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Lost Keys .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found in the sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Saturday,  March 15, 2014

It has been a while sense I recieved a call to find a lost item. The weather has been beautiful in So. Calif. I’m sure that people have  a need for our service but  people are still learning about The RingFinders.

This morning I recieved a call from Glen. He had found me through a Google link that showed up when he tried to find a metal detector for rent. His nephews Mark and Mat were visiting from Germany and Glen had lent them his car.  They went to Newport Beach Friday evening to look at the waves while watching the sunset. When they returned to the car the keys were not in Mark’s back pocket.  It was dark making it difficult to find the keys.  These were the only set of keys. The car had to be towed home and they were looking at possibly paying as much as $300 to have a new set made.

I  live only 4 miles away so I was able to meet Uncle Glen  Saturday about 11:30 am at the general location. Mark and Mat would not be able to  get to our location till after 1:00pm. I decided to search the towel line before too many people took over the search area. After the nephews arrived I asked them if they had been doing any activities that would cause them to lose the keys. They had only walked 200 yards  from their parking lot to the top of the dry sand ( which is know as the towel line ).  We all walked to the area they believed they were sitting.  I could see where I had already searched and I had only 15 or 20 feet from this spot.  Within 3 minutes we had the keys. It does help to have good directions. I still enjoyed the hunt.  Everybody was so happy and they will be able to enjoy their vacation.  I was happy that the keys were not dropped in that 200 yard walk from the car to the place they were sitting. It was a pleasure to help these guys and the people on the beach were also very co-operative.


Lost Electronic Car Key … Doheny State Beach, CA. … Recovered in the Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Thursday     January 16, 2014

My phone rang at 7:45 am as I was pouring my first cup of coffee. Adrianne had found my name online in TheRingFinders website. She asked if I could help her find an electronic car key that she had lost in the sand at Doheny State Beach. She was not sure if a metal detector could find this type of key because she thought it was plastic. I was sure it would not be a problem, but I brought a rake and a sifting tool in case I had to use them. We set up a 9:00 am meeting at parking area near where she lost the key.

Adrianne and her girl friend had gone to the beach the day before to go stand up paddle boarding. She left her key under the sand and put her sandals on top of them.  When they returned her sandals were gone, but she thought her key was still in the sand. She and two of her friends spent several hours on their hands and knees searching for it. It was almost as big as a cellphone  but it could not be found by sifting through the sand with their fingers.

I arrived about 15 minutes early so I walked onto the beach. There was an area about 40ft. square that was clearly marked by fingers that had been sifting the sand. I set up my Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector in all metal setting and began my search in the center of the area. Two passes of about 40ft. that took about 15 minutes and I had the car key in my sand scoop.

Adrianne and her friends showed up shortly after I found the key. She had brought her spare key so we could verify that the detector could find the material. She held the spare key up and said it looks like this. I reached in my pocket and pulled out the one I found saying, “like this”. She was so excited I thought she wouldn’t stop praisng me and thanking me. It was another nice day and it feels good to be able to have the time, equipment and experience to do this for people.  She did say, that she would find a better way to keep her key when she goes onto the beach.


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Lost Ring … Laguna Beach, CA. … Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Friday .. January 10, 2014

It’s winter in So. Calif. and people are still going to the beach. I was in Huntington Beach doing some detecting when I got a call from Scott. He was in Laguna Beach at a small cove located at the end of Moss St. He and his wife Shauna had recently moved here from Denver and had spent the day at this beautiful beach with their two daughters. Scott’s platinum wedding band slipped off while throwing a football. It was getting dark when he called me and I asked him if he could wait 35 or 45 minutes as I was 15 miles up the coast. The tide had already peaked so we still had a chance to locate it. When we met he walked me down to the location he thought it came off. I stood back about 25 feet and told him I needed to adjust my settings on my detector. When I put my coil down on the sand to take the first swing I got a hit (metal tone on my detector).There it was a nice platinum ring. It was from past experiences that I chose to start my search  back from where he thought it came off his finger. This time it worked to make it a quick recovery.  They were very surprised and happy to have the ring recovered. Shauna told me that this ring has quite a story. This was the 7th or 8th time it has been lost and found. Scott told me he was going to have it resized, but he made sure he put my phone number in his contacts.

Two days later, Sunday 1-12-14 , I received another call from Jim about another lost platinum ring at another small cove in Laguna Beach. I drove from La Jolla Shores, CA. and we met at 7pm. The tide was high. He and his wife had come to the beach with their two kids to explore the tide pools earlier at low tide.

