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San Diego Ring Finder Found a Lost Gold necklace in Pacific beach

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The Ring Finders Metal detector service helped find a precious gold necklace buried in the beach sand at San Diego. Call or text 760 889 2751 for a speedy recovery.

Recently one Saturday morning I was contacted via text asking if I could help find a lost necklace in Pacific beach. I certainly could help and it is an easy drive there.So we met up shortly after that same morning in front of Woodys restaurant.   

Fortunately it was only a volleyball court sized area to scan over,,,So I begin the standard grid search and instantly found a gold colored necklace with a small pendant as described… As I walked towards the owner and friend I assumed it was there’s but experienced enough I cautioned it might not be if someone else lost a gold necklace here???

….. Sure enough,,Sure as heck,,, It wasn’t her precious lost gold necklace but someone else’s!!

Ok. Dang it..Been here many times similarly for lost ring calls in the past when it’s NOT their ring I found!!  Shortly after back to where I left scanning with my metal detector I received a  small signal in the gold range, There I see another gold necklace in da scoop!??   What are the odds of that happening to us TRF’s?

  Then I let go of my detector machine confidently smiling and walking towards them emptying the sand scoop on the boardwalk wall there….Nothing!!

….But Only sand appeared 🙀 NO necklace!!

Dang it again!!  It actually fell out of “Da scoop“ And  She actually saw it dangling out when I dug it up..I felt so Embarrassed and frantic at this point though.

Fortunately,,,I found it again in just a couple few swings or seconds afterwards 😇.   Went right back to her immediately !  This is a great start of the year for me to help others in San Diego…Thank you for the generous reward via Venmo. All donations or rewards goes towards the equipment or expenses I use to help others in need.

Good Karma always prevails at the end.

Privateering is only thousands of years old..Call or text 760 889 2752 Curtis Cox  San Diego member of  Theringfinders.



The ring finders metal detecting service in San Diego found a lost 100yr old gold ring on 100acres

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The San Diego Ringfinder Metal Detector service found a lost gold heirloom wedding ring hidden in grass ; Open now; Call 760 889 2751

  Recently I received an urgent call at a private 100 acre ranch near me in Vista, San Diego asking if I could help search for her friends gold family heirloom ring lost while playing volleyball. Certainly I can help! So we scheduled a time to meet that day shortly then after.

  Arriving at the gate promptly, I checked in with the security guard and drove through…Shocked of this amazing wilderness get away place this was..It had private ponds, A Lake,Volleyball courts,Soccer fields..You name it..100 acres of the finest great outdoors I never knew existed here. Approaching the end of a long dirt road, I met a lady in charge there who helped guide me to a parking spot. There was even a historical building I saw and she said it was built in the late 1800’s…!  This is like a Metal Detectors dream come true I guess?  Ha…My focus was all about finding this lost precious ring and of course handing out TheRingFinders cards after success here.

  So I set up my metal detector gear and successfully found her ring buried in the grass within just a minute or two of searching. Instantaneously being surrounded by joyful smiles,, I noticed this was a very old minors cut diamond and asked her how long it’s been in the family,,,4 Generations!!  The story behind this ring can now live on.


THERINGFINDERS are here locally in San Diego to help you,,Call 760 889 2751 for a fast and speedy recovery.




Metal detector found lost heirloom gold ring San Diego lagoon lake water ocean beach

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TheRingFinders S.D metal detector service helped find a lost heirloom Gold wedding band at a beach water lagoon ; Open now; Call 760 889 2751

This story began on Jan 17th 2021 when I received a text message for help to find a lost gold ring in San Diego Ca.  Surprisingly this location use to be a backyard fishing & kayaking spot here in local North county that I could walk too & from my previous home spending countless hours in my younger years. I know the beach sands well here which definitely helps the chances of any recovery.

  We then scheduled the best time to conduct a search for the next day during a much lower tide. The couple had a good idea of a possible vicinity to scan over on this relatively small secluded beach spot.  After talking over how and where it was lost with them, I began a grid search to rule out every inch with in due process of illumination that ended up consuming more time than I expected. I’ve hunted here years ago & knew I would waste time digging the usual suspected metal targets such as bottle caps,fishing gear etc… As I had did for nearly…. (One hour Later) …

   At this point I’m wondering if I should grab another detector out of my vehicle to rescan the same areas again & dig those terrible trashy targets I had skipped not even bothering digging up.??  I got to also mention I felt bad for the couple and young one baking in the cold sun for this long already,, Good grief …! But I knew what must be done.

