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Lost Chai Charm on Margate NJ Beach Found By Dave Milsted

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
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Dean called me, late afternoon on May 24th, asking for help in finding a lost Chai charm, solid gold about the size of a quarter. He was down visiting his parents in Margate. He took his son and some other boys to the beach to play football. During the game, someone grabbed his son and got his gold chain, it snapped, and the charm went flying. He had the general idea of the area. I had to check with the Mrs. because it was 5 pm and we hadn’t had dinner yet.

I called Dean back and told him I would be down in about an hour. He went back to the beach and sent me pictures of the area because he wasn’t sure if I was coming down tonight or early in the morning. I left home while it was sunny and 70. I took the Atlantic City Expressway, rocking out to the Led Zeppelin channel on Sirius. I get to the beach; it is overcast, windy, and 56. Guess who didn’t bring a jacket?

I texted Dean and started to search. Dean came down about 10 minutes later and adjusted my location. There must have been one heck of a party here last year because there were so many rusted bottle caps. Any fresh drops would be immediately covered with sand because of the wind.

About 35 minutes into the hunt, I get a good tone, look down and see just a sliver of gold. Brushed the sand away, and it was the Chai charm I was looking for. Dean was amazed. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. His smile said it all. He told me the charm was given to him many years ago by his mom. He never wore it. His son mentioned to Dean that all the kids in school were wearing chains with charms, so Dean gave this charm to his son to wear. He said his son was devastated when he lost the gold charm today. He was going to be so surprised when he got back.

I love my Hobby!!


Comment from Dean:

Dave is the Man. Right after my son lost it, the lifeguard mentioned to me there are people with metal detectors who may be able to help. It was a blessing I found Dave. He was so concerned the beach would be cleaned in the morning, that he was there within a few hours. My son, myself and my entire family are still amazed Dave found it. It really makes for a great memory and story, but more importantly that there are people like Dave who just want to help. Cannot thank you enough Dave. Thank you again. 🙏🙏







Yardwork Claims Another Wedding Ring in Haddonfield, NJ. Found by Dave Milsted

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
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Paul was doing some yard work in his backyard, pulling up ivy from around a shed and some trees. When he was done, his wedding ring was missing. He emptied the bags of debris he made and searched without finding the ring. His wife suggested to buy a metal detector and search for it. Paul instead searched the internet for a metal detecting guy and found me.

Paul called me today and asked if I could help him find his ring after a brief description of what happened. I told him I would be able to come over after work.

I met Paul, and he showed me the area. There is still a lot of ivy in the yard. He only thinned it out. He told me a little bit about his property. The front part of the house is an old mill built-in 1805. In 1906 they added an addition to the back of the building and converted the mill into a residence.

I started my search and immediately found a can pull-tab. The next signal within a minute was the ring. It was a large white gold ring with a nice design etched into it. Paul couldn’t believe how fast I found it. He spent a long time looking for it. I couldn’t see his smile, because he was wearing a face mask, but I could see his amazement in his eyes.

He told me that I could come back at a later date and search the property for artifacts, BONUS!!!

I love my hobby!!

Lost Wedding Ring Lost While Doing Yard-Work in Haddon Township NJ During the Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19)

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
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I received an email early in the morning from Mischa. He reports that he lost his wedding ring the day before while adding new mulch to his flower beds. We made arrangements for me to search after work.

I met Mischa and asked him several questions. He showed me the search area. All of the flower beds are up against a chain-link fence. I started to search with the smallest coil I have.

I searched all of the beds with no luck. I moved to another detector to search his travel paths to see if it fell off out of the beds. No luck. Mischa was thanking me for looking. I told him I wasn’t done yet.

I went back to the beds, on my hands & knees, pulled all of the mulch away from the fence and searched with my pin-pointer. Next to the last bed, I found it. The chain-link fence was too big for my metal detector to find the smaller ring. He was so happy. We maintained social distancing, no hand shakes or bro hugs. The search took a little over an hour.

I love my hobby!!

Lost Wedding Ring in West Chester PA Found By Dave Milsted During Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19)

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
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April 25th, 2020 was going to be the most beautiful day of the week. So I had made arrangements to meet Mark at his parent’s house. This is where his wife lost her wedding ring a week ago playing field hockey in the backyard.