Jim”s story was different than Scott’s as he did not realize his ring was missing till he and his family were diving home. The ring would have been lost at low tide if it was lost at the beach in the sand. He did review some photos the had taken while at the beach  and the ring was on his finger. I did a grid search that evening for more than an hour and returned the next day an hour and a half before a minus .5 ft. low tide. This time I spent 3 hours searching all the sand area the size of a football field. This year I have found about seven rings after they were lost in the water. Most were lost at high tide and they were still recoverable even several days after they were lost.  This time I was unable to recover Jim’s ring. All searches are not successful.

I have several top of the line detectors. My favorite is the Minelab CTX 3030 and I use it for most of ring searches.




Lost Ring … San Clemete, CA. … found at beach volley ball court

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)



NEW YEARS DAY ..Jan.1, 2014

It’s a beautiful sunny first day of 2014 and I received a call from Hamilton at 9 am. He lost his wedding ring yesterday while playing volleyball at the beach. Some of Hamilton’s friends searched through the sand for a couple hours with no success. Later that night his wife, Karen got on the computer to try to purchase or rent a metal detector when she located and my contact information.
After setting up a meeting location, I grabed another cup of coffee to drive 24 miles down senic Pacific Coast Hwy.
When I met Hamilton he told me the rest of the story. He had lost his original wedding ring 6 months ago and his wife had bought him a new ring and given it to him for Christmas. He had only had it on for less than a week before losing the new one. Normally Hamilton said he would have taken it off when doing any kind of sport activity, but he was proud to be wearing his new ring. He is in the military and will be leaving in 4 days for 6 months of duty out of the country.
We got to the volley ball court and I asked him what type of material the ring was made of which turned out to be important. It was Silver and Gold and it came up as an unusual reading of 1-46 on my Minelab CTX 3030 detector. It’s easy to get lazy and listen for a low tone or a gold/silver/tunsten ID number, but mixed metals give odd readings on the newer detectors. The ring was found after 5 minutes of searching and less than 2 hours after receiving the call.
New years eve was probably a downer for them, but it was a privilege to help them start the new year by finding his wedding ring.
The smile on Hamilton’s and Karen’s face was one more for me to remember. It was certainly a special way to start off a new year for me too.

Lost Ring in Surf .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found 5 days later

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Tuesday  Oct. 9, 2013

I got a call from Ted asking me if I could find a ring that he had lost while boogie boarding at a local beach. I needed to know the details before giving it a try. When we talked, I asked him what time of day and the best location he could give me. We determined it was during high tide which gives me a chance.  He was straight out from 34th St. which narrowed the search area. He did not know when the ring slipped off his finger. I forgot to ask what type metal because that does make it easier when there is a lot of metal trash in the search area. With that information I thought I could give it a try with the next low tide.

I got to 34th St. an hour before low tide. I started a grid search half way down the slope working 35 -40 yards towards the water into ankle deep water.  I worked my way south for more than hour till I was directly out from 33rd St.  Then I returned to 34th St. working north to and from the water. I only found about 5 targets, a few coins and a couple pull tabs. Then when I was approaching 35th St.  I got a 12-28 reading on my detector. I seem to remember that this was probably a lead fishing sinker, but I dug it anyway. It about 7pm and dark, I could hear the nice sound of metal hit the bottom of my scoop. I reached in the scoop feeling the ring.  I was not sure it was Ted’s ring because I didn’t have a flashlight, also it seemed small for a man’s ring . When I got back to my vehicle I saw the inscriptions matched and was his ring. Plus it was a nice platinum .950, that’s why it sounded so good when it hit the bottom of my scoop.

Ted met up with me the next day to get his ring. He told me that he had not told his wife it was found. He was on his way home to surprise his wife. They had also been researching the purchase of a replacement ring. I only wish I could have been there when he showed it to his wife. I’m learning that the wife’s of guys that lose their rings are more upset than the husbands.

Here’s Ted’s story from an email he sent me:

Hi Stan,  Thank you so much again for finding my ring.  When I got home, I didn’t tell my wife immediately, I just had it on my finger and sorta put my hand down next to her at the dining table to see if she would notice.  When she saw it, her mouth dropped open and she said “YOU FOUND IT?!”   It was a great reaction, I wish I had recorded it.

  My wife was pretty upset about me losing the ring.  Mostly for the sentimental value, since it was the ring she put on my finger when we got married.  The bible verse engraved on the band was the bible verse that was read at our wedding ceremony, and the date was the date of our wedding, so it had a lot of significance.
The day I lost the ring was actually a really good day.  In the morning my whole family had a great time at the beach with some friends who were visiting.  Awesome weather, got to have lunch at the beach.  I didn’t notice the ring was missing until late that evening, probably around 8-9 pm.   I thought it was probably at the beach since I had been boogie boarding and wiped out a couple of times, but really it could have been anywhere since it had been so long since I had seen it.
When you called me that first day, I was a little skeptical that you would be able to find it, since I wasn’t totally sure I had lost it at the beach.  Plus it was a big beach!  But at least it was the first hope I had since losing the ring.  The next time you called to tell me you found it, I was totally surprised!
 I put a story up on Facebook about the lost ring, as of right now it has 71 “likes” and 34 comments.  People are amazed that you were able to find the ring after I had lost it!  My assistant, who is from China, thinks this kind of story would never happen in China and is amazed it happened here.  It is because you are such a great guy that I get to tell this wonderful story over and over again.
 Thanks again,  Ted
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Lost Ring playing soccer… Cherry Park – Lake Forest, Calif. .. Found in Grass

