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Lost Property Stake in Washington NJ… Found!!!

  • from Millburn (New Jersey, United States)

One of my fellow Ring Finders Tracy received a call from Janet.  She wanted to know if he could find a buried property marker on her land.  Unfortunately, Tracy was out of town for work, so he referred her to me, and I was happy to help!  Janet was so super easy to work with and just a wonderful person.  She knew exactly where the stake was and once I had pinpointed it, she pretty much did all the digging (that never happens)!  I don’t often get calls about property stakes, so this was a fun departure from the typical ring hunt.  And, as always, I was happy to be of service and find the stake.  Another missing item recovered!!! 🙂

Lost Keys found in East Providence, RI

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

Today, I received a call from Nick asking for my help in finding his keys.  They were lost in the snow after a storm that dropped a foot of snow. Nick had the keys in his pocket when he started snow blowing. After he finished, the keys were missing, and Nick had no idea where to begin. He decided to search the internet for help and found me through The Ring Finders website.  I searched his yard and found the keys in about ten minutes. As you can tell,  Nick was very happy to have his keys back!

Property Marker Search Fulshear, Texas

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Property Marker Search

Contacted by Gene a resident of Fulshear, Texas who advised he was searching the internet for metal detector rentals and came across “The Ring Finders” website. Gene wanted to know if I could assist him finding a metal property marker at his resident. Gene said he had a copy of the original land plot showing the location of the markers. The property plot was a nice reference but lacked any measurement to aid in locating the markers. Some how I am thinking it’s drawn like that intentionally. Gene said if we couldn’t find the marker, he was going to have to hire a surveyor to re-plot the property lines and it was going to be very expensive.

Made the trip out this morning and hit the property marker pretty quick, excavated, and tagged it for the homeowner.







































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John Volek / Member




Finding Property Markers

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

I can find Property Markers and Property Pins

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