The area was beautiful, foggy, and a nice wet lawn, easier to track where I have been detecting, so I don’t miss anywhere. Mark wasn’t there yet, so I met his dad, Dennis. We did the whole social distancing thing.

He showed me a vast backyard, where they played field hockey last weekend. I asked if they were in any particular area, and he pointed to more then half of the yard. Oh boy, this could take a while. I went back to my SUV and got my detector.

I just started to search, and I heard someone say hello, I had headphones on, so I began to look around. It was Mark. I asked him a few questions. He was able to narrow the search area down a little. I was going to start my search at the swing set.

I started to search, and I got a good signal. I couldn’t see anything because the grass was so thick. I used my pin-pointer and spread open the grass, and there was a beautiful white gold wedding ring with several small diamonds. Less than 2 minutes of searching, it was in my hand. I needed that. I took a few pictures.

Mark was up on the deck. I started walking towards him and asked is there any area that his wife was in the most. I said that I didn’t want to be here all day. I said I had another question that might help. Does her ring look like this? And I opened my hand. The look on his face was priceless. No hugs or handshakes. Just smiles.

I asked for his wife’s cell number and sent her a few pictures. Within 30 seconds she called Mark in total disbelief. She worried all night that I wasn’t going to find it. I had told Mark when he contacted me earlier in the week that if it were in the yard, I would find it. He believed me until his wife changed his mind overnight. I love my hobby!!

Lost Cross in Haddonfield NJ Found By Dave Milsted

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
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Kim called me earlier in the week; She wanted to know if I would be able to find a small gold cross. Her son Quinn was playing football in a schoolyard field. A girl had grabbed his collar and got a hold of his chain with a gold cross on it. They have the chain, but the cross is missing. The cross was given to him from his grandparents for his First Holy Communion, very sentimental.

We met after school on Friday. Quinn showed me the area of the field he believed that he was in when the chain was broken. I didn’t think we would have any luck finding it as there is very little grass on the field. It looks well used. I was fearful that another kid found it and didn’t turn it in. Kim already contacted the janitor of the school and he didn’t find it, and no one turned it in.

I started a grid pattern. I had a lot of little friends following us around. They have hundreds of questions. Every time the detector beeped, they all would ask, “Is that it?” Quinn would get on the ground and say please, please be it. After about an hour, Quinn had to leave for lacrosse practice. I told Kim that I would let her know if I found it.

When they left, the other kids left too. I was by myself. Five to ten minutes later, I got a good tone. I looked down and could see a gold loop. I found the cross. See the 1st picture. I took a few pictures and texted them to Kim.

She called me and decided to keep it a secret. We would meet sometime on Saturday and surprise Quinn. We decided to meet at the Westmont Party Store. We would make it look like a chance meeting. We caught it on video. The look on his face when I finally told him that I found it was priceless!!

Video of Quinn realizing I found the cross…

Lost Gold Diamond Ring Lost In Townsend DE, Found By Dave Milsted

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
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Taylor contacted me a week ago, asking if I would travel to Townsend Delaware to search for his wife’s lost white gold ring.

She had come home after work back in October and found their puppy in its crate, where he had an accident. Covered in poop she raced him outside to wash him off with the hose. He was not cooperating. When she was finished and back inside the house, she noticed her ring from her grandmother was missing.

I traveled down early this morning in the dense fog. I met Taylor and he showed me the search area. He said he bought a metal detector shortly after the loss, but the unit was always beeping.

I got started and understood why his machine was beeping. There are a lot of coins on the path his wife took to the hose. I didn’t dig any and left them for Taylor.

Five minutes after starting I got the signal I was looking for. I took out my pinpointer and got a surface hit, but couldn’t see anything. I scraped away a layer of mud and I could see the outline of a ring. I called Taylor over to have him see what I was looking at. He couldn’t believe it. He said no wonder why all of the time I spent on my hands and knees looking I couldn’t find it.

Either his wife or the dog, who is close to 100 pounds must have stepped on it shortly after it was lost. I dug it out and cleaned it off the best I could. It was a small white gold ring with 5 diamonds. The look on his face was priceless. I got a couple of man hugs!. I took a few pictures and started my journey home.

I love my hobby!!

New Wedding Ring Lost In Williamstown, NJ – Found By Dave Milsted

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
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Amanda called me today in a panic. Her husband was in the backyard playing basketball and lost his wedding ring. They searched for a while with no luck. I told her if it is there I will find it. The kicker is they were married 5 days ago. The ring is a little too big and they have discussed getting it sized. The chilly air today didn’t help the cause.

