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Lost Wedding Band Moorestown NJ

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1- 856-433-0719

Yard Work!

Hi Dave,

I wanted to send a note to thank you again for coming out to find my wedding ring.  It is a horrible feeling loosing something that means so much to you.  On the other hand it was an incredibly joyous moment when you found my ring.  It was definitely a priceless moment!  If I ever lose my ring again or know of someone who does I will know who to call.  Take care and keep up the great work!

Thank You,

Joe Piotti


Lost Wedding Ring Evesham NJ

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1- 856-433-0719

A Night At The Ball Game


You must be an angel.  An angel with a mean metal detector, that is.  I lost my wedding ring at a local spring baseball game.  We searched several times and could not find it.  My husband told me don’t worry about it so much, but I was devastated.  During a frantic internet search, I found the Metal Detecting Man website and shot you an e-mail.  We met at the baseball field where I’d lost the ring.  My heart dropped when I saw you walk in to the parking lot from the field in less than an hour.  I thought, well, that’s it, he thinks it’s hopeless.  I said, “No luck, eh?  That’s OK, I am really grateful that you’re doing this.”   I just hoped whoever found the ring was using it for good purposes (paying bills, etc.) or it was helping to keep a very lucky bunch of baby robins warm and safe this summer.

“Well, there was a lot of junk on that field,” you said, as you opened your hand to reveal my wedding ring.

And that, my friends, is when I hugged a total stranger several times and cried for joy.

Because of your generosity to help a stranger on your day off, I am wearing my wedding ring again.  I think I will weld it to my finger.  Even if you hadn’t found it, the world is a better place with you in it.  I hope I can “pay it forward” to others in some way.  You asked for nothing, but I insisted you accept the meager contents of my wallet that day.  It is truly priceless what you’ve done.

I’m attaching a picture of the found wedding ring for your website.  Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Burlington County, NJ

Lost Wedding Ring Dullellen NJ

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1- 856-433-0719

Back Yard Tanning

Dear Dave,

I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you helped me to find my wedding ring in my back yard. I never dreamed that after 3 and a half years, I would ever see it again. The fact that you came back all this way with your friend a second time and didn’t give up was wonderful and your persistence definitely paid off. I just want to thank you so much for helping me because without you, I know that I never would have found it. You have made me very happy and I will absolutely recommend you to anyone I know who ever loses jewelry. Thank you and your friend again so much!!

Kathy Moncelsi



Lost Gold Ring Cape May NJ

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
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On The Way To Cape May

Dear Dave,

Thank You so very very much ! 🙂 “You” are “The Man” !! Without your kindness and understanding, as well as, your thoughtfulness, caring and love of metal detecting that ring would have been history! 🙁 I wrote a little blurb in the “forum” webpage section under vacation tips requesting any help finding that ring before I found you. That area of the beach was probably not very “used” since I left from my vacation. It is a bit away from the concession stands and such. No one to date has answered that “help” request. Maybe, someone nearby read it and went to hunt for the ring but came up empty. Luckily for us, you didn’t! When you told me you were going to search for the ring, I broke down and told my girlfriend (Beth) since she was still quite upset about it. It gave her hope and the knowledge that I wasn’t going to give up on finding it somehow. Besides, there’s no way I could really wait until Christmas to return it to her. I would have no problem driving to your house or somewhere nearby if you would feel more comfortable that way to pick up the ring. I don’t want to take any chances losing it once again (mailing it/etc.); besides, I want to thank you in person. After all, you went out of your way, spent time, money on gas etc. You are a lifesaver! I would “really” like to get it Saturday if at all possible. I work 2nd shift so I wouldn’t be able to be up, awake and ready to drive there until 11a.m. at the earliest. I look forward so much from hearing from you I hope I can sleep some tonight! I best go and leave a message for Beth ! Thank you again, Dave.



Dear Dave,

Beth and I figured that the money was a fair days pay for a job “well done”; although, we wish we could have done more for you. We’re happy you’re pleased with it.

