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San Diego Lost & Found ring metal detecting service helped find a Priceless Gold ring at Encinitas beach Ca…CALL 760 889 2751 CURTIS COX

This special lost gold ring I found & returned recently has a value that succeeds any treasure you may fathom. Throughout my career of being a ring finder member and hobbyists sluicing for placer Gold deposits in California for nearly a decade prior,, I had already found a ton of Peace & Serenity in my gold pan…Which also includes Gold nuggets & of course many~many~many types of precious old jewelry.

But not a thing I have in my treasure chest exceeds those values to me like an old copper fire extinguisher from the 1950’s that I still use as a door stop, A conventional toaster oven from the 90’s. Along with some photos of my Grandmother & Grandfather that I only have left of them for keepsakes.

This signet gold ring was very sentimental too him because it was made in the 1950’s for his Grandpa!   Try to imagine how relieved he was or how you would be wearing the same flip flops?

This is why I enjoy doing what I do. It never gets old like us.  Some other beach pirates searching for treasure don’t understand because they may not of lost enough…Or found enough!


Who ya gonna call?  Curtis Cox 760 889 2751

The Ring Finders San Diego Metal detecting Service Strikes Gold and returns it!

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The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service is here in San Diego to help you find your lost Keepsake. Call now for a speedy recovery; Curtis Cox 760 889 2751


One evening this summer I received a text late at night regarding a gold wedding band lost in waist high surf at Torrey pines beach,Ca. After a few questions and concerns we agreed to meet there first thing that Sunday in the early morning when the tide was a wee bit lower.


Promptly arriving to the scene of the lost ring he showed me the area at Torrey pines beach near the River mouth. My Hopes of finding it sank like a heavy gold nugget in bedrock because this is a bad place to lose a wedding ring or even conduct a search at that combined with the tide not being very low, The angry shore break @ 5-6 sec intervals and the current from the river mouth was aggressively moving sideways!     Everything about this call seemed to be going against the grain…Not to mention the $15 parking fee & $6.30 a gallon for gas these days..Yikes!

After nearly an hour of getting beat around by the surf with my Whites Dual field Metal detector,,I heard a certain crystal clear beep…Boom…There was his ring knee deep in the Pacific Ocean!


They were very relieved and gracious for my help. Thank you for the generous reward.


“Who Ya gonna Call”

CURTIS  COX   760 889 2751



The Ring Finders in San Diego finds a lost Gold wedding band in the Pacific Ocean

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San Diego ring finder metal detector service here to help find lost jewelry at beaches, Grass Parks Yards,,Etc…Call now for a speedy recovery; 760 889 2751 Curtis Cox

Oceanside Ca, July 8th 2022..I was contacted by Ryan later that night about helping him find his precious Gold ring lost in the Surf which was roughly in waist-Chest deep in South Oceanside.

We met the very next morning during Low tide. Knowledge & experience was definitely on my side along with a little luck as I was able to retrieve this long lost wedding band in merely an hour of scanning around in the heavy moving current that was waist-knee deep surf at this location.

There is a big advantage I have in North County San Diego that especially helped him & me on this search. I grew up here! This particular “locals only” South O’ beach…I learned How to Surf,Fish,Swim plus Where the waves break and the gold settles during tides & storms.Not too mention,,Fortunately I can still walk to any Oceanside beach here from my front door;).

“Who Ya gonna call”

San Diego Ring finder metal detector helps find Gold

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The ring finders metal detector service helped find a lost gold ring buried in grass at leucadia golf course,San diego. Call or text 760 889 2751

This precious Gold wedding band of 30+ years accidentally fell out of a wallet & golf bag somewhere along the course the day before. After a few texts back & fourth we met there and with permission from the golf course supervisor..Of course..I was able to track down his gold ring in merely minutes using a metal detector.

Just when you think you have lost your keepsakes forever,,Is when you learn about The Ring Finders. “Who ya gonna call”

San Diego metal detecting service found a lost diamond wedding ring at Coronado beach

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The Ring Finders metal detecting service helped find a lost diamond wedding ring buried at Coronado beach in the sand. Call 760 889 2751 for a fast recovery.

A couple from Washington was visiting San Diego early this year of 2022 when this priceless platinum diamond ring went missing in the beach sand. They happened to have found my contact info online through TheRingFinders website and called me after searching fruitlessly sifting through the sand countless hours to anvil. I was able to meet them the same evening that day and helped them out within just a few minutes of scanning around.

If you can only imagine being in someone else’s shoes on either side,,what would you do? Me personally,,I go out of my way for good Karma with my metal detector on any pickings of any day or week. To some they call this Treasure,,I call the smiles I get in return “Treasure.” Yeah of course we detectorist’s find some long lost gold,Jewelry,Coins etc,, But when I get a call for help it is not about finding treasure or Bragging on friendly online forums about my finds for Keepsakes!

This is a hobby many of us are very fortunate to enjoy and I certainly enjoy helping our hobby look good after over 100 lost rings have been found and returned with my help and experience.

Ocean beach San Diego lost ring found with metal detector

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The ring finders metal detector service helped find a lost Wedding ring at Ocean beach in San Diego. Call or text Curtis Cox 760 889 2751

   Here’s another story I’d like to share of a recovered lost ring recently in Ocean beach San Diego California. Some of these calls I go on searching for can be located in just minutes,Hours, Or worst case scenario..Even days of scanning around with metal detector equipment. However this search was none of the above^.