I drove down to Williamstown tonight after work. It is dark and raining. Amanda showed me the area that the basketball court is located. It is a grassy area covered in leaves. The area is about 50 feet by 50 feet. There are no lights, so it was pitch black.

I decided to start close to the hoop. It could have been anywhere due to dribbling and shooting motions. 3 signals in and less than 5 minutes I found the ring! It was under some leaves.

Amanda was standing in the rain watching me. I walked over to her and I guess she thought I was going to ask some more questions. When I showed her the ring she was so surprised that I found it and couldn’t believe that I found it so fast. I got a hug! I’m glad my wife doesn’t get jealous, because I get a lot of hugs doing this service!

It was nice to have another quick find. After seeing the size of the area and it being so dark, I thought for sure that I would be there a very long time.

I love my hobby!! Another happy client!

Christmas Lights & Cold Air = Lost Wedding Ring in Westmont NJ, Found By Dave Milsted

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
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Thomas sent me an email today asking if I could look for his lost wedding ring. He lost it this past Saturday while putting Christmas lights up. I told him I could be there after work today. Westmont is only 5 minutes from my house.

We met, and he showed me 2 areas that his tungsten ring might be. He also said that this is the second time he lost this ring, a replacement since he lost the original. His daughter found it in a river where they were tubing. The original is still missing. He searched the area with no luck. He was fearful that it was hung up in one of the branches in the bushes.

I searched the 2 areas with my metal detector, both areas near concrete, with rebar in it. So my detector was constantly beeping. I decided to use my hand-held pinpointer detector and searched the areas with that. No joy! Pennies, bottle caps and pieces of aluminum siding were present. So I expanded my search. About 3 feet away from the second search area I was able to find his ring. He couldn’t believe it.

This was a nice quick search with another happy client. This hobby is awesome!!

Ring Lost Years Ago in Abington PA Found By Dave Milsted

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
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Walt called me back in September after seeing an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer that I was featured in on metal detecting. He asked if I could find a wedding band that was lost in his back yard several years ago. Our schedules didn’t align at the time. I gave Walt a call yesterday, and we were both available today, Saturday, November 23. He lives in Abington Pa.

I arrived about 20 minutes early, and Walt is already outside waiting for me. He showed me the area in the back yard. His wife, Sharon, was sitting on the porch and dropped her ring. They heard it hit the cement and then nothing more. The porch is surrounded by pachysandra.

There were a lot of metal items lost in the pachysandra. Several nails, s-hooks, an old tarnished silver bracelet, and bottle caps. After about 15 minutes I found the long lost white gold wedding band.

The look on Walt’s face was priceless. He had spent many hours combing through the plants looking for this ring. He said that their Wedding Anniversary was Nov 20th and that this Monday is Sharon’s birthday. I asked if he was going to wrap it up for a present. That is when he told me that she had died this past March. He was so happy that I called this week, as it has been a very sentimental week for him.

Walt is retired from the Philadelphia Fire Department. I love returning all lost items, but when I can help out a fellow 1st responder, that has a special place in my heart.

Lost Ring In Lewes Delaware, Found By Dave Milsted

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
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I received a call from Jeff two days ago. While out walking in Lewes Delaware, he lost his wedding ring. He was trying to flick a cigarette, and when he did, his ring went flying. We made arrangements to meet today.

Jeff & Jason took me to the area where the loss occurred. It was a 25-foot by 15-foot area. It was cold, forty degrees and very windy. The area is overgrown with a lot of thorn bushes. Jeff had already searched the area. I fear that the ring may have been stepped on.

This search was not easy. The thorns were big and plentiful. I had to use a small coil on my metal detector. The long grass and vines on the ground kept entangling my detector. After 2 hours, I was discouraged. I recommended Jeff to come back at night with a flashlight and shine it into the 8-foot high sticker bushes. Maybe the ring got caught in one of the branches. Hopefully, the ring will shine in the light.

I gave it one more search in an area that was difficult to search. I got the tone I was waiting to hear. I moved away the thorn branches, long grass, and vines, there it was. It was partially buried in the ground.

We were all amazed that the ring was found. We had all given up hope. Hugs & handshakes were given. Now it was time to get warm! Another happy client!