The lessons I’ve learned after over a hundred lost ring calls through Theringfinders is to keep expanding the search areas.  #1.

Sure enough just before I needed recoup from swinging outside of the box I get the best signal on my metal detector that entire morning sounding exactly like a holy gold ring…??  So I signaled Allana over there smiling and dug up this irreplaceable precious heirloom gold ring that was handed down through their family for many generations.



Lost and found Gold ring Metal detector San Diego Cardiff beach Ocean

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TheRingFinders metal detector service helped find a lost Gold wedding band in the surf at San Diego North county beach in Cardiff ; Open now; Call 760 889 2751

I was contacted by James recently who had accidentally lost his wedding ring of 15 yrs at Cardiff beach in San Diego and was asking if could help?  He must of called the right guy because finding gold is right up my alley.

So I met up later that day with James who was able to show me a good area where he had lost the precious Gold wedding ring 3 days prior. He even had a loaned Bounty hunter metal detector in hand ,Perhaps..Just Incase.

After merely 10 minutes of grid searching back and fourth over a tennis court sized wet-sand area I was beginning to doubt that it would be shallow enough to retrieve after so many days of big surf, Beach cuts, erosion that left scars on the shorelines along the California coastline recently….Then I got a familiar signal on my machine and called him over to see if the bounty hunter detector would pick up the signal I had on my equipment.  As I assumed it did not pick it up… Soon after I was finished explaining why a VLF bounty hunter metal detector won’t work in any wet mineralized sand down here,, I popped out James’s precious gold wedding ring and gave it back to him.

This reaction was priceless,Unforgettable and I will never stop enjoying what I do. Helping others in need with my experience. TRF#1

Prospecting for gold has taught me the essential fundamental values of Metal detecting that has kept me in Piece & serenity since I started.

Every wedding ring has a story that can live on forever. Don’t hesitate,,Don’t wait,Time May work against you. The sooner you contact me,,The better the chances we have.


Metal detector near me San Diego Oceanside found lost gold ring

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San Diego Metal Detectorists finds lost gold wedding band ring in Oceanside Ca. Call 760 889 2751

11-30-2020.  Today I received a voicemail from John asking if I’m available to help find a wedding ring that was lost in the dry sand at Oceanside harbor. John mentioned seeing it fly off his finger and disappear into the sand. Though He and his wife Paula searched with their fingers for some time to no avail,, She was able to find my contact info on Theringfinders website.

Fortunately for them and others I’ve helped…I live nearby Oceanside harbor and promptly arrived in nearly 20 min of receiving this call.

Upon meeting the nice couple at the beach with my metal detector equipment, I was shocked the sun was setting so quickly due to daylight savings, Time was of the essence now so I turned on the old trusty P.I detector before it got dark then began scanning,,Beep,,Beeep,,,Shortly after I heard a familiar gold ring beep and there was Johns wedding band back on his hand again!

  This lost ring call is definition of a sentimental  Gold ring like almost all my calls have been since 2014 after joining TheRingfinders.  Onwards I asked them how long they’ve been married and John said 25yrs.. Then his wife Paula mentioned she was going to sleep on the beach area right there all nightlong if they couldn’t of found it!   This here, Them thar,,, Is what I call…. “Real treasure.” That has been Returned! 

Who ya gonna Call?  Curtis Cox 760 889 2751

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The Ring Finders Found Lost ring San diego

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TheRingFinders metal detector service helped find a lost Gold wedding band in the surf at Oceanside beach in San Diego; CALL NOW 760 889 2751

I received a call from John asking if I could help find his Gold wedding ring that he lost at a local South Oceanside beach while playing football in the waterline. He told me the inscriptions inside of the ring was stamped with their wedding date of over 30years ago!! This definitely meant a ton to him but also weighed a ton on me to give it my best along with the fortitude needed to help anyone as a member of The Ring Finders Metal Detector service here in San Diego.

