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Man’s Celtic wedding band lost in Snake Pond, Sandwich, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

July 20, 2023

Leighton Harrington received the call, took the information of the loss and called for me to set up a team hunt on Friday evening. He had text information and I was to go right and he left. The first hour went by rapidly with no sign of the band. More texting and back in the water we went. This time concentrating on and more specific section of the swim area.

Again, no good results. It was time to call the hunt off, but first one more look at the text. A new text has been received. This one put Brandon to the left of the lifeguard chair, the chair was not to the left of Brandon as we had been working on.

I was confident we had search the water area and went in ankle deep and headed toward the dry sand. One signal in about two inches of water sounded very iffy. What was there to loose, whatever it was to be it would not be in the lake any longer. Low and behold it was the Celtic Wedding Band.

A call was made and a Saturday evening meeting was set for the return. A very grateful Sharon pulled into the beach parking lot with her son who had been playing ball with his dad when the ring was lost.

Brandon was unable to make the ring return, but passed his thanks on via Sharon and their son. It all made for an understanding of why we will go to all lengths to bring a happy ending with smiles to a very stressful situation.

Permission a must on private beach. Ready, Set, Find, & Return Ring in Falmouth, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

June 2019

Ah, but don’t you just love all of our electronic gadgets? Cell phones, computers, e-mail, texting, the information available on the internet, yes these sure can help when help is needed. Communications for help in finding a lost wedding band started via e-mail through TheRingFinders website and was followed by phone conversations. Phone call area coverage was not as perfect as we expect it to be which cause a bit of delay. Well, when it all came together, I was heading out for a search.

Only one problem stood in my way…permission to detect the private resort property. Having been to the resort before I know I did not want to search the area without permission. New personnel this year were not quite sure about granting me access. After getting in contact with the “office”, I was in. Let the search begin.

The wind was very brisk and as such the waves were about 3 feet high and the blowing sand felt like I was in a sand blaster. I had dressed accordingly and with a marked up Google picture from Scott of the area where the ring had been lost I headed to the smaller “High Probability” area. Oh, no…all the beach lounge chairs had been pulled up and stacked close to the dunes covering the majority of the marked area. Anyway I had to get to searching. First I detected as close to the chairs as I could while watching the waves inching their way up the slope of the beach. No targets there so it was now that I had to venture as far into the water I dare go or wait until the next day and calmer water. It was not long, about 10 minutes, and there it was the shining wedding band in my scoop. It did not take long to get back to the comfort of the car. On the way out I stopped at the reception desk and thanked the “team” for granting me access and ensured them I was successful in finding the ring and would be returning it to Scott.

Stand-in Wedding Ring(s) – what a story! Sandwich, MA Lost / Found Ring

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

July 2019

Well, it was a typical 4th of July weekend. The first call for help came with a story about the ring tagging along. The easiest way to tell this is to copy the Thank You note for finding and returning James’ claddagh ring.


My father bought me this ring 10 years ago. My grandfather had just passed away and had given his ring to my brother, the oldest boy in the family. So, my father took me when getting that one sized to get one of my own.
A few weeks ago, at my brother’s wedding, nobody remembered the wedding bands, not me, my brother, sister-in-law, planner, nobody. So when the priest asked for the rings, I turned my back to the crowd and slipped off my ring and my brother did the same. They used these to bless their marriage. I was devastated to lose mine. I cannot thank you enough.


What a welcome to MBL Woods Hole, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Martin, a new student at MBL, (Marine Biological Laboratory), in Woods Hole, had one heck of an unforgettable first night. Nothing like this would happen in his motherland of Germany. It started with bright blue lights all around him, the kind he will never forget. The light was not in he rear view mirror but rather all around him as he wadded in the waist deep waters of Buzzards Bay. The bio-luminescence comb jellyfish were the source of this light. – see: for more on this unique sea creature.

However, while thoroughly enjoying the moment, a horrifying second moment occurred that left Martin distracted for the next 27 hours. These hours should have been filled with attention to finishing a cardboard boat for the afternoon’s race he was entered in. No the distraction was not a sting from the harmless jellies, but the loss of his wedding band to Neptune’s dark depths. Not the light from the luminescent jellies nor the light from several waterproof cell phone could expose the ring’s hiding place.

What to do next? What else but Google search for “How in H*** do I find my ring in the ocean?” lead Martin to the web site of An e-mail sent at 10:30pm was answered an hour later requesting a bit more information and a promise to call around 10am. At 11am I was in the water waving my magic wand. On the seventh target my scoop was filled with black rocks and a glittering gold ring. YES, it was Martin’s. The search was over. Martin removed the ring from the bed of rocks in my scoop and replaced it where it belonged, on his finger, not swimming around with a bunch of jellies.

Pictures, smiles and stories followed along with many congratulations from fellow beach goers.

PS…Martin’s team won the Cardboard Boat Compitition, all team members had a chance to ride the waves. One heck of a great day for Martin. May continued success continue, forever, in all of your endeavors.

Mother’s wedding band lost, found and returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

IMG_1802ring cu


A very overcast day turned into liquid sunshine when I found Frances’ lost ring. The ring had been her mother’s and Frances was devastated when it went missing from her finger while feeding birds at the woods’ edge.

When I arrived Frances and her boyfriend had marked the area with ribbons and had been searching for hours with a rented metal detector. Their unsuccessful searching had them searching for more help. They found The Ring Finders and sent an e-mail. Within 4 hours I was at the site and with a helpful explanation of where and how the loss happened I started a search.

The edge of the woods was grassy and sloped downhill. The ground cover beyond the tree line was very low shrub growth. I really hoped the ring was not in the shrubs as I thought I would not be able to swing the detector close enough to the ground to hear a signal if I passed over the ring. I tried putting my ring on the ground under the shrubs and I could hear the ring’s presence. My hopes heightened.

I decided to search from the edge inward. On my second pass and still in the grassy area I got a signal and under a leaf was the ring.

Needless to say Frances was overwhelmed and very thankful for my help. I was very pleased that the hunt had gone so well and was over quickly as the day’s drizzle turned in more harder rain.

The picture say it all, and with a smile to boot.