Double engagement ring and wedding band recovery South Salem, New York

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

I had a very interesting RingFinder call today. Jane was in her backyard with her dog and she threw a branch for the dog to fetch and she said at the same time her wedding ring flew off.
I set up a time today to search her yard for the lost ring. She had purchased a basic Bounty Hunter detector in an attempt to retrieve the ring herself. She had no success in her search. I searched the main area twice and realized the ring was not in the lawn. Their was a low, heavy chicken wire fence on the border of her neighbors yard and I could not detect within a foot of the fence.I detuned my Garrett carrot and proceeded a very thorough search along the fence. After a short time I saw the wedding band on edge next to the iron fence. When I showed it to her she was delighted and said “ You didn’t see the other one?” And I said what do you mean?
It turns out both her engagement ring and her wedding band flew off at the same time!
I went back with my pin pointer and with her watching ,found the diamond engagement ring 3 ft. From where the band was! Needless to say, she was elated to have both rings back on her hand. A first time double ring recovery for me- very satisfying!

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