Although you didn’t see Beth cry when you returned her ring, she did on the way home. She is very thankful she has it back. Thanks again for all you did. There’s not many people in this world that would have taken the time nor the trip to search for a ring that a stranger from the Internet lost.

Most sincerely,


ps: although you were “The Man” for finding her ring ….”I” reaped the benefits! 😉

Lost Engagement Ring Cape May NJ

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1- 856-433-0719

Wedding Party

July 30, 2010

I woke up to a desperate email. A couple in Cape May lost an expensive engagement ring. We sent a few emails back and forth. I couldn’t get there until 5:30pm. Joe manned the post not allowing anyone near the suspected spot where the ring could be.

He was there from 2am till 5:30pm. My son and I arrived around 5:30pm. 3 ladies, who were not related but heard the story, stated they have been praying to St. Anthony all day. They said St. Anthony will help us find the ring. They were asking me how good is my recovery rate. My answer was pretty good.

I did advise Joe that a lot of the time the lost object is nowhere near where you think it is. I said lets get started. He took me to the spot. I turned on my Minelab Explorer made a couple of swings and had the very nice low tone of platinum. I had the ring in my scoop in less than 30 seconds. And what a beautiful ring it was. Joe was amazed. He said he was ready to cry.

Joe phoned his fiancée and told her the news. She was at a wedding rehearsal dinner. She came running onto the beach. Joe placed the ring back on her finger. Hugs and pictures were in order.

Another happy couple.

Words can not describe how thankful Joe and I are that you saved the day last Friday. I couldn’t sleep at all after losing my engagement ring on the beach in Cape May, NJ. We spent hours hopelessly combing through the sand. When I found your website I thought it was a long shot but at that point I was willing to try anything. I had even contacted every hardware/appliance store within 10-15 miles looking for a metal detector – there were NONE. When you responded that you would be there I felt like I could relax for the first time since losing the ring – I tried to stop thinking about it for the next few hours but that was impossible everytime I felt or looked at my left ring finger.
I know I was not present when you found it, but Joe can not stop talking about it. Only one swipe of the metal detector and one scoop and there it was – you are my hero. When I got the phone call, everyone around me was screaming for joy. The best part of this story is that someone would have the kindness and magnanimity to come to the rescue of two complete strangers.
I now not only have my engagement ring, but also a wonderful story with a happy ending and a lot more faith in mankind. It may sound dramatic, but what you did for us was incredibly selfless.
Thank you again,

Wedding ring recovered in Poway

from La Jolla (California, United States)



Just as I was arriving home on Saturday evening, I received a call from Amanda who said she  had lost her wedding ring in a small grassy area next to public pool. She had removed the ring to apply lotion on her daughter and had placed the ring in her jeans pocket. Some time later, she noticed the ring missing and searched with many friends on their hands and knees but no success. I had plans that night with the wife and some friends but agreed to stop by the pool to see if it was going to be an easy recover. The area was small so I had high hopes. The good news was that she hadn’t left that grassy area with the jeans, the bad news was the ground there was literally carpet bombed with coins and other metallic junk! You could not swing the coil without getting at least 3 signals.

I did a complete grid but couldn’t get a surface signal in the gold range other than some pull tab ends and foil so we figured it must have been picked up by someone earlier. She thanked me for my efforts and I left to keep my evenings’ appointment. I was 98% sure that the ring was not in that area but that last 2% was bugging me. With that many targets and their signals overlapping, I figured there was still a chance that the ring was masked by them so I returned the next morning before the pool opened and the nice people running the place let me in to complete my search.

I figured I would remove everything that made a noise and if the ring was there, it would be found. After completing a 10X10 foot area and sweating buckets in the hot sun, I had found someone else’s ring, 31 quarters, 14 dimes, 6 nickels, and 28 pennies along with a dozen pull tabs and other assorted stuff but not the ring I was looking for. I had just started on the next 10X10 area and got another nice low tone that had already produced the nickels and pull tabs but this time I could see just a tiny glint of sparkle through the grass which I knew was going to be good. Yup, her ring had been stepped on and pushed most of the way into the sod but just a sliver was still exposed. I made my favorite type of phone call and met Amanda near by to return her ring. After having resigned herself to the thought that the ring was gone forever, my phone call made her the happiest woman in Poway. Here’s the ring (sorry about the blurry photo! Believe me, it’s beautiful) and Amanda and her daughter.


