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Huge Heirloom 1911 King George Gold Coin Ring Recovered Beyond All Odds Seattle, WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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June of 2021 I came across a public post of a gentleman who had just lost a very important gold heirloom coin ring in the heart of down town Seattle. This post caught my attention and drove some immediate concerns due to the excessive amount of details that were published. This compelled me to reach out to offer a hand of assistance. 

I do not judge anyone or hold anything against them as I fully understand most often these are great people that have found themselves in a terrible situation trying anything that comes to mind to find a way to get their most precious keepsakes and valuables they hold close to heart found and returned to them. We understand it’s often a stressful situation and most are not prepared or trained on how to approach such a situation. Fortunately an army of professional recovery specialist are scattered across the country continually looking for opportunities to serve the public in getting their lost items found, recovered and returned to their rightful owners. To date we have found no better way to showcase our professional capabilities than by being members of the number one global listing service Please share “TheRingFinders” on your social media so more people are made aware of our amazing services. The more that hear of “TheRingFinders” means the more precious items of value that will be recovered and returned to those that have lost them.

I quickly reached out to this man and learned that Louis was devastated having had just lost a very important heirloom gold coin ring that meant the world to him. He explained that it came from his great-great grandfather, had been in the family for nearly one-hundred years, passed down to him. He was perplexed because his ring is a huge gold 1911 King George coin ring and very hard to miss. He briefly explained his situation and that he had been retracing his steps and has some real concern for the city sidewalk area in-front of his corporate office building in down town Seattle.

The first thing I was able to do for him was to explain some very important tips on how to modify his Craig’s List post. He agreed and adjusted his post to the community. Our biggest concern when people put excessive details it that they have now just invited everyone to search for their lost items in public spaces.  Outside of a stressful situation most of us would agree that there are those that potentially scan Craig’s List looking for opportunities to find valuables for their own personal gain with zero intent to ever return the found items to their owners. I tend to refer to these types as the “sharks”. The last thing anyone should do is to crate a feeding frenzy by posting all details of their lost to any blog or public service. It only empowers a situation of opportunity for the “sharks” to visit these public spaces looking to score some treasure all for themselves. Believe me it may likely happen more than any us really know for the simple fact they don’t tell anyone when they take advantage and find your lost items.  It may not be all that often but if you lost one item that means the world to you, you would not want to inform the public at large that you have an expensive diamond wedding ring lost in this park and all the details of its physical description and detailed location. It’s a risk you can’t afford. Don’t do it!

Fortunately there is a better way and we are happy to share the good news. It’s critical to reach out to a lost item recovery specialist from as your first priority. Look for a specialist in your local community that has a track record of success, concern and professionalism in lost item recovery. Theres is may recovery specialist  listed on the directory and even if some one appears to be at distance don’t hesitate to reach out for a quick phone call. You might be surprised at the level of support you find. Remember your lost items means the world to you so don’t give up if you don’t find someone initially, don’t give up. Keep calling TheRingFinders until you connect with someone that can provide some assistance. The point is by having an experienced person on your team even if only by phone consultation can greatly improve your chances of a successful recovery as we learn from this post.

The story went like this Louis had a routine of taking his ring off each night and placing it on his night stand. He would put it on in the morning while getting ready for work. His wife would drive him and his dog to the office in the morning. He had the opportunity of having his pet at work and when he went outside for a break mid morning he noticed his ring was not on his finger! His ring is huge and you would probably see it half a block away on his hand. So his frantic search started and eventually he posted to Craig’s List with all the specifics of his loss thinking it could have been lost outside in the street or walkways.

After spending some time conversing with him he learned of my skills and shared in confidence many details. One of our last discussions ended with him about to go back out looking in the streets. I agreed that I would pay a visit to the area the next day to do a final sweep if necessary. After that discussion I sent him one last recommendation texted to his phone. As crazy as it may sound you need to check all of your household garbage before it gets collected by the city. We’d hate for it to be lost forever in such a way. 

Some short time later I got an amazing call back that he found his ring in his “bin”. I thought he said den or home office and he clarified “bin”. I said oh do you have a trash bin near your nightstand that the ring fell into? 

He said no he was about to go back to his office and scour the city streets like a crazed lunatic but happened to see my last text message and decided to investigate his house hold garbage upon my recommendations.

It turned out in the morning while preparing for his day he had grabbed some stale dog treats and tossed them into a garbage bin at his home as he went out the back door. He looked in that trash bin and found his ring!!!

He was so grateful for the time spent chatting and now has his family heirloom gold King George ring back on his finger!

I am always blown away by the twist and turns these recovery sorries take and so humbled to be a part of an amazing team of recovery specialist doing this specialized type of work. 

We can’t guarantee a recovery every time. However people tell us that by having us help them they know they have done the very most that anyone could do. Many times they have reported that they have gained a great since of closure after our work is performed.

If you lost an item of value reach out to me directly for a quick chat so I can formulate a recovery plan for you!

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