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Pacific Beach Metal Detector delivery provider locates lost diamond gold ring

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The Ring Finders Metal detecting service helped find a lost diamond gold wedding ring at Pacific beach San Diego California. Call Curtis Cox 760 889

One recent Sunday in October 2023, I received an urgent text message asking if I could help find a Lost wedding band with my metal detector. After a few questions and concerns I assured them I would be willing to drive there ASAP to scan over the areas they believe it was lost at.  Aman & Prabhneet were both heading back to Arizona from vacation and was not able meet.

    I arrived to the scene of the lost ring with my Pulse induction metal detector that in my opinion is the best machine for finding men’s lost gold rings on the beach to date. I also have V.L.F & Frequency detectors for other types of jewelry searches if needed but this particular P.I machine has over 11 yrs of actual time on California beaches,Has never let me down nor has ever been sent back to the factory for repairs/replacement.

    So off I went grid searching every inch of the wet sand while the tide went out. From the description of where it may of been lost I started to loose hope…I’ve already exhausted the possible areas to scan after just an hour. There were a few targets that were buried deep down but No rings. I stopped to take a break and think about expanding the hunt one direction or another.

    Not to be over Confident in my machine & grid searches,,,There is always that question if I could of missed it while gridding North to south,On the swing,On the overlap,On the turn around Etc…So many variables at hand. Often times us Ring finder guys resort to cross gridding meaning Re-scanning the area AGAIN which will take another HOUR!!

    While the sun was setting and Luck thinning,,

I decided to scan the top edge of the wet slope where beach goers were leaving then soon after into it I got a perfect sounding signal on my Metal detector..One that matches a nickel/Beaver Tail or Gold ring?? ….After digging two scoops or 5-8” Down Is when…

I miraculously unearthed Aman’s precious diamond wedding ring:).  This was very exciting  just for me alone so I had sent a pic of the ring to them right away. You can only imagine how Amazed yet relieved they were:) The very next morning I mailed it off to their residence which only took a couple days before he had his long lost Gold ring back on his hand.




Moonlight beach Encinitas Lost Gold ring found with metal detector

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The Ring Finders Metal detecting service helped find a lost gold wedding band ring at Moonlight beach Encinitas,California. Call Curtis Cox 760 889

This 14k Gold ring that I found & returned was posted on Craigslist during this summer.

I reached out to the owner cause I found it nearly a week after at Moonlight beach Ca. He’s very lucky I did,,,Would of been gone forever. Most rings do not stay buried long in the dry sand due to the staggering amount of newborn detectorist’s raiding California’s coastline.  ACT FAST,,,CALL NOW 760 889 2751

Metal detector found Gold Diamond wedding ring buried at a playground park in San Diego

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The Ring Finders Metal detecting service helped find a Lost Gold Diamond wedding ring in San Diego. Contact  Curtis Cox 760 889 2751

Recently on a Sunday night, I noticed a text message asking about my services to help find a diamond ring lost at a park in Poway San Diego. Adam and his wife had been searching for it all evening with no luck,,Except for finding my contact info on The Ring Finders website.

I looked up this place called Highland park on google maps and actually remember detecting this tot-lot nearly 15 years ago. The hurdle being is it’s a public park connected to a busy active elementary school,So I established what I thought would be the best time to meet the following day after school hours and before sunset.

Arriving on time promptly I immediately kicked myself in the gut while noticing Huge tire track marks with what appeared to be brand new bark all over the Tot-lot!  I walk out with my metal detector gear trying to stay optimistic then see Adam there also with a metal detector. Right away he explained the City of Poway had just offloaded 6-8” of new bark that same morning!!  What are the chances of this happening?? I couldn’t believe it either. I asked some of my standard questions to help narrow some search areas but the ring may have been lost any where inside of this fairly large playground area. They also weren’t 100% sure having not noticing till she got home.

Adam had obtained a bounty hunter metal detector which is notorious for not finding gold jewelry as I have experienced this every year since 2014. Not even one incident I’ve seen or heard of a beginner being successful at finding small gold items with this particular Metal detector. I didn’t want to give Adam’s hopes up with too much info,,Besides,,He also had a handful of typical metal trash we detectorist all find.

I figured it make sense if I scanned over the areas he’s done already starting at the back of the tot-lot. It consumed a little extra time to grid search due to every target was 4-8” deep under that new bark. There was also many many targets when ever I swung around but I know what sound to listen for so focusing on just small gold signals I was able to clear out 90% of the park all the way to the front in less than hour.

