How To Find A Lost Ring - Raleigh

  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

It happens. People lose things all the time, but this recovery was special.

I was contacted by a woman who had lost her late husband’s wedding ring. If that sounds odd, it’s because she was wearing it. After her husband passed, she started wearing his ring and her own, with her ring on the outside as a “stop” to keep her husband’s larger ring from falling off.

On this particular day, she had decided to garden in her yard and for whatever reason, had reversed the rings on her finger (so the husband’s was on the outside). Without her smaller ring to anchor it, her husband’s ring came off and she was unable to find it. Given her sentimental attachment to the lost ring, finding it was imperative!

She showed me where she had been gardening, pruning, trimming, and other yard tasks, which turned out to cover a rectangular area about 75 ft x 10 ft. I was able to find the ring buried down in the dirt and return it — a happy ending is always a good way to end the day!