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Lost Wedding Ring and a Mother’s Day Gift Ring at Huntington City Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned on Mother’s Day

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 *** The night before Mother’s Day I received a call from lady named Nga, she had been to Huntington City Beach with her 3 boys. She put her two rings on her towel while applying sun screen.  One was her platinum diamond wedding ring and the other a very special rose gold with a red stone ring ( a Mother’s Day gift from her sons four years before). She wears both rings daily .

The rest of the story is common occurrence, she picked up the towel later in the day and the rings disappeared into the sand. She did realized that the rings were lost before leaving the beach, but that turned into a panic search for several hours by everyone around them.

Returning home Nga did a google search and contacted me just before 8pm. I heard enough of the story and where she lost the rings to advise her that I should leave right away as this beach has a nighttime cleanup crew that runs beach sifting machines especially on the most used part of the beach.

I arrived at the location with about an hour before they close the beach. That was enough time to grid search a 40ft x 40ft area. Half way through the grid search I got two signals on my Deus 2 metal detector. Scooped both ring at the same time. Turned off my machine, took a few photos of the rings and called Nga with the good news.  I know that she needed to know that the rings were safe and she could sleep well that night. ( I did send a photo of the rings ) 

We met this Morning, which is Mother’s Day 2022. She was with her husband and three boys and all were excited and very grateful to have Mom’s rings back for Mother’s Day..


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Lost Gold Wedding Ring at Surf City, Huntington Beach, CA. .. Found with Metal Detector

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*** Tasha lost her gold wedding ring at Huntington Beach, CA. She had taken her small son to the beach for the day. When she returned home, she realized her wedding ring was not on her finger. The next day she drove from Pasadena, CA., a distance of more than 40 miles to search the sand with a metal detector she borrowed from a friend.

It was three days after the loss when she contacted me to ask for help to find her ring. We discussed the what had happened and she verbally told me it was near a lifeguard tower at Huntington State Beach. It was already close to 8pm but I decided to start a search because I still had two hours before the beach closed. It wasn’t necessary for her to drive the long distance to show me the location. 

The search that evening was not successful. The next morning, we talked on the phone and she was able to send me photos of where they had been.  I returned to the beach, which is only 4 miles from where I live. The footprints of where I had grid searched were still visible. I started a new grid pattern outside the previous search overlapping some of the other search area. ( it’s always possible to miss a small ring in the dark)

After almost a half hour my detector gave me a perfect solid sound with a ID number that could be a gold ring.  BOOM! Tasha’s wedding ring in my sand scoop. Ironically it was found very close to where I had searched the night before. 

I sent her a photo of the ring and asked her to call me, so we could make arrangements for her to pick up her very special ring. The next day we met at another beach that was less of a drive for her.  Always a special moment when I get to return a ring.

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*** Allen and his friends were at beach front home in Newport Beach, CA. 92660. He was wearing his gold diamond watch with a matching gold diamond ring. These were both very expensive and very sentimental as Allen had been given these to celebrate a special occasion.

Sometime in the late afternoon the white gold diamond ring came off his finger disappearing into the sand. He and his friends searched for it several frustrating hours,  disrupting the party. 

Allen found my contact information after a google search. He was very excited when he called me, asking if I could come right away. It was just four miles from my place but it was late afternoon and with the traffic it took me about a half hour.

I met him on the sand near the patio of the beachfront home. He said he had been shaking his friend’s hand when the ring flew off his finger into the sand. There were beach chairs and longes on the sand. I did a preliminary scan of the sand before moving any of the beach furniture. “Boom” .. the beautiful gold diamond ring in my scoop.

Allen and everyone at the party was excited and relieved that the ring had been recovered. Allen wanted to show me the gold diamond watch that was part of a matching set that was custom made for him. We took a few minutes to do a photo-op. where he want me to take a pic of both the watch and ring. It was a very special search and I was happy to be available to help Allen.

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