Lost Rings Santa Monica, CA .. Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)











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Klara is a Arizona college student visiting Santa Monica Beach, CA. during spring break. She and her friends were at the Original Muscle Beach workout area. Before she decided do a few moves on the different bars, she took off her rings putting them in the pocket of her shorts.

Later that evening at the hotel she realized two of her silver rings were missing. They were special to her as they were gifts from her mother. The next morning she was flying back to Arizona. Doing a quick search on the internet Klara was able to get my phone number.

We talked, I agreed to do the search without out her if she could send me a google earth screen shot with areas marked up.

The most likely place for the rings to be lost were the workout bars but she said they had also sat on the sand to watch other athletes workout.

Most times successful recoveries happen in the location of the most activity. This time after an hour searching under and around the workout bars, I went to the place were they sat in the sand. Both rings showed up in the sand scoop just as I was running out of a space to search.

I was able to text a photo of the rings to Klara and the next morning I mailed them to her with a request for her to send me a photo of her holding the rings.