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Lost Car Keys Found in snow banked driveway, London Ontario

  • from London (Ontario, Canada)

Car keys are likely one of the easiest finds when conducting a search in the snow. In this case, the poor guy had his driveway snow banks all dug out and some of his front lawn too! It took less then a minute to help this gentleman out with the proper gear.

Lost Keys in Snow recovered in Penhold Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

A desperate call from Leslie on Christmas Eve, her daughter had been shoveling their sidewalks and lost the only set of keys for their Car fortunately they also had a Truck. Due to the winter storm I was unable to travel the Highway that evening and we arranged for me to go out on Boxing Day.   The weather was good on Boxing Day and I drove 120 kilometers to her home in Penhold, Alberta without any problem.  When I arrived Leslie showed me the areas that were best to search, after kicking down and searching the 2 foot mounds of snow along the front of the yard I turned to the path leading up to the house and around to the side.  After 1 hour I still had not found the keys.   I then started work the center of the front yard and after a few passes found the keys in the middle of the yard a good 15 feet from the sidewalk, that girl sure has a good arm.   Leslie was thrilled to get the keys back as they were the only set and it would have cost  $500.00 to get new ones.   I love the smiles I get when I recover lost valuables for people just look at Leslie beaming below.

Happy to have keys back


Lost Keys in Columbus, OH. “FOUND!”

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)

I received a call on Monday about a mans lost set a keys. He was helping a friend out while shoveling the snow from the driveway and lost them somewhere. I could not make for the next couple of days because the temperatures were down in the negative 20’s. So we meet up on a much warmer day. After searching for about thirty minutes about the driveway, there was the keys in the two foot high snow bank. He was very happy to have them back, which save him money into getting a new car key and he can use his gas discount card again.


Lost Keys in Columbus, OH. “FOUND!”


Lost Keys in Columbus, OH. “FOUND!”


Lost Wedding Band found in River near Calgary/Cochrane by Metal Detecting

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Lost Wedding Band found in River near Calgary/Cochrane by Metal Detecting.  In  the Wiaparous area.The ring was found in the rapids.The water was very cold but ring was found. It was found on the guys birthday. What a great Birthday gift. He lost it while rafting down the river.


The happy husband




One happy guy


            14 k gold wedding band


Lost in the Waiparous /Cochrane area