White Gold Diamond Ring Lost in the Sand in Litchfield, SC. Found and Returned

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Rhonda called me about 8:30 pm saying I had been referred to her by the Minelab Distributor in the area, and was hopeful I could help find one of her lost rings. She said that she had lost 5 rings in the sand after she had taken them off to apply sun tan lotion. She went on to say, that her and her boyfriend had found 4 of the 5 but couldn’t find her diamond ring. She was wondering when I might be available to help look for it. I don’t like waiting to do a ring search because too many things could happen between the time of loss and me getting there to search. So, I told her I’d be there in about 30 minutes, got the address, grabbed my detector and was on the road.

I called her when I got there and she met me in the parking lot. We walked out to the beach and luckily she knew exactly where the area was that the ring was lost. I think it took longer for the detector to turn on and me to get ready then it did to find her ring. She put me dead on the spot, 3 swings and I got the tone, looked at the numbers on the detector and saw the 9/10 and knew I had white gold. I took a small scoop of sand, checked the hole to make sure I had her ring and searched the scoop. I very gently pulled her beautiful diamond ring out of my scoop. She was a little shocked that it turned up so quickly. A great happy ending to their vacation.

Rhonda, thank you so much for trusting me to find your lost treasure. Have a safe trip home.


3 Replies to “White Gold Diamond Ring Lost in the Sand in Litchfield, SC. Found and Returned”

  1. Jim Brouwer says:

    Wonderful!! Great Return!!

  2. Matt Fry says:

    Good Job Jim. Smiles all around!

  3. Larry Griffith, France says:

    Nice story Jim. Would have liked to see a videos…always enjoyable. Were you using an Equinox? I would like to know so that I will know the readings for white gold on mine.

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