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Lost Keys found with Metal Detector San Diego

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
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The Ringfinders Metal Detecting Service has helped return another lost item at a San Diego beach. OPEN NOW! Call 760 889 2751

I recieved a call from Tom who had lost his keys at the beach.Fortunately I live nearby plus arrived within 20min to find this set of Keys in less than 10 minutes of searching with an advanced Metal Detector.Happy New year!

What you think maybe lost forever could easily be found by an experienced member of Theringfinders.

Metal detector Guy finds a Lizard

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
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TheRingFinders Metal Detector service helped find a Lost bronze metal Gecko at the beach in SoCal. OPEN NOW; Call or text 760 889-2751

I received a call from Elvin regarding a very sentimental Brass Gecko lost in the sand at a beach.This Lizard was originally brought across the sea during WWII and been handed down through Elvin’s grandfather after flying across Normandy.
How it got to the beach was a mystery until an hour later when I arrived and met Elvin and his 4 year old daughter who mistook it as a toy before they left their home the previous day…Uh oh!
Fortunately This was an easy recovery as I turned on my metal detector and was able to find it within 1 minute of searching.


Lost ring San Diego found with Metal Detector

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
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The Ring Finders Metal Detector service helped find a lost ring in San Diego.
OPEN NOW 24/7. Call 760 889-2751

I received a text Thanksgiving eve asking if I could help find a wedding ring Lost in a back yard after the husband was doing yard work removing landscaping and noticed his ring was gone! We agreed to meet Friday just after the holidays to give it a search.

Promptly arriving and meeting the nice family I was shown a few prospective areas that it may of been lost at a week earlier…There were many probabilities,Not just the amount of excess leaves, branches, bushes, shrubs, plants,Rebar,Nails,but Metal Detectors near sodium lights and Homes will interfere and give false signals that makes problems to even your average Hobbyists Metal detector guy.

After going through the first possible areas in the front yard I had found confidence that it’s not there. The second place to scan over is where he had first started to cut and remove debris. I began the search and heard 2 strong signals inches apart that were ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals so I reached down to the most likely target sounding like a Platinum ring using a hand held metal detector pinpointer And there was a shiny Wedding ring buried under vegetation!

They were so happy and in shock but Shockingly so was I to find this so fast. It only took just a 20 minute hunt to find his lost platinum wedding ring of 14yrs buried in San Diego! What a great service to be a member of and it’s such an Honor that I can help others in need.

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Mission beach Metal detector found lost ring

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
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Theringfinders Metal detecting service has helped find a lost ring in Mission beach San Diego.

Friday Night I received a call from Matt who googled searched me on Theringfinders.His brother in law lost his gold wedding ring while playing volleyball. The Family who were vacationing on the oceanfront had been searching for it and even sifted the sand with a window screen to no luck.
I arrived in the morning at sunrise and saw Brian waving from a distance at the Volleyball courts.He showed me the small 20′ x 20′ area in dry sand where he felt the ring fly off. There was also large sifted piles where the ring could of been buried even deeper.Brian was also concerned and asked me how deep will my detector pick it up at? I said ” 2 feet deep,No prob” So I began a slow search over the area and in less than 10 min I found No Luck!
I asked Brian a few more questions then decided to expand the search perimeter more just in case the ring bounced off the Volleyball flying out of the court?
My first lap around Swinging I get a familiar signal and Found a lost ring buried in the sand…I held it in the air looking at Brian,He ran over Smiling and was very thankful I could help find his wedding ring.

Call or text me anytime 760 889 2751
Curtis Cox




San Diego Ring Finder Metal detector

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
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TheRingFinders metal detecting service helped find a lost Platinum wedding ring in the sand at Pacific Beach,San Diego.