I told John I had a great chance of finding it at the very next low tide. I could of jinxed myself there! This particular beach is different than most,, The waves routinely crash into the boulders that are retaining multi-million dollar homes and preventing the houses from falling into the sea. There is also usually very little Felspar & quarts grains here to speak of or also known as dry sand in California. Literally it’s a hammer & an anvil at high/mid tide.

“Between the boulders & the surf.”

Fortunately, This so happens to be a beach I first learned how to surf as a kid,Grew up most my life nearby & even learned how to ground balance my first V.L.F metal detector on mineralized magnetic sand well over a decade ago…

So, I arrived to the scene of another lost gold ring,Then began to perform a grid search in the wet line where it was most likely fell off at.

  After nearly a half hour I had to give up chasing the tides out until the dead low tide arrived. I decided it was smarter to start searching (The Ring Line) I learned mostly from and where I have found most of my washed up old jewelry..Moments after while swinging my metal detector I was stopped by a very familiar sound that is similar to a gold ring..Sure enough it was Johns lost wedding band successfully now recovered from this hungry ocean spot!  Thank you John for the kind reward. Every penny helps me help others in need. 

Every wedding ring has a story that can live on. Don’t hesitate or wait,Time may work against you. The sooner you contact me,,The better the chances we have of recovering your lost precious ring.

San Diego Ring Finder found lost Gold ring

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


TheRingFinders metal detector service helped find a lost Gold wedding band buried in the Ocean surf at Oceanside beach in San Diego.CALL NOW 760 889 2751

I received a call from Jon asking if I could help find his Gold wedding ring that he lost at Oceanside harbor while in the water. I checked the tide charts and told him I had a good chance of finding it at 12:00am during a minus low tide and would go start the search tonight.

I arrived at the scene of the lost ring,then began doing a grid search back and fourth along the Surfline for nearly an hour then suddenly I received a very familiar  signal on my water proof Metal detector…So, I took a couple scoops into the wet sand before the waves came in,,That’s when magically his Gold wedding appeared!  I knew it was his as it is stamped 11/29/08 when he got married I then headed home with a very successful & recovery of a lost Gold wedding ring story to share.

Jon was very happy I could help him find his precious gold ring that was buried in the Ocean for 3 days prior to calling me. Thanks for the kind reward. Every penny is helping me to help others in need of my metal detector service that I am fortunate to provide here in San Diego county.



Pacific Beach Metal detector found lost gold ring in the Pacific Ocean

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TheRingFinders Metal detecting service in Pacific Beach San Diego helped find a lost 18k Gold skull ring
☠️CALL NOW  760 889 2751

This ((killer)) find & returned began when Jason called me asking if I could help search for a precious  large gold ring in knee deep surf water which vanished a few days prior in Pacific beach.

He mentioned to me something along the lines this seemed like a long shot and that his pessimistic friends had told him it could never be found,Waist of time,,,”He should just give up and go buy a new one.”

Fortunately, I could sense something we both share in common. A different look in life being optimistic people. So we met up thar at San Diego’s current midnight low tide during a timeline known for the best chances of finding jewelry lost in the ocean.

This was very important to him having getting it custom made over 11 years….A few hours later, While teaming up with Jason while he was well searching out and about with a flash light.. I was also metal detecting every inch of the possible areas up to around 3:30 in the morning before my batteries ran low enough then eventually call it quits.

Heading back to our vehicles now and bummed out about this time,,I could only give him a bit more of hope..Maybe we were not in the precise area? Many questions in every mind can also obscure the truth of a lost ring. Did it drift or get sucked out into the abyssal sea? Was it found by some beach comber detector person recently? Washed up on shore for someone to pick up? Is it buried too far down by now to locate with a deep Pulse induction metal detector that I used/prefer???

Onwards,I promised to come back the next midnight and continue the search but recommended him to go back as well during daylight when it’s easier to remember the exact location.  Such as; Landmarks,Flagged cones and distance out from the shoreline.

North,East,South,West,,,(Never Eat Soggy Worms.) This is very tough to determine for anyone by the way at night or day. Even for myself being a local San Diego beach metal detector since 2006.

Then I receive a text early a.m that it was actually lost just further south of where I had scanned over along with a picture of identifiable landmarks to go by in the background. This was GREAT to hear for me/us as I am confident it wasn’t in that area we thoroughly hunted over before..I immediately set my alarm and taking another cat nap before heading off.

