Platinum Wedding Ring Lost in Sand at Santa Monica Beach .. Recovered

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Kim and Alex were visiting Santa Monica beach while on vacation from New Jersey. Alex handed his wedding ring to Kim to hold so he could do a short workout on the athletic rings. Shortly after that she dropped the platinum wedding band in the sand. It disappeared immediately and their attempts to find it were unsuccessful.

Alex had tried to ask some of the local businesses if there was any place to rent a metal detector. Someone told him to google search .  I was in my car on the freeway when I got the call from Alex. After hearing what had happened, I asked if they could stay at the location and assured him that we could find it if they could stay there. I was able to get there 45 minutes later and found a parking less than a block away. ( that’s a miracle).

The rest of the story was simple. Timing and the fact they could stay at the location made it easy to find the ring. It took me longer to turn on and setup my detector than it did to actually find the ring. Losing a ring in the sand can be frustrating if you don’t have the right tool to find it. Also there are search areas can be littered with other metal trash. I have done searches where a dozen  people have spent hours searching with sifting tools and cheap detectors and couldn’t find the lost ring. I’m sure there are many times when people walk away thinking it was lost forever. They don’t know that TheRingFinders is a world wide directory of metal detector specialists with experience finding and returning sentimental keepsakes.

Alex told me the wedding ring was special to him because  it was made by his father who is a jeweler and he has worn it daily since his marriage.  

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  1. Alex says:

    Kim and I were looking for the ring for about 2 hours and we finally gave up. We called Stan and showed right away!! Like he said, it took longer for him to set up than to find the ring. Thanks Stan, it was a pleasure meeting you!!! Keep doing amazing work!


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