Lost Engagement Ring Underwater, Found, Cape Cod, Sea Shore, Returned

Rick and I were metal detecting at a local saltwater beach area this morning. As we were almost done, and not much to show for it, we decided to get a quick lunch break in. That never happened, a guy stopped Rick in the water, and said that his friend Katelyn, had just lost her engagement ring. Katelyn’s Engagement Ring was lost only a half hour before, underwater. She was throwing a football with friends. Rick motioned to me, and we began to grid the area. Katelyn was getting nervous, and having second thoughts that she may never see it again. I assured her that we would prevail and to not give up till she sees us give up. I asked her to stay in that area, and to not walk away, so I could do my job with precision. Her Husband, and about five others were trying to locate it with snorkel and masks, but turned up nothing. I started to move over to broaden the search area. As Rick and I crossed paths, he saw me stop and start to dig, he asked me if I had it? I honestly wasn’t sure, it was a scratchy sound but on the third try sure enough it was in my scoop. When I motioned to Katelyn to come over to have a look. I asked her to describe it again. She was so excited that I had it. I told her she was a lucky girl today. Everyone around us were cheering and clapping. Even her friends up on the beach were yelling, I actually felt like a celebrity LOL Its such a fantastic feeling to return it to the owner. Another great day at the beach. Congratulations Katelyn ! Leighton.

Custom Engagement Ring

Designed by Katelyn

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6 Replies to “Lost Engagement Ring Underwater, Found, Cape Cod, Sea Shore, Returned”

  1. Richard Browne says:

    Another wonderful day for you Katelyn, and the team! Thanks.

    1. I agree Thank You Rick for helping with the search. We narrowed it down. Let’s do it again tomorrow. LOL

  2. Katelyn says:

    The second I noticed it gone I for sure I thought I would never see it again. Then my friend said he wondered if the guys with the metal detectors were still around. Once we found you, you had found my ring within a half hour. I couldn’t believe it and still can’t believe it! I kept thinking what would the odds be of finding something so small in the ocean. Without you I would have never found it. You saved the day and I’m forever grateful! Thank you so much!

  3. Congratulations Leighton. It’s great to be in the right place at the right time! You and Rick make a good team.

    1. Thank you it sure was great to get it into the scoop and return it to Katelyn

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