Donald OReilly

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis that is agreed upon in advance. That means you pay what you feel item is worth for me to come out and search for it and reward must be agreed upon prior to arrival. If lost item is not recovered, you only pay trip fee.

A minimum trip fee of $40 is charged to cover cost of fuel. This fee is charged even if the lost item is not recovered.

Search Types

Beaches, Parks, yards, mountains and streams, swimming holes. Can search in the water.

Search Locations

San Juan metro area, I am willing to travel anywhere in Puerto Rico and nearby Islands.

Donald OReilly's Bio

I enjoy finding lost items. Reuniting people with their lost items is a pleasure.

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  • So to you Mr. Donald Oreilley (my angel) I say THANK YOU (2017)


    I have always said there are angels walking among us and if we pay

    attention you will even see them or get to meet them, I met one while on a

    well- deserved family vacation to Puerto Rico So to make a long story

    short I will tell you how I met my angel.

    On Thursday 08/03 we decided to go to a beach in San Juan Isla Verde,

    beautiful beach but the waves were strong, crashing hard enough to pull

    you. And in a blink of an eye I lost my wedding rings. Yes I did and in

    the water. Waves after waves crashing in, so after the shock of them

    coming off my finger THEN came the tears and nothing was going to make me

    feel better but to have my rings back. I kind of turned into to Smeagol

    from Lord of the Rings when he lost his PRECIOUS. Yes that was me I lost

    my precious. My husband said not to worry he can get me another one bigger

    and better, but I don’t want bigger and better I want the original one,

    because the sentimental value is PRICELESS. Unable to sleep, toss and

    turning on Saturday night I was reading and looking for info online and

    maybe I would actually fall asleep, to keep me from thinking that I will

    soon leave P.R. without my rings, but I found this page TheRingFinders

    I thought to myself REALLY, was this a sign, maybe the light

    at the end of this dark place I was in. I sent an email and called Sunday

    morning. Spoke to Donald Oreilley explained where I was, what happened

    and prayed for a miracle. This is my angel. Donald Oreilley, the person

    who went out to this beach and after hours of looking he actually found

    one of my rings, my engagement ring after 4 days in the ocean with those

    waves crashing hard. God is good, the power of prayer and my angel who

    was able to give me back part of my precious. So to you Mr. Donald

    Oreilley (my angel) I say THANK YOU and I will always be grateful for what

    you did and I have faith that you will find the other ring.