I make my way to start a new grid search on the last section when another small Non ferrous signal beeped on my Metal detector indicating it was 6-8” deep down,,,So Down I went digging with my fingers again when at the bottom of this hole,, A diamond ring magically appeared:)

I wasn’t sure how to break it to them,Then decided to ask Adam if his detector is working while kneeling down and planting the ring under the shallow bark,,,He swung the coil right over it several times but it barely even beeped once? Ahhh,,,Just I suspected,,,I told him he would have never found this gold ring with that machine as I stood up smiling opening my hand:).  ***BOOM*** Instantly hugs,Tears & Cheers came roaring in. Lots of parents & kids at that park got to witness The Ring Finders in action too. They were extremely relieved being so thankful I could help them find what may of been lost forever. Thank you for the grateful 

Professional Metal detector equipment tool helps find a lost Gold ring in Lake San Marcos Ca,

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The Ring Finders Metal detecting service helped find a Lost Gold wedding band in lake San Marcos Ca, Call Curtis Cox 760 889 2751

October 31, 2023 was not a typical Halloween morning after receiving a call to help find a lost gold ring. I had a busy day planned but thankfully this was lost behind a private home on a private residential lake.  Public areas are more urgent so we scheduled a time to meet later that afternoon.

Upon arriving promptly with my Ring Finders costume & submersible Metal detector I met Tracy & her husband at their home to go over the story of how,where,when it may of been lost?? Tracy’s father-in-law was visiting on vacation when he slipped down the short slope into the shallow lake behind her home. One of the neighbors witnessed it then pulled him up out of the water. Later on the he noticed his Gold wedding band was missing!

They explained,,He had already flew back home but you can only imagine the sadness & sorrow from losing something so important not knowing if you”ll ever wear it again.  So I scanned over the short weeded hillside above the water and ruled it out as it not being there. The 2nd place or last,,Would be in the lake approximately 2’ deep. So I grabbed my sand scoop to retrieve any potential targets while they set up a ladder from me to safely get down.

First thing off the bat I received a strong signal on my metal detector with an I.D reading of #18. Target ID numbers is a numerical representation of an object’s conductivity when exposed to the electromagnetic field generated by a metal detector. From my experience,,This strong 18 signal that was beeping told me its a good chance being his gold ring.

I carefully reached down into the compact bottom under the murky lake with my hand,,Then miraculously pulled out the precious lost gold ring. They were so thrilled yet relieved I could help find what may of been lost forever.




San diego Beach Metal detecting Ring finder found 6 lost buried rings

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San Diego Metal detector service for lost jewelry recovery Call Curtis Cox @ 760 889 2751 THE RING FINDER

Recently in 2023 I was referred a call to help a lady find some lost rings in the sand at Trestles beach California. Erin explained to me the details of how & where it was lost. The biggest concern as a member of The Ring finders is getting there with my metal detector equipment before others do. Just weeks ago,,I saw a social media video of 6 guys with metal detectors & GoPro’s strapped to there nugget noggins.

We decided to meet ASAP that evening and I arrived promptly thanks to my Segway scooter that got me fast down this long bike path/Beach trail. She pointed towards a short section of the beach sands where the rings could have disappeared into.

I got to work right away and there was some good news off the bat,,No grid marks,,No dug holes,,a couple pieces of buried trash,,A coin I detected which means this area has not been scanned over yet. Then I get another familiar signal on my detector so I call her over as I believe this could be her rings that is beeping  multiple I.D#’s on my machine…Like a dime & nickel in 1 hole…So I carefully take one scoop in the sand…When magically all 5 rings appeared!  She was very happy and grateful I could help her find these lost sentimental rings.

“Gotta love this hobby,,,If it was a job,,I would Not love it.”  Being rewarded with smiles and good Karma is worth it all. Too top it off I couldn’t resist an eroded beach cut I saw a little ways up so decided to give it a swing. Shortly after I found a chunky Gold wedding band amongst old crusty coins. That’s what a few of us Ring finders call a bonus ring/possible return:).

