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Spanish Banks Beach in Vancouver… Men’s Gold wedding band lost but now found.

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

This story begins when I receive a call from a young lady that told me that her husband lost his ring at the beach last year in early spring. They both saw the ring fly of his finger and disappear into the sand.

They searched for hours sifting the sand but couldn’t find the ring, the lady came back the next day and searched for hours with a rented metal detector but no ring…

Feeling like there was no chance, they were going to post on the Craigslist and came across my add in the Lost & Found.

I love my job!

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They contacted me and gave me the area where the ring was lost.

When I arrived at the beach I contacted her to make sure I was in the exact area, I was and I found the ring in 30 seconds…

Why would it take me only 30 seconds to find the ring and they searched for hours and didn’t find it?

I guess an example would be… I could buy a jet plane, but it doesn’t mean I can fly it. I’ve been metal detecting for many years and I know how operate my equipment and how to find things.

I called and got their address and drove the ring to their place, she was very excited and was going to surprise her husband when he got home from work as he didn’t know his ring was found .

Lost in Steveston BC… White gold wedding band lost in snow.

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

I get a call from a young man from Steveston who lost his white gold wedding band some where in the snow.

I met up with him and we discuss the area the ring was lost at, its a big area so I have to eliminate the possibilities. We start out by his place where he was petting the neighbors dogs.

This happens a few more times down the street and around the corner as the dogs were following him. I start my search and after 11/2 hours searching in heavy snow we decide to call it quits.

That night I get a call from the young man and he said that there was an area we didn’t check that he remembered wiping the snow off his jacket and petting the dogs.

When I get there the next day the walk way was shoveled high to the side, I searched the area and no luck as the snow was even deeper then the day before.

We talked and I told him that I would come back when the snow had melted. New Years day was the day I found his ring in 4 inches of snow… It took me three visits out there and over 4 hours. He was very happy and was very kind and generous in rewarding for finding the ring.

I love my job!

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Vancouver, Kits Beach Lifeguard lost his wedding band!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

Over the years the lifeguards at the Vancouver beaches have been very supportive of my service ”Finders” I have helped two lifeguards in the past 14 years find their lost wedding bands in the ocean at low Tide.

This picture is of a lifeguard who lost his wedding band at Kits Beach while working on a summers day. He lost it at high tide and when I met up with him he gave me the area he believed he lost the ring.

I had to wait a few days for a good low tide and when I started the search of the area it took me close to 3 1/2 hours to locate the ring.

Why so long you say? Well I have to grid search a very large area due to the fact that he put me close to the area but not in the exact area the ring was lost…

I really enjoy helping these people that save lives!

I love my job!

Large white gold wedding band lost in the snow at Cypress Bowl

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

This video is about a young man who was up at Cypress Bowl skiing and when he was returning home his car got stuck in the snow on the side of the road.

He jumped out and started to dig his front tire out of the snow and shortly after realized that his large white gold wedding band was gone. He spent a few hours searching the snow for his ring but gave up as it was dark and cold.

He went back the next day armed with a metal detector and determined to find his ring. Unfortunately the area he lost his ring, by the side of the road was plowed, after hours of searching with the metal detector he gave up.

When he got home he was about to post his lost ring on the craigslist when he saw my add for Ring Finders…
He called me and we met the next day, I found his ring in 5 minutes.

I love my job!

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Lost rings now Found in the United States/Canada/England

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

Lost rings now Found in the United States/Canada/England

So far in the past month I’ve been able to help people find their rings from the United Sates, Canada and England. For people I can’t get to because they live thousands of miles away I try and help them by setting up someone from their area to search for their lost ring. If a reward is being offered the person who finds the ring will benefit.

Here is a testimonial from a man in Massachusetts, USA…

I lost my engagement ring in a park just before I was about to propose and had to propose without it. I contacted Chris to get help finding it and then realized after I had submitted the request that he was in Canada and probably couldn’t help.

To my surprise, he was incredibly friendly and helpful, however, and sent me several emails giving me advice and even directing me to people who might be able to help in my area.

He even called me and spoke to me on the phone for fifteen minutes giving me tips on how to use a metal detector and how to search for the ring.

He told me that so many times he finds things 20 or more feet away from where the person thought they lost it. I went out to look for it again and ended up finding it without the metal detector about 15 feet away from the place I thought I dropped it.

I was very grateful for the advice from Chris and it is very obvious that he is a caring individual and takes pleasure in helping people find their lost valuables.

Thanks Chris!


Massachusetts, USA

Lost… Large gold ruby ring at a duck pond in Langley BC

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

He lost his large ruby & diamond ring at a duck pond in Langley, he like most others searched for hours trying to find the ring but the very long weeds and muddy ground made it impossible to find.

It laid hidden for a few weeks until the man came across my flyer at the beach for my Finders company and called me, we met… and the search was on.

