locate the ring himself, even searching at night with a flash light in hand, but no luck.  As with most detectorists we know you sometimes have to get through a lot of trash in order to find the treasure and the trash was what Brandon was finding unfortunately. After getting a few details on when it was lost and approximate area on the property where he believed it may be located we arranged for me to come out on Friday morning. Since he was not going to be able to be there to meet me I had to initiate the search on what details I had and the pictures he sent me to come up with a search strategy.

I started my search to the left of his home and closer to the wood line which is where he believed it would be located. After about 90 minutes and a pound of debris, other than the woods itself, I felt I covered the backyard area pretty well. Before I took on the search of the large area of bushy woods I though I’d give the grassy area closer to the house and attach shed a quick grid search.

…after about 30 minutes….there she was, one of the prettiest colors of rose gold I’ve seen shining brightly and just waiting to get backs to it’s owner. I contacted Brandon via a text by sending him a photo of his ring, he was ecstatic at knowing his ring was found and would soon be back on his finger.

Glad I could reunite you with your ring Brandon….

God Bless