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Wedding Ring Found In Vermont Country Town

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

About a week ago I got an email from the wife of a gentleman who had lost his wedding ring on their rural Vermont farm. This young couple had bought a beautiful 50 acre farm a little over a year ago.

Last Spring, when the snows left, he headed outside to work. He had been working in the garden and chasing a runaway pig out in their hayfield. When he went back in the house, he noticed his ring was missing from his finger. He was very devastated because this ring had also been his father’s wedding ring. Every time he went to visit his dad he hoped he wouldn’t notice it was missing.

So, we had to wait until today to search, because of late melting snow and ice. When I got there he showed me the areas to search. I expected at least a 3 hour search, but I found it about 6” deep in his garden, and in the first 5 minutes! I yelled across the yard to him and he hooted and hollered back with a very happy sound. Very very happy man!!

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