2 Lost Rings - Fort Walton Beach, FL - FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

This past weekend I got a call from Brad and his wife Sky from Louisiana. They were in Fort Walton for a Volleyball tournament. What started out as some fun and exercise in the nice weather quickly turned into a fiasco when Sky realized that not one but both of her rings were missing. She had taken her engagement ring and her wedding ring off and tucked them into her swimsuit for safekeeping. Somewhere during the course of the day she realized they were gone and that’s where I came in. They had actually left me a message the day before while I was out finding the ring for the newlyweds in Orange Beach in my last story. I sent Brad and Sky a text once I was done and offered my services.  Luckily they reached back out the next day. Brad did what a lot of people do and he went to Bass Pro Shops to buy one of their metal detectors. Unfortunately he quickly learned that the average detector will simply not work right on a saltwater beach. I got some information from them and I decided to ask my Father-in-law, Tom to join me as he has been getting into detecting. I am glad that I did! 😃  When we got there I quickly gridded out the outer edge of where I thought the rings might be based on the couple’s info. I asked Tom if he would start going around the outer areas just in case the rings weren’t where we thought they should be. It would also be a good opportunity for him to get some experience with a detector in the sand. We were out there for a long time and had to take a break and get some water. We weren’t giving up though and we headed back down to resume our search. Before too much longer, Tom waved to me to get my attention and I came over to see that Tom had found his first ring!!!  Low and behold it just so happened to be Sky’s diamond wedding band. 😃I am so glad that he joined me because I was then able to adjust my search based on what Brad had said earlier and after another 20 mins I found Sky’s engagement ring! 💍👍. What a great day, I got to experience my Father-in-law’s first ring recovery and return two precious rings back to a beautiful young couple. 😃Congratulations all around!


3 Replies to “2 Lost Rings – Fort Walton Beach, FL – FOUND!!!”

  1. gregg larabel says:

    Dave, nice finds in Ft Walton. I lost my class ring while saving a life in Ft Walton Beach in 1965 while stationed at Eglin AFB. I went out about 50 yards in an undertow and big waves to save an older man who couldn’t get in. While paddling hard my ring came off and never found it again. I figure someday I will get a call from a ring finder and say they found it. Keep up the good work. I just achieved my 100th find this winter with the Ringfinders.

    1. Dave Cartee says:

      Hopefully it will show up one day. Congratulations on joining the Century club, that is awesome!

  2. Sky Rachal says:

    I’m SO beyond thankful for Dave and his sweet Father-in-Law! I truly thought my rings (which were not insured) were gone for life and I had zero confidence they would ever be found. But luckily with Dave’s confidence and perseverance he convinced me he would get them back for me, and I’m so so happy I put my trust in him. Thank you for everything Dave. He’s truly a miracle worker y’all! 🙂 Thanks, Sky & Brad

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