Hearing Aid Lost in Sand .. Will Rodgers Beach, Santa Monica, CA. .. Found

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Greg has been at Will Rodgers Beach in Santa Monica, CA. He lost a very expensive high tech hearing aid. He called me asking if I had metal detectors that could find a hearing aid lost in the sand. I have several metal detectors that are specifically for finding small objects. The most important factor, is getting me to the general location as soon as possible.

I met him about 3pm in the afternoon with probably a couple hours of daylight left before dark. These hearing aids actually have gps locating capabilities and the last location was across the street near the bus stop. We went to search that location first without success.

Greg brought the matching hearing aid and it was quite easy to get a good signal. Now he pointed out an area of the beach where he had been flying a kite with his son.

It was a massive area, probably as big as a football field. Plan “A” was to start gridding 30’x 30’ quadrants. While starting the first 30 feet, Greg told me that he had fallen down at the other end of the search area.

I changed my search plan, deciding to start from the place where Greg had fallen. 

We proceeded to walk over to that location. I left my detector on as we walked diagonally to a new starting spot 100 yards away. Stopping a slow grid and stepping up my pace, I only went 20 feet when I got a signal that was worth checking. 

Unbelievable! There was Greg’s hearing aid. First target 20 minutes after starting a search that I felt was going to be possibly 3 or 4 hours.

Greg later told me that he had only been using these hearing aids for 4 months and the whole set was valued at more than $10k. We saved a whole lot of trouble getting it replaced besides the expense to get a replacement.

I believe in miracles, but they don’t happen if you don’t try.

This was a repost as I accidentally deleted the original.

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