Lost Man’s Gold Wedding Ring in Powell, OH “FOUND”.

from Newark (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 1-740-334-7293
Lost Gold Man’s Wedding Ring in Powell, OH “FOUND”.

Lost Gold Man’s Wedding Ring in Powell, OH “FOUND”.

I received an email from a guy that lost his gold wedding ring while helping with his young daughters softball game. He played pitcher, catcher and second baseman. Between each inning he took off is baseball mitt. After the game while at dinner, he noticed that his gold wedding ring was no longer on his finger.

He went back to the baseball diamond to look for his ring but no luck. After he got home and read the Columbus Dispatch, he saw my news article. Then he emailed me about his lost ring at about 10 pm at night.

By the next morning I was heading to meet him to look for the ring.  I had a two hour window to find the ring before he had to leave for a couple of days. Since other games would have been played there before he would return someone else could have found it.  Looking for an hour and a half and asking many questions as to where he was during the game the ring was found covered up by the dirt.

He was very glad to have his ring back since he just celebrated his 10 year wedding anniversary.


Another Lost Ring on Stinson Beach-Found

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Lost platinum wedding ring found on Stinson Beach

Lost platinum wedding ring found on Stinson Beach

Christine and friends from the East Bay spent the day on Stinson Beach in Marin County last week. Christine took off her grandmother’s platinum wedding ring and put it on her leg to apply sunscreen. A while later, she stood up to take a walk. By the time she remembered the ring, it had disappeared into the sand.

Christine’s friend Kim found TheRingFinders directory a few days later by searching for “metal detector service.” We arranged to meet at the beach today. Christine had to be out of town, so Kim came instead, along with her mother and daughter.

Three factors conspired against us recovering the ring: First, the ring itself was tiny and made of platinum. This means it would be easy for a metal detector to miss. Second, the sand had some mineralization, specifically iron particles or “black sand” that can be hard for the metal detector to penetrate. And third, it was an unseasonably chilly day for the middle of June.

Kim and her mom separately showed me where they thought they had been sitting last week so that I could set up a search zone. Fortunately, they both had good memories, because their search zones overlapped. After about two hours of hunting with two different detectors, I found the ring within the overlapping area. Good job, ladies! (And thanks for the hot coffee and chowder!)

Kim is keeping the ring safe until Christine returns.


Wedding Band Found at Woonsocket, RI, Home

from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)
Contact: 1-401-225-5770

I received a call today from a friend who knew I was a member of The Ring Finders.  He asked me to look for a ring for his stepdad’s mom, Cecile.  Cecile lost her husband about a year ago and has worn his wedding ring on her thumb ever since.  That is until yesterday when the ring was lost while she was doing yard work.  She was so upset that she looked for the ring until late last night with a flashlight and prayed to Saint Anthony.  After searching the grass in her front yard for about 45 minutes this evening, I found her husband’s wedding band.  Cecile was so happy to get the ring back that she cried and hugged me when she saw it.  She said she felt blessed, but not as blessed as I felt to have been able to return it to her!



Diamond Ear Ring Lost Maple Grove Minnesota Metal Detector Service

from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-651-829-4438

Laura was out mowing her lawn and as she was going under one of the willow trees, one of the branches caught her 14Kt Gold Diamond ear ring and pulled it off. Her and her husband searched and couldn’t find it. They rented a metal detector, though the model they had could not register the small amount of gold on the ear ring and it truly does take years of experience to operate a detector correctly. State Farm Insurance contacted us. We went the next morning and fought the hoards of mosquitoes. After a 15 – 20 minute search we hit it!!! It was very early in the morning as we had a scuba search planned for later that morning and Laura declined a picture – No worries Laura, no one wants a picture at 7:00AM!!! Glad we found your ear ring. Take Care.