Saturday I received a call from Christina about her friend who had just lost his wedding ring at the beach. They were searching in the sand and knew the exact area it fell into so I left my house immediately to help them.
When I arrived they had surfboards surrounding the 8’x8′ area where it was lost.I began Detecting the small area but didn’t get any signals.I said,Well it’s not here and we’ll need to expand this search area a little more. They were almost certain it was lost in that area,I could sense a little doubt of hope while they moved the Surfboards so I swung my Coil over a few feet outside of the box then got a strong signal that sounded like a Ring of (Precious Metals) BOOM..There was Dustin’s Platinum band! The smiles lit up with positive energy that circulated the beach.
Thank you Dustin for the kind reward.I am very appreciative and glad to help others.

If you have lost your Ring feel free to call or text me anytime at 760 889 2751
Curtis Cox from San Diego

San Diego metal detector Lost ring

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
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TheRingfinders Metal Detecting Service
helped find and return a lost ring at the beach buried in the sand.

I gotta a call from a Ring Finder teammate John Hughes to help find a gold wedding ring lost at a beach in San Diego. John had just finished up a vigorous 5 hour hunt for a long lost Ring at another beach and was headed out with his family for dinner.

I arrived promptly to the location with my metal detector in 20min then began scanning the wet sand 20′ south of a staircase where it may have been lost.

1.5hrs later I found no luck. Not even 1 metal target from the slope-waters edge!
After nearly giving up and back at my vehicle,I text John again to confirm with Matt,the owner if he was on the south side of the stairs or the north side 20′ when the ring was lost..? He calls me back and says he actually was on the North side!! Long story short..So I geared back up then hiked back down the staircase to find his wedding band in just a few minutes:)

The next day we met Patty & Matt at a beach in San Diego.They were so happy that we were able to help them. Matt’s ring was very sentimental as it was handed down by his father! These kind of stories even after 5 years returning lost jewelry are still pulsating with life.The smiles and positive energy received is electric. What a great service to be apart of.



Lost Gold Ring found at Solana beach

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
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The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service helped Find and Return a Lost Gold wedding Ring at Solana Beach.

I got a Call from Todd who had lost his wedding band at the beach in dry sand the previous day.We met up later at 5pm and went over the details of when/where it may have fallen as we walked down to the beach. He did buy a Detector from Big 5 and tried looking for it himself but those cheap machines barely function on these Socal mineralized sands.

As soon as we got there are hopes sank because the beach was Packed and the exact spot where he had lost it…Was Occupied by a family With beach chairs,Towels etc.
I explained to Todd I may have to come back that evening or hope the crowds clear up??
I began searching around the Beach goers eliminating some of the possible places to search with no luck. Todd was 90% sure that it was lost exactly where I could not swing over so we asked a lady if she could move a couple chairs to recover his lost ring and the lady fortunately was very kind and understanding and said yes!
I searched under and around what I could but still wasn’t confident with out a full grid search. There was also a metal umbrella,Tonka toy’s giving off signal’s,Back packs and did not want to dissrupt them too much So I spent some time after searching other areas.Running out of luck We decided to try around the metal obstacles once more and as I was scanning,the husband must of heard what was going on and was helping move some other things for us to better search the area..Thankfully to this Nice family I was able to Find The gold ring just under the corner edge of a towel where a metal chair was.

Thank You Todd for the Generous reward and thank you to the kind Helping family plus the beach goers who were cheering and Clapping after I had found it.The smiles and Positive energy from these hunts are always exciting.

Call or Text me A.S.A.P at 760 889 2751 for a fast recovery  Curtis Cox


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Lost Ring Found Oceanside Beach

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
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The Ring Finders metal detector service helped save another marriage by finding a lost wedding band ring at the beach.

I had recieved a call from John hughes also a well known member of Theringfinders about a Gold ring that was lost over a week ago prior to contacting him. We met at the beach and searched between the hammer and the anvil with no luck.📞Calling us right away is the difference between Luck and No luck.

Afterwards I had a Voicemail so I called back immediately and Talked to Griffen who explained he was at an Oceanside beach when he lost his ring 20min ago.. I was only 10min away so me and John headed right down there.