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Saturday  Sept. 28, 2013

I had just parked at a beach in Laguna and was getting ready to do a little metal detecting.  I got a call from Daniel, he was in a park in Lake Forest which is about 10 miles inland.  He told me he had just lost his ring while playing soccer. This sounded like an easy search so I asked him if he could stay in the location and I would be there in 45 minutes. When I arrived Daniel showed me the exact place he was standing when he blocked a ball that came at him.  This really sounded like it was going to be a quick recovery.  I started about 20 ft.  back from that location to begin my grid search. Daniel was familiar with metal detectors because he had used them while in the military. I started showing him how good my detector could separate different targets and identify quarters from pennies, etc. Also I could tell how deep things were eliminating a lot of work stopping and checking deep signals. Even with all this advantage I was unable to find Daniel’s  tungsten wedding band.  He was super positive that the ring flew off his finger in this 10 ft. square area. I probably cross gridded it 4 or 5 times.  I spent a total of 2 hrs. searching the rest of that end I’d the field till dark. Then  I had to admit I could not find it.  Parks are not the easiest searches because there is a lot of trash metal. If you want to make yourself crazy rent a metal detector and go try to use it in a park.

I went back to try the search for a second time after about 12 days.  I had thought about Daniel’s lost ring several times wondering what I had done wrong. Chris Turner often says it’s a game of inches and I agree. This time I took a another tungsten ring to get an accurate ID reading from my Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector. I had planned to set up my grid to cover the whole soccer goalie  area and places he may have chased the ball.  After the first 15 minutes it started to rain, the first rain in So. Calif. that we have had for 7 months. I went to my truck to get rain gear because I wanted to give this my last try.  It took about an hour and a half then I found the ring. It was more than 20 ft. from where Daniel had blocked the ball. Here’s the best part of the story. It was actually within the first couple feet where I started the search the week before. I believe that I probably wasn’t paying attention to my detector when I was bragging to Daniel about how good my expensive detector was.  

I had not told Daniel that I would return to search for his ring. After finding his ring I sent him  a photo of his ring and he called me back excited. He and his wife had already been researching the purchase of a new ring. We made arrangements to meet up the next weekend when he gets back in the area. Besides being able to return the ring, this was definitely a humbling experience and I’m learning more with each search.

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Lost Ring … Dog Beach, Huntington, Beach, Ca… Found 3 weeks later

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Sunday.. Sept. 29, 2013

Summer is just about over and I just wanted to spend Sunday at sunset searching a part of dog beach doing a little pleasure detecting. They had a big dog surfing event today with a couple thousand people watching. Yes, dog surfing ..It’s a California specialty.

After an hour or so with very little finds, a nice elderly lady walked up to me and asked me if I could hear her with my head phones on.. I thought she was going to ask me what my best find was. ( which detectorsts get asked many times a day). To my surprise, she asked if I had found a gold wedding band within the last 3 weeks. Her son had lost a nice white/ yellow gold wedding band that had been passed down to him from his dad. I told her that I was a member of The RingFinders and I find and return rings for people.  I asked her if she knew where and she pointed down the beach. Then I asked here if her son was here on the beach. She said yes and we  walked over and talked to Darren. Three weeks ago he was walking his dogs and had a little sand on his hands. Darren brushed his hands together and against his pants. The ring flew off his finger into the soft dry sand. He told me that he spent a couple days searching. He even rented a metal detector with no success. He pointed down the beach describing a area that I thought I recognised. I got his contact information and gave him my contact information. Then I asked him if he had time to walk the 3 or 4 blocks to show me exactly. It was starting to get dark but I wanted to get a good location to possibly search later this week. After three weeks on this public beach it may have been found or pushed too deep for the detector to get a reading.  Darren showed me an area about 40ft by 60ft. At the last minute I told him I wanted to give it a quick try before dark. They wanted to leave and I assured them I was ok.  I normally start from the center and spiral for left to right. For some reason I started from the left side planning to work the 60ft. to the right. I went 6 feet and BOOM! there it was. I looked down the beach and Darren, his Wife and Dad were 100 yards away. They were close enough to hear me.. They came back with giant smiles and very grateful that the ring had been found. I was just as surprised as they were.  It’s not only having the top quality detecting equipment, smart phones and computers.  I’m learning that when I say “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE” it works out for the good.. Staying positive and asking the right questions works real well.



