Lost Ring Recovered from Forest Lake Minnesota Ballfield.

  • from Chisago City (Minnesota, United States)

Playing with the dog in the snow.


It was an early December evening and my client was playing with her dog in the snow on a baseball field when she slipped and fell. When she was wiping herself off she noticed her ring was missing.  She searched with friends for her ring and was unable to locate it.  They looked up Ringfinders.com in the area and came across Paul Nolan and gave him a call and Paul agreed to swing out and help them in there search.  We could not meet on site so I sent them an overhead photo that I had put a labeled grid over the photo and sent it to them. They identified the locations where they where at the time of the loss.  I went out and gave the baseball field a good search where most of the footprints were in the snow and came up empty. That search has around 2 hours. I hate leaving without finding what I went out for, but it was getting cold and late. So over the next couple days I repeated searching and put in another 4 hours or so searching.  I was getting a lot of hits but down 2″ so I was ruling them out but still had to confirm it was not the ring in the snow.  It was taking a lot of time being a ball park with a lot of pull tabs and bottle tops.

I called them and thought we would have to try after the snow had gone in the spring.

On a April 18, 2019 I went into work early and was on my way home earlier then normal so I decided to take a swing by the ball field and give it another look. I could tell by the foot prints in the softer ballfield infield that people had been out and the tracks were in the same areas of the lost ring. I knew no one had found the ring with all the foot prints so I continued my quest.  I spent about an hour and a half in the outfield looking in the grass and also put a grid over the infield. I was feeling like I had covered every inch of the place a couple of times with my cross grid.  I was working my way back to my car and when I was in the first base line I got a quick hit.  I had looked down and about 75% covered in the dirt was a small gold ring. What a feeling.  That’s got to be it.  I made it back to my car and started going through my phone looking for the number of the client. I had photos from when I was first out on site. I gave them a call and talked to her husband  and he said she was on her way home from work. I told him who I was and asked if they had found the ring yet? He confirmed that they had not, but had been out looking for it.  I asked him to identify it again and he gave the description to a tee.  I told him that I had it and if he want to meet me at the park I would get it back to him for a nice spring surprise.  We met and he was elated to have it back. It was a ring that he had given to his wife when they went on their fist vacation together in the Dakotas.  It was not a real big ring, but it had a big place in her heart.  Knowing that you had just made someone’s day never gets old.


Attached is the ring after it was removed from the ground and cleaned up a bit.  

Zoomed in


So you can see why it was so had to spot.  Congratulations on your ring back. You now have a little more of a story to go with it.