Haigis Beach, Dennis Port, Massachusetts Ring Lost, Found and Return

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Joe was frolicking around with his son in the beach waters of Haigis. As we all know something unexpected is always bound to happen. When father and son’s hands connected the result was Joe’s wedding band went sailing off into the ocean. This ring has had a habit of taking leave from its appointed place of adornment. It had been an escapee five previous times, the first time was onto a nice dry sandy beach, once into a rock pile, a couple of times into fall cleanup debris, once a fall from the top of a ladder only to lodge between the ladder and a dock which foiled its escape into the water which was 20 feet deep. After each disappearance it was always found. This is probably the one ring that has been lost and found more times than any other ring.

This time the ring was to stay in Nantucket Sound for 2 days before it would accompany the blooming plum flowers and fresh sea air again while adorning Joe’s finger again.

The family vacation had been planned as a trip to South Carolina. Covid-19 put a halt on flying and the plans had to changed. The new plans were to enjoy the amenities on Cape Cod this would not require flights to and from South Carolina. The vacation town of South Yarmouth was chosen. What luck for the ring and Joe as I would not have been in South Carolina to retrieve the wayward ring.

Joe had the presence of mind to mentally take notice location identifying features of the beach. Each helped in narrowing the search area. I marked the sand and went into the water. I covers the first two areas directly in front of the marked area with no results. I moved about ten feet further east, again nothing. Next ten feet to the west. It was not long before I heard the sweet sound of the wayward ring. I scooped it up and walked into shore toward Joe. He thought I was giving up and needed a drink of water. True, but his daughter spotted the ring in my scoop first. Joe’s glance was second to spot the rings new resting place. A call of joy prompted by the sight of his ring, Joe signaled to his wife and son to come out of the water. They all joined in on a multitude of Thank Yous and a promises not to let the ring escape again.

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  1. Joe Piperata says:

    Rick, while we always plan adventures while on vacation, this wasn’t on the list, but it has certainly given us something we will never forget! The response time from when I submitted my e-mail on Monday night to the 1st phone call was amazing, and I lucked out that you were close by and available. My hopes were somewhat high as I had a very good idea where the ring was lost, but I was thinking that I should have reached out on Sunday instead of Monday. After an extremely thorough search, it had appeared that you had exhausted all options and had done all that you could do when you very casually displayed the contents of the sifting scoop, and I simply could not believe it was found! You brought smiles to all of our faces, especially mine, and this being the 6th time my ring has been lost and found (second time in the Cape), it’s time to either have it re-sized and/or leave it home when we head to the beach!

    Many thanks, once again, for locating the missing ring!

    Have a great summer!

    ~ Joe

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