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Key Fob Lost in Laurel Neighborhood Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Donald called me to ask if I could find his one and only key fob which he had lost two days ago while shoveling snow.
He had banked the snow about a foot deep along his side walk. Donald told me he searched for hours plus he purchased a metal detector from someone on the Net which did not help him.
I agreed to meet with him and I could see where he had been searching. I quickly searched the area and no key was found so I asked Donald to show me how he shoveled the snow as I wanted to see how far he threw the snow to give me an idea for a starting point for me to search. Within a couple of passes I found his key fob. Donald was delighted to have his key back and able to drive his vehicle again and as you all know, how costly these key fobs are to replace.
It was a pleasure of being of service to you Donald,

Lost Range Rover Key Fob…Found in Baltimore, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Moe’s Very Expense 2020 Range Rover Key Fob Missing for 2 Months was Found by Item Recovery Specialist Brian Rudolph!

Moe’s Wife, Pamela, Smiling from Ear to Ear After Item Recovery Specialist Brian Rudolph, Member of THE RING FINDERS, Finds Range Rover Key Fob!

Call Item Recovery Specialist Brian Rudolph at (301) 466-8644! He Will Find Your Lost Vehicle’s Key Fob along with Rings, Smartphones and Other Jewelry in All Kinds of Environments: Land, Water, Sand, Cliffs, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles!

I received a call from a young lady named Pamela who lived in in Baltimore, Maryland. She was contacting me on behalf of her husband Moe who lost his 2020 Range Rover key fob after coming home from a March Madness party nearby. After getting out of his vehicle, he made his way to the house, opened the front door with his house key and then proceeded to go into the family room where he greeted his wife and then watched TV until he fell asleep on the couch. The next morning, Moe looked everywhere for his key fob and was not able to find it anywhere. The first place he looked was his jean’s pockets, but they were completely empty. Hours upon hours went by and the poor guy could not find the fob anywhere in the house or outside on the lawn. His wife Pamela helped in the search and even she could not pull the rabbit out of its hat! The nearly brand-new Range Rover would end up sitting in the driveway for another two months before their cry for help came my way.

Pamela had contacted me because she was interested in renting a metal detector. Instead, I convinced the woman to hire me to come out to their property and help the couple find the missing key fob instead of wasting her money and time with a rental. The next day, I drove to Baltimore, Maryland where I met up with Pamela at their house. As soon as I arrived, my client greeted me and took me over to the Range Rover in the driveway. It was unlocked so I was able to search the vehicle to make sure that the remote had not been dropped somewhere under or around the front seats. I used my endoscope to search all of the corners and spaces where the naked eye would not be able to see within. Though I did not find the missing fob at that point, I did recover a gold chain that was buried under the driver side seat.

When I was certain that the electronic device was not in the vehicle, I metal detected the front lawn just in case Moe had dropped the fob as he walked across the grass leading to the front porch. Unfortunately, there was no “clicker” hidden or buried on that section of the property.

As soon as I concluded that the yard was clear of the key fob, I did a quick search of the front porch (which contained a number of things placed on top of its concrete slab). It didn’t take long for me to once again conclude that the fob was not in that location of the house. It was at that point that Pamela authorized me to search the couple’s family room where Moe had retired for the night on that dreadful March evening.

The only place that I could search in the family room was the couch and the recliner. Moe had fallen asleep on one part of the sectional couch but I didn’t find anything with my endoscope in that piece of furniture. I continued to analyze all of the other sections of the sofa, as well as the recliner, but I ended up being convinced that the very expensive Range Rover remote was not hidden anywhere in the family room furniture.

Pamela insisted that there were no other places in the home that the fob could have ended up since Moe had not gone anywhere else on the first floor upon him coming home from the party that night. We both concluded that this missing item would end up as an unsolved mystery since there were no other places for me to search.

I packed up my things in the family room and headed out of the front door towards my vehicle to retrieve my credit card payment device. Just as I opened the front door, I looked straight down towards the very left corner of the porch and immediately I could not believe what my eyes were staring at! Behind a broom, there rested on the concrete slab…the missing Range Rover key fob! I was in complete utter shock! Though I had checked the slab, I did not look behind the broomstick that was leaning up against that corner of the porch! For the past two months, that missing fob had just been sitting there in the corner right next to the front door! I couldn’t wait at that moment to share the amazing news with the bewildered wife who was not particularly happy with her husband’s absentmindedness!

After I returned back to the house once I retrieved my credit card reader, I gave Pamela the surprise of her life! She nearly fainted in her house when I revealed the amazing news that I have found the long sought after electronic item! She could not believe where I had found it! She was beyond shocked that it had been resting there on the floor of the porch just inches from the front door that the couple had been walking in and out of for the past 60 days! All that time, It had been laying there literally underneath their noses!

I made my client the happiest woman that evening and she couldn’t stop thanking me and acknowledging how wise she was to hire an item recovery specialist rather than to rent a metal detector that would have been completely useless! It turned out to be yet another fantastic finish written in the annals of my metal detecting journal pages! How sweet that evening was!


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