Lost Platinum Wedding Ring while Fishing at Long Beach, CA.

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Steven was fishing in the surf at Long Beach, CA. His hand got hung up in his fishing line and his ring came off his finger flying into the dry sand. After two hours of searching the sand with his hands, he did a google search for metal detector service. That was how he found my contact information.

When I talked to Steven I was sure that the ring could be found if he could meet me at the location. He was concerned that the tide was rising and it would soon be under water. I assured him that would not be a problem as I would be there within an hour. Even if it was in the water we still can find it. The most important factor is that he can be there to put me in the general location. Sometimes people leave the area and can’t get back to the location, especially on the beach.

When I walked out to meet Steven, he was a little frustrated as he and his friend had been sifting through the sand with their hands for a couple hours. He showed me what had happened when he felt his ring fly off his finger. 

I set up my metal detector, beginning a short 15 ft. grid pattern. I got a nice signal on my third pass which turned out to be Steven’s platinum wedding band. He was ecstatic and surprised that it was more than 10 ft. from where he thought it would be. As usual he couldn’t believe how fast it was found. It has a lot to do with timing, also having the right tool (metal detector) for the right job.

I love being able to help people find things that are so important to them. .. I WILL TRY ANYWHERE 

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