Simon Cox

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Travel expenses and whatever you feel is just and fair reward for finding your lost item. ''I am able to assist 7 days a week''

Search Types

Beaches, parks, lakes & yards...

Beaches .. Rivers .. Lakes in fact all Fresh / Saltwater up to 6 / 10 ft deep .. Parks .. Homes .. I can search private land with home owners permission.

Search Locations

Kent & Sussex and surrounding areas.,

Simon Cox's Bio

I am able to perform searches in shallow water... if you lost your item on private land it will be necessary for you to obtain prior permission for me to perform the search... I have an all terrain Metal Detector... long handled sand scoop for water pointer etc.

Simon Cox - Recent Blog Post

  • West Wittering sun baker (2020)

    I was contacted by Jonathan about 10 days ago via Ring finders , he had just lost his Platinum wedding band whist enjoying a family day out at West Wittering beach in West Sussex . I told him I was able to help recover his ring , as parking is only by pre booking the […]

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  • Lost gold signet ring recovered (2020)

    I was contacted last night by Andrew who had lost his gold signet ring whilst mucking about with his mates on a riverbank , arranged to meet this afternoon, and after a stroll through water meadows we arrived at the riverbank the ring was lost on , my Equinox 800 soon hit on a steady […]

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  • Lost Gold wedding band recovered from a Hove beach (2020)

    I received a call from Jean – Francois last Tuesday 16th June , his large Gold wedding band had slipped off his finger whist swimming in the sea at Hove , the previous evening . I arranged to meet JF on the beach the following day , when the tide was low , JF was […]

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  • Unique silver ring recovered (2020)

    I got a call from Tim last Thursday via Ring finders , Tim had lost his very unique and sentimental silver ring , he wasn’t sure if it was lost on a bike ride or in his garden in Welling SE London , I arranged to meet Tim at his home the following morning , […]

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  • Recovery of large gold ring (2019)

    Yesterday evening I was contacted by Luke who had lost his large 18 K wedding band on a campsite near Hassocks Sussex ,we agreed to meet early this morning ,Luke showed me the area where they had camped , there were lots of targets in such a small area , but realising the ring would […]

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