Lost Diamond Engagement Ring at Huntington State Beach .. Found and Returned

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Laura was at Huntington State Beach with her family all day Sunday. She believed that her Rose Gold Diamond engagement ring fell in the sand when she removed her sweater from her beach bag. Late Wednesday night she found TheRingFinders website while researching metal detectors on line.

It was almost midnight when she sent me an email. She was asking if I could help her. It was 9 am Thursday morning when I read and replied to her email, asking her to call me ASAP. Emails are nice but it was another couple hours till we were able to set up a meeting on the beach. 

We were lucky that it wasn’t Huntington City Beach which has very efficient beach sifting equipment. Also this time of year there is always a chance that recreational detectorist may have found it, not knowing who to return it to.

As we walked towards the fire pits where the ring was lost. I tried not to tell Laura about the negative possibilities that could hamper our search. Laura showed me the first of two places it could be. Setting up my detector, I took a couple practice swings. Beginning my grid I got nice solid signal that didn’t quite sound like gold. After scooping the target, I could see the rose gold engagement ring in the scoop. Rose gold is a composite of metals that gives a little different ID reading than other precious metals. 

Laura lit up like a light when she saw it in the scoop. She gave me a big smile for the photo as you can see. We walked back to our cars and she was full of joy all the way there. She had four miserable days worrying that her ring was gone forever. Now the ring was back where it belongs. It was definitely a pleasure to help her, it never gets old doing this. Thanks for TheRingFinders website and the internet.



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