I got a text message at 8:45am on Monday, August 30th from Ana saying “Hey Donald! Would you be able to find a gold ring I lost at the beach by Ocean Park?”. I was just wrapping up another beach hunt about 30 miles away. I called Ana and she explained that she lost her ring the night before in the water at Ocean Park Beach. Ana was flying home to NYC that morning, so I asked her for a photo of the lost ring and agreed to search for it weather permitting, since Ultimo Trolley Beach is mostly rough surf and difficult to search.

Ana sent me a picture of the ring, it’s a 14k Signet ring, very small. She also sent me a picture detailing the approximate area where she was when she lost the ring. The next few days I tried to detect in between the crashing surf but this small ring was nowhere to be found. I notified Ana that I had been looking for the ring and had no been able to find it, however, I would be on the lookout in case it washed ashore or a friendly detectorist happened to find it.

For some reason, I had a premonition that this ring would wash up in the surf. What are the chances, right?  But so it did! On Wednesday October 20th, almost two months after it was lost, I was detecting in the area in heavy surf with my Equinox 800, when I heard  a low tone. I quickly stabbed the sand with my Xtreme scoop and there it was, Ana’s ring!

I texted Ana, sent her a picture and confirmed it was her ring. The next day I sent the ring back to ANA in NYC and now the ring is back where it belongs.

This is such a great story, I couldn’t make it up if I tried! Thanks Ana, for trusting me to find your treasured ring.


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