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Lost Keys Found in Snow – Pell Lake, WI

  • from Lake Geneva (Wisconsin, United States)

On January 12, 2024, a severe winter storm was sweeping its way across southern Wisconsin.  It dumped around 13 inches of heavy, wet snow and shut down schools and businesses.  Bill, like most Wisconsinites, was clearing his driveway and unfortunately lost his set of keys in the process.  This was not a usual set of keys.  It included two key fobs, shop keys, house keys, and a post office box key.  His emergency text went out at 10:00pm to Ringfinder Seth Tost of Lake Geneva, WI.

Ordinarily this might have been a simple search, but Bill did not realize his keys were missing until after he had cleared the snow and pushed it into compacted piles around the perimeter of his driveway, across the road, and 50+ feet down a side road.  The keys could have been anywhere.

Seth got the text the next morning and met up with Bill around 10 am.

Some searches that seem easy, can take a looooong time.  Others that appear to be a losing game from the beginning, end with that miracle find.  Today was that miracle find.  After a little over an hour, giving all areas a cursory scan, and digging through a few piles that seemed most logical, the keys were found about 30 feet down the road from Bill’s driveway.  The next city snowplow may have pushed them miles from this point.  What a joy to return this set of important keys!

Lost Keys in Columbus, OH. “FOUND!”

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)

I received a call on Monday about a mans lost set a keys. He was helping a friend out while shoveling the snow from the driveway and lost them somewhere. I could not make for the next couple of days because the temperatures were down in the negative 20’s. So we meet up on a much warmer day. After searching for about thirty minutes about the driveway, there was the keys in the two foot high snow bank. He was very happy to have them back, which save him money into getting a new car key and he can use his gas discount card again.


Lost Keys in Columbus, OH. “FOUND!”


Lost Keys in Columbus, OH. “FOUND!”


Lost Keys Found Yakima Washington

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

Good things can happen in 10 seconds if you know the right questions to ask. This search was what I would call perfect. It began when I was asked by a friend of mine to keep a look out for a large set of keys he lost the week before.

We had both been working on a “Journey to Bethlehem” live production here in Yakima Washington. We had around 3700 people go through the village over four nights. His part of the production was to plan and build the sets. After the weekend was over, we received seven inches of heavy wet snow which stressed our buildings.

My friend had been using a rake to pull the snow off the roof, and when he went to go home he realized the keys he had in his pocket had fallen out. Due to the new snow he was unable to locate the keys.

I had been searching for a large silver earring that had been lost around the village, and he knew this, so he asked me to keep an eye out.

Well, I had searched the village 5 different times with my metal detector and was able to tell the nice lady who lost it “somewhere” between her home and the event, that it was not lost on the path.

My friend was there as well, working on taking the buildings down, so I decided to search for his keys next.

I asked him more questions about what he had been doing the day he lost the keys and what areas he had been working in. I thought it was logical that he must have lost it when pulling snow off the roofs and did not find it because it had been hidden by the snow.

I decided to start the search behind the buildings snow piles. I went to the first building and had been searching the piles for about three steps, when I noticed the keys laying in the melted snow pile.

It was over almost before it started. That is my fastest search to date and I will take a little luck anytime. It also helped to ask the right questions, and it was good he remembered where and what he had been doing that day.

He was glad to get the keys back, and I was glad to be a part of the search.

I usually ask so many questions before I take on a search the people must think I am crazy, but it really helps narrow the search down, and also gives me an idea if they really know with certainty in what general area they lost it. Doing a grid search takes time, and the more focused it can be, the more likely I will find it.

If you have lost an item of value, give one of The Ring Finders a call, we might just be able to help you out. Of course you will have to put up with a million questions :), but it just might be worth it.