  March 27th, 2022. 0116 hrs

    I was out scanning the beach with my metal detector searching for a lost mens ring at wind and sea cove in La Jolla San Diego when my phone rang towards the very end. This happened to be a gentleman who’d lost his precious wedding band nearby a short time earlier somewhere in S.D and was asking for my help to recover it?  Fortunately I happened to be only 20min away and was able to meet him soon after I finished up that first call.

Upon arriving on to the sand with my gear there I saw 2 hobbyists with metal detectors scouring around and about this large crowded beach but not yet the owner who called. Shortly then after via text,,We spotted each other then quickly walked over to where him and his family were enjoying this springtime San Diego beach weather. After mutual questions and concerns there was 3 probable areas where it could of disappeared…

#1 Too and from the parking lot in the dry sand approximately 1/8 mile one way during traveling or unloading..possibly?

#2 Playing frisbee along a basketball court sized area..However he’s right handed & should conclude that it couldn’t have been lost during the throw??

#3 He mentioned sand bags were filled up to hold down the tent at their spot along the way ???   What I asked?  Turns out,,Something was finally invented to replace metal tent stakes that litter our public beaches and cause injuries to others when left in the sand…Good grief I thought!

So I gambled on the circumstances that lays ahead and chose to scan the tent sand bags on each corner when immediately, All of a sudden,,Roughly 30 seconds around the first of four tent sand bags…BINGO there it was:)…

Too quick I can call it!

Good Karma & good timing was definitely favorable on our sides though I will admit. The sooner we are called,The better the chance. #1

This is a thrilling adventure I get when emotions are high after finding irreplaceable sentimental items that could never be replaced to its fullest. After many years of doing this for others it has not gotten a minute old.

Thank you for the generous reward.Every penny helps me help others who are in need of my service.


San Diego ring finder found lost gold

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A member of The Ringfinders metal detector service in San Diego helped find a lost gold earring hidden in a grass lawn. Call or text 760 889 2715 now if you need help in recovering lost gold or silver keepsakes”.       Who ya gonna call?”



…The End.






San Diego ring finder member found a lost wedding band ring at a house

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The ring finders metal detector service helped find a lost Wedding band ring in the front yard of a home in San Diego. Call or text Curtis Cox 760 889 2751

Here’s another story of a lost ring recovered recently outside of a house hidden amongst plants and bushes in Poway S.D.  Some of these searches usually can be found in just minutes,Hours or even days of scanning around with a metal detector.

This search was none of the above^.  I spent about 30 seconds adjusting the many metal detector settings to the noisy E.M.I  before placing my detector coil over the soil to start the search when it beeped…There it was…Boom!   The husband & wife were instantly thrilled especially after spending some time looking around for this precious ring..They even borrowed a metal detector a day before but the EMI renders metal detectors useless as they beep everywhere on everything like it started to on me,Good grief I’m glad I spent countless years on these detecting machines I bring.

Electromagnetic Interference”.  EMI is the result of an electric or magnetic field acting on a device, causing it to malfunction.  It is this interference that affects the proper functioning of a device.  EMI is a broad term that covers all interference from all frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum – DC, Quasi-DC, AC and RF,      The end.




Carlsbad lost ring Finder found metal detector for sale San Diego

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The ring Finders Metal Detector service for hire. Call or text  760 889 2751  Lost your ring? Who ya gonna call?

   This search began one late night when I noticed an add online regarding a gold ring lost at local Carlsbad beach Ca, With a very detailed location along with a brief story of how the husband was stung by a sting ray before the ring was lost in the beach sand.

…So I immediately reached out to them with great offerings of my kindness & Karma that has helped out hundreds of others in need with my metal detecting experience as of this date….I can’t count all of them with out the photo’s though.

Two days later we met nearby and I handed him his long lost 18k Gold wedding ring with out excepting a single Craigslist penny.   

I enjoy every minute of my hobbie,,, It’s NOT like a job to me personally. 

I do not except checks, Debit Cards, Credit cards or have any contracts to be signed before searching.

GOT VENMO??  Who ya gonna call??  Curtis Cox 760 889 2751

Encinitas Ring Finder Metal detecting Treasure hunter found many lost golds & returned from the beach in North county

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A member of The Ring Finders Metal Detecting service in San Diego helped find a lost wedding band in San Diego. Call or text now for urgently careful searches. 760 889 2751 Curtis Cox  “The ring finder in SoCal.”

Approximately 1907 (Mlitary time) September 8th 2021 During this never ending pandemic..

  I had received a pandemonium call about a lost ring at Moonlight beach Encinitas. Shortly after arriving to this scene of a long lost sentimental ring for a gentleman,,,I located it buried in the beach sand after merely an hour of scanning..I then drove many miles away the early morning too hand it back to him with no obligations. Ring in hand,, Got Venmo??? 🥛 🥛 

No matter any reward or sponsorshipping,,.I enjoy this Hobbie no matter what because it beats any real job on the planet!!!


WHO YA GONNA CALL?  760 889 2751

Curtis Cox. Member of The Ring Finders in San Diego, Ca