San Diego Metal detector service for locating FOB keys

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San Diego Metal detector service in San Diego here to help. Call Curtis Cox 760 889 2751 Member of The Ring


I received a call from a nice gentleman asking if I could help find an FOB key he accidentally lost down a hillside while swatting off the balcony rail. No big deal I said as I am still agile like a young buck, We chuckled then scheduled a time to meet later…

I arrived promptly with my metal detector as usual. The hillside was steep and brushes were thick,,,But luck wasn’t thin,,Just after 10-15min carefully scanning through I was able to locate it buried at the edge before the slope drops off. Definitely made Brian’s day as these smart keys are not cheap.


             WHO YA GONNA CALL???




Metal detector in Oceanside combs the beach to find buried Gold ring,IPhone,Keys,Wallets all in a purse!

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TheRingFinders metal detector service in San Diego helped find a buried purse full of sentimental & valuable items at Oceanside beach. WHO Ya gonna call? 760 889 2751

Over this summer I have helped many people find lost jewelry along with other items at the drop of a hat. From the cry’s of help to a matter of urgent timing of finding a lost diamond wedding ring before it gets found by a local hobbyist detecting….Or even worse…A sand sifting machine!

This call actually came in from a security guard during a Surf event who was trying to help a marine couple at the beach find a purse they buried before going out to the water. I live nearby the Oceanside pier so I dropped my hat and was there quickly.

First thing to my amazement was a large crater hole maybe 25X25’ they had dug & sifted through frantically for hours!  I could definitely tell by that amount of work they really needed my help. We all have probably lost a wallet,Keys,phone,Ring but If you can only imagine losing everything important you have all at once! Then he says the most important item is his family heirloom Gold ring that was handed down.

So off I went swinging my metal detector around the outer perimeter of the crater then as soon as I made a lap and switched to the inner part I received a familiar large overloading signal …Sure enough it was it & I was able to save the night once again!

Sorry I did not ask for her to open/empty her purse for the standard photo shoot recovery due to privacy of other personal belongings.

Member of The Ring Finders in San Diego found a lost gold wedding ring at Oceanside beach

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The Ring Finders in San Diego California helped another couple find a lost wedding band in the sand,Who ya gonna call?  Curtis Cox 760 889 2751


Kolacek and his wife recently were on vacation from Czech when they noticed there precious wedding band missing,They called me after finding my contact info online and I was able to meet them at Oceanside beach with in 20min including parking and walking down,,Needless to say,I was there very quickly.

The dry sand area were they believe it could be was a small 12’x12’ area to search,,I turned on my Metal Detector then Bamm,,Bamm A good strong signal revealed his Gold ring in less than a minute of scanning. They were so happy and relieved as you can see in the photo. This will definitely make their vacation more pleasant especially knowing now there is a Ring finder guy like myself worldwide available to help. “Spread the word we say!”



San Diego ring finder metal detector found lost engagement ring at La Jolla beach

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

San Diego Ring Finder



The Ring Finders metal detector service recovered a lost engagement diamond ring at La Jolla Scripps beach,Ca CALL CURTIS COX 760 889 2751

Here’s another successful search and rescue of a valuable engagement ring lost when a wave crashed their wedding photo shoot!

Found and returned the next day after grid scanning with top of the line metal detector equipment. Unbelievably to our amazement this was dug up in the wet sand deep down under a large pile of seaweed!  Never give up hope even if you have one last hope left!

Cardiff state beach Metal detector found lost gold diamond ring buried in the sand.

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)



The Ring Finders metal detector service recovered a lost engagement diamond ring at Cardiff state beach,Ca CALL CURTIS COX 760 889 2751

This recent summer of 2023 I received another call for help regarding a lost engagement ring buried in the beach sand and it abruptly ended as she said her father or in law was already going to get a metal detector nearby. I said if they don’t find it I could still be of help.

After nearly a decade being a member of The Ring Finders website I have yet to hear a successful outcome in this matter. Learning how to use a metal detector takes a lot of time,,There are so many settings/buttons to adjust such as; Sensitivity,Depth,Ground balancing,Noise cancellation,Discrimination,Threshold,,etc.

Later that evening I headed out to clean up some local north county San Diego beaches when I received a text back asking for help as they have not found the ring after nearly 2 hrs searching.

A short 20 min drive and thankfully the Cardiff state beach parking lot was not yet closed, There I met the Father & son holding what I knew to be an infamously cheap Bounty hunter metal detector. Notorious for not finding things!

With the darkness glooming and clock ticking  before the state troopers arrive to close this beach down for the night,,I turned on my Machine and found it in less than a minute. They were so relieved and shocked how quickly I recovered this lost engagement ring as you can see in the photo.