This past Monday, just a s I was pondering going to the beach, I got a frantic call from Rei. She had taken off her platinum and diamond ring to apply suntan lotion. She placed the ring on the towel and forgot about it. When she moved the towel the ring went flying into the sand! Rei and her husband looked for the ring for about an hour with no success. I know the area where she was at and agreed to meet her there within the next half hour.

When I got there Rei came running to me , she was torn that she had lost the ring and excited to see some hope of finding it. We got to the area where Rei and her husband had been looking and Rei explained how she moved the towel and lost the ring. I had my Equinox 800 with me and felt very confident that I would find the ring.

After about five minutes of searching through lots of bottle caps and trash I approached Rei and told her I would be digging up all signals good and bad since the ring was obviously somewhere among that trash. As we stood there talking, the very next signal was a 12-13 midtone. I dug it up and there was the platinum ring!

It felt so good getting this ring back to Rei. You can tell they were very happy. Thanks Rei for trusting me to find your lost ring!



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