I arrived to the scene of the lost ring at midnight again with maybe one Crap shoot left? 🎲 🎲 The tide was still high a bit pushing me East slowly covering the shallower surf zone when all of a sudden…I got a big familiar non-ferrous signal near the water line below the slope down from the dry sand..I took 2 small scoops in the wet sand then miraculously out came this Large 18k,1 ounce precious skull ring. 

Jason was very stoked I could him find what others thought was lost forever.


Don’t wait to call,,The Ocean is hungry and Gold has a density 19.3 times heavier than water which will cause your ring to sink fast! Timing is of the essence in order to find any precious ring or jewelry you may of lost.

Oceanside Beach Metal detecting ring finder found lost silver wedding band

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TheRingFinders Oceanside beach Metal detecting service in San Diego Ca helped find a lost silver wedding ring band 760 889 2751 OPEN NOW.

As easy as a wedding band can just vanish in the Ocean,it can also easily be found by a Metal detector specialist. This call I received was from Seth, A local Oceanside Surfer who had lost his ring in knee deep water at a South O’ Cassidy beach just a couple hours prior to calling me. Although I arrived within the hour of this call,,The tide was already bashing up against the boulders retaining multi million dollar homes here which was unfortunately too high to conduct a search. One option left from knowing the local conditions, I contacted Seth and let him know I will come back at midnight during the minus 0.46 low tide.

Upon arrival at 11:59 am…Thar was a group of beach goers joyfully having fun directly in the area I needed to scan over….Darn! We ALL gotta stretch our legs after this COVID-19 Plague. BTW ..But Fortunately after just 20 min of “Socially Distance Metal detecting” around them they packed away and then I was able to find Seth’s silver wedding ring buried under 6-8” inches of wet sand pretty quickly!

Thankfully he gave my precise coordinates of where it fell off. This helps out big time!! There are searches that can take many hours or even many days to recover for TRF’s if it’s a large search area with no identifiable markers to go from.
Also probably helpful is I 
am a local native here and know these beaches like the back of my metal detector. This will be Keene to who you google or “Who you’re gonna call?”  📲 💫

Now that the ring was safely in good hands out of the hungry surf,, I met Seth and his wife a couple days later to return it. They were joyously happy I could help them find this irreplaceable wedding ring. Thank you for the generous reward. The History & story’s behind Seth’s ring will continue to live on and on. 🤙

Del Mar beach Metal detecting service found lost gold ring

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TheRingFinders beach Metal detecting service helped find a lost gold ring in Del Mar Ca. Call 760 889 2751 OPEN NOW.

The story of this lost ring started started when I received a call from Steve asking me if I could help find his wedding band that fell off the balcony disappearing down a steep embankment in his backyard. After a few questions and concerns we scheduled a time to meet.

That day when I arrived at their home and met the very nice couple, we went back over the story of how it fell off when he was wiping down the handrail. I initially thought this could be a quick easy search which unfortunately,,wasn’t the case this time. As I climbed down the hill it was actually steeper than it seemed from looking down at then immediately after turning on my Metal Detector I could hear Iron Targets everywhere I swung over such as rebar,Nails,wire..Etc. About an hour of climbing around eliminating areas it could be hiding, I had to take a water break as it was a hot summer afternoon and rethink this out..Then I remembered that I carry sample rings in my vehicle that we could toss over the balcony to find out where it could of landed. So Steve and I both dropped a ring to re-enact the scene of the lost ring. Then I went back down again and was able to find both sample rings pretty quickly but still not Steve’s precious ring.After nearly another hour we decided to call it quits for the day. I promised them I would come back again with a different metal detector after the San Diego heat wave subsided.

I showed up promptly the 2nd search day that we scheduled while very optimistic and more prepared this round with a metal detector that can eliminate all Iron signals that happened to be Keene on this recovery..In just less than 10min of quick scanning I found his ring once I climbed to the very top of the hillside and it was just buried under a bush that I was holding on to.

Steve & his wife were very relieved and happy I was able to help them! Thank you for the kind reward.


Please Note: Beaches and public area jobs are high priority…(time is critical) the sooner a metal detecting specialist can search for your lost item the better your chances of recovery.

Our goal here at The Ring Finders is to offer you a second chance to find what you thought was lost forever.