He showed us a small area in the dry sand where it may of fell into so I turned on my advanced pulse detector then began the search…Just 3 min later I heard a familiar sound,I could tell this buried piece of metal was most likely a Ring,So I took a scoop and walked over to him shaking the basket with out looking in.. Sure enough it was his ring and the nearby beach goers were cheering and Clapping👏  What a nice way to end the day!

I am available 24/7  Call or text for a fast search and recovery.    760 889 2751


Lost Gold ring Carlsbad beach

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
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TheRingFinders metal detecting service found and returned a lost Gold wedding ring at Carlsbad Beach.

It was 10:45 Friday night when I had recieved a text from Chris who just lost his Gold ring on the shoreline. I called him right away and He explained the story and exact location of where it may have slipped off when a Wave Crashed onto them at the water line.
I checked the Tide book and knew that it was high tide when this was lost and I would have to wait a few hours before I could thoroughly perform a water search with a Metal detector.
When I arrived to the scene at low tide,I  noticed right away that the Ocean had Naturally pushed in soft sand over the past few days plus the beaches slope down to the waters edge had a fresh belly with seaweed. This means that the Gold ring would be Deep,Very Deep.. So I set my equipment up to the deepest settings and began my search sweeping slowly and listening to those faint sounds. After an hour or so and a few Corona caps nearly 2 feet deep,,I had covered the entire soft slope to only wonder if this ring was down beyond depth of any Metal detector may reach or maybe there’s that slim chance it could be simply buried up in the dry sand?

I figured that I should just scan up above the area and to the entrance of where he walked to the beach from.Soon after griding the dry sand I heard a certain tone on this detector..
I stopped and just kept swinging my coil over the target this way,that way,while Smiling because I knew it…One scoop in the sand,Then out came this Gold Wedding Band that he has worn for 14years.  Thank you Chris for the kind reward.

Im available 24/7 Call Or text me at 760 889 2751. Curtis Cox

Oceanside Lost and Found Ring

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
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Theringfinders Metal Detecting Service in Oceanside Ca has helped Find and return a Diamond Ring.

July 17th I recieved a call 11:30 at night from a Gentleman named Anthony.He tells me his wife had lost her Diamond wedding Ring in the surf. I immediately got ready and was there in less than 20 min. I met him at the location and asked many questions for clues that may lead this Water search to a Fast and Precised Recovery for this Precious ring. Anthony explained to me he was not there on the beach when she lost it but thought for sure way out in the Surf.I then spent over 2hrs swinging,Dragging my scoop griding while overlapping my detector coil with no luck.

The next morning at 1:00am I arrived to search again for 2hrs and was able to rule out where this ring is Not.Confident in my equipment I know that This type of Gold ring I can pick up 2′ down in wet sand.I had already cross grided this large area and Dug all targets that were faint/break in the threshold. After these Minus tides searching twice while fighting the Ocean/Waves and Not to mention our Self defense awareness of it being 2:00am Alone knee to waist deep,pitch black with the homeless and rift raft type of people sleeping nearby Believe me,it ain’t easy ⚒

So I asked a Good friend also a local from Theringfinders to help hunt during the day time low tide on the upper bank/slope where I had not scanned over, just incase she wasn’t out that far or near the deep trough hole at the bottom of the beaches natural incline. John hughes was able meet the wife there during daylight with better details and exact location of when she felt the ring fall off.John also gave this needle in a hay stack a swing for 2 days in the blistering heat with no luck.After our vigorous 3 day search during king tides with Constructive waves and Non Constructive waves I had concluded this was a matter of timing.. So I decided to give this another shot in the dark then arrived at 4am the final day.

After just 20min into scanning I dug up This lost Diamond ring in the wetline just up the slope.The Ocean Is always Hungry and can eat your valuables.After such hard work it was a relief recoverying this Wedding ring and another Prime example that we Never give up!


Please Call Or text me at 760 889 2751 for a Fast and effective Metal detecting Service guy.

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