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Key Fob Lost in Laurel Neighborhood Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Donald called me to ask if I could find his one and only key fob which he had lost two days ago while shoveling snow.
He had banked the snow about a foot deep along his side walk. Donald told me he searched for hours plus he purchased a metal detector from someone on the Net which did not help him.
I agreed to meet with him and I could see where he had been searching. I quickly searched the area and no key was found so I asked Donald to show me how he shoveled the snow as I wanted to see how far he threw the snow to give me an idea for a starting point for me to search. Within a couple of passes I found his key fob. Donald was delighted to have his key back and able to drive his vehicle again and as you all know, how costly these key fobs are to replace.
It was a pleasure of being of service to you Donald,