It was muddy and the weeds were hard to search through but he knew the area it was lost in and it was just a matter of time, a little over an hour and I found his heavy gold ruby ring.

If you are reading this and you’ve lost something and have a good idea where… Call me and I’d be happy to help find it for you!

I love my job!

Video/Lost my diamond engagement ring in Seattle…Found

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

This video is about a young lady in Seattle who lost her diamond engagement and spent Christmas day with her family searching the front yard in the snow for her lost ring.

I received an email on Dec.26th from a lady in Seattle that lost her engagement ring outside in the snow while throwing snow balls and playing with her nephew’s.

In the email she goes on to say that she had searched all Christmas day and went online to rent a metal detector and found my website.

My first thought was to find someone in the Seattle area that could help her as it was a 3 1/2 hour drive to get to her from Vancouver Canada.

After searching my contact list and offering the search to others but because of the holidays it was impossible to find someone who could make the time.

I discussed the search with my wife and she said lets go find it for her, we left the next day in snow storm to meet up with the lady in Seattle.

This is a short video of her reaction when I found her ring…

You can read her testimonial on my website…
Look for the title…It was the worst Christmas morning when I work up and realized my engagement ring was gone…

Also checkout my blog on this story.

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The Ring of Love/Lost in Port Moody/Found

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

Everyone I’ve met and who knows that I treasure hunt always ask what my best find would be… I’ve traveled around the world and found many treasure’s over the years.

The picture of this young lady holding her late fiancées ring that I found for her would be my best find and will always be my best find, for the story that was attached to that ring and how I felt when I found it and returned it to her, will always live with me.

Like I say every persons ring has a story, this story was about a young couple who were looking at some property to buy and while holding hands the young lady slipped and pulled her fiancées iron engineers ring off his finger and into the over growth below.

They searched for his ring but gave up, he went back to his school were he graduated engineering and had another ring made. Everyone who graduates Iron engineering was presented with a ring that was made from the iron of the bridge that collapsed in memory of those who died and to pursue perfection in their craft.

Sadly the young man past away and the parents wanted to keep his ring to remember him by as did the young lady. She remembered that years before he had lost his original ring while they were looking at property.

As fait would have it a story was done on my service ”Finders” and she called me to search for the ring. I remember her telling me the story of the ring and how important it was to find it as both her and his family would have something to remember him by.

I found that ring and writing this story years later still brings tears to my eyes as I know what it meant to her to have it found and the goose bumps I got when I picked it up from the ground and gave it to her.

I love my job!
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Chilliwack Gold on the side of the road! Lost ring… Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

Here’s a story about a very large gold dinner ring with 17 diamonds that was lost near the side of the road by a golf course in Chilliwack.

I get a call from a lady who was very upset that her husband lost her beautiful diamond dinner ring some where at a golf course in Chilliwack.

She tells me that her and her husband parked by the side of the road and jumped over the fence to play a round of golf. She gave him the ring for safe keeping.

When they got back to their car the ring that she gave her husband was missing from his jean pocket. Panic set in and the next day they rented a metal detector and searched the area that they were parked at for close to 7 hours.

Someone had seen them and asked what they were doing, they replied looking for a diamond ring. The people said if you don’t find it there’s a person that was in the paper who is a professional at finding lost jewellery for people and gave them the number.

They called me and I was excited to search for the ring but because I was working in the film industry I couldn’t get out there till after 12 am as it was a hour and a half drive to Chilliwack.

I could tell she was put off by this so I explained my situation and told her that I could find her ring in the dark so she agreed to meet me.

I arrived after midnight and her and her husband greeted me and we discussed the search area. She said that I didn’t have to search the area where they had parked as they had spent close to 7 hours searching that area with a rented metal detector.

They said that it must have been lost on the golf course, I thought for a second and told them that I wanted to search the area where they had parked as that made the most sense as he would have reached into his pocket to get the keys.

Within 4 minutes I was holding a beautiful big diamond rind…17 diamonds! Before I know it I was being hugged by both husband & wife. They told me that the insurance company had written a check for $6000. but she wanted the ring back! I’m sure the insurance company was happy that ring was found! They refunded her back the reward money that she paid me.

I love my job!

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Metal detecting service that will make you Smile!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

”Ring Finders”

If you haven’t lost a gold wedding band or a diamond engagement ring you wouldn’t understand the heartbreak one feels.

Everyone’s jewellery has an emotional story attached to it and the story ends when they lose it.

I have helped continue many stories for people over the years; I’m the Finder Guy… A man with a metal detector and over 35 years of experience helping people find what they have lost.

I work on a reward bases and 15% of all money made by Finders goes to Children’s Hospital. Last year I was just shy of donating $700.

If you have lost something and want it back call me ASAP and I will find it for you!

Below are videos, stories & pictures of some of the discoveries I have made for people. I hope you enjoy this blog site.

I love my job!

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