Lost Weddding Ring … Tourmaline Beach, San Diego, CA. .. Recovered Ring

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Friday, Sept. 27, 2013

I live in San Diego, CA. part of the year .  I go to my club meetings of Coinshooters of San Diego on the 4th Friday of the month. Thursday night I checked Craig’s List .. Lost and Found. Just out of curiosity. I usually don’t reply to Craig’s List postings, but I sent a message to Becca who had ask for help finding a ring that she had lost a week before. She and her husband had been surfing at Tourmaline beach Saturday 9/21/13.. They both put their rings in a backpack with cell phones and car keys. At one time during their stay at the beach, they took the car keys out to get something from the car. Later, when they were at the car getting ready to leave they went to put the rings on. His ring was there but Becca’s small platinum w/ 3 clear diamonds was not in the back pack. They assumed that the ring had been pulled out of the backpack when removing the keys earier on the beach.

The next day they sifted through the sand and Monday they rented a metal detector ($60 ).. They could not find the ring.. A week pasted and Becca took a chance and posted on Craig’s List.  After I contacted her, I told her I was a member of TheRingFinders metal detecting service. She could research my blog to see if she could trust me. She gave me a general location and said she could meet me after I got there. Sometimes when people assume the ring was lost at a certain time or place it just turns into a time consuming, failed search. I just had to give it a try. If I couldn’t find it I had a nice beach and a beautiful day to go metal detecting. I got there at 10am and found the ring within 30 minutes. Becca was still on her way to the beach. I texted her a photo of the ring and told her to drve careful. It will be waiting here for her. It stayed under the sand for a whole week evading other metal detectorists and the high tides of this week.

This ring was given to Becca by her husbsnd when they worked in South Africa several years ago. It ment the world to her. It also made my day. All these recoverieso are important to me and I often get caught up in retelling these stories to other people.

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Lost Ring … Laguna Niguel, CA. … Found at the beach in sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Saturday .. Sept. 28, 2013

Sara’s boyfriend Conner called me around noon Saturday asking me about The RingFinders.  He needed help to find a small silver ring that his girl friend Sara lost in the sand at the beach. I was able to meet them at a small secluded beach in South Laguna. All these beaches are accessible only by stairways with over 200 steps. They are beautiful and not used by many people.

As we walked down the steps Sara told me that before going for a swim she put her ring on her sandals. When she came back she picked up the sandals and the ring went into the sand. Several people spent a couple hours searching the sand. I could see the whole area they searched from the top of the stairway. I started a grid search from the middle of the area spiraling outward. Conner started his stopwatch app on his iphone.The same iphone that helped him find The RingFinders and call me with directions to their house.  Eight minutes later we had the ring. There was another family on the beach that had helped sift through the sand before I got there. They all yelled and applauded when the ring was found.

Sara burst into tears. She told me that this small silver ring was given to her by her mother, when she was baptised 10 years ago. Her mother passed away 3 years ago and this ring was so very special to Sara. I will never look at a small silver ring the same. You can never tell how sentimental a ring is by it’s size or what it cost. I believe I’ve found and returned more than $70,000 worth of jewelry but this small silver ring I will not forget. I have found many rings that I could not locate the owners. I’ll look at them differently from now on..

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Lost Ring … Doheny Beach, Dana Point, CA. … Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Monday, Sept. 23, 2013

Just after finding the two rings that Jordin lost in Newport Beach, I recieved a phone call from Kattie.  She had been searching the internet to rent a metal detector. She got a hold of a dealer in New Jersey, Demarco Detector Sales. Joe Demarco told her about TheRingFinders and Kattie called me.

I was able to set an 11:00am meeting at Doheny Beach which is in Dana Point, CA. Kattie and her friend Rene drove down from Marina Del Rey, CA. which is probably 60 miles the other side of Los Angeles. I drove about 25 miles to meet them.

When they got there, I was told that Sunday they came to Doheny Beach so Kattie could do a some surfing. Doheny is a great place to learn to surf. When Kattie went into the ocean she gave her ring to Rene for safe keeping. Rene put it on her finger and not being use to wearing a ring she did not notice that the ring had slipped off her finger until after Kattie came out of the water.

The best part of the story was Rene had remembered exactly where she had been and I was able to find the ring within a few minutes. They both were very excited and really didn’t believe I could find it. Then they both gave me giant hugs. Rene was no longer guilty and the ring was back on Kattie’s finger where it belongs.. It was a pleasure to help two very nice ladies. They took a few minutes to listen to my RingFinders stories and do the photo opp, which is part of my deal with them..