Mother's wedding band lost, found and returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

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A very overcast day turned into liquid sunshine when I found Frances’ lost ring. The ring had been her mother’s and Frances was devastated when it went missing from her finger while feeding birds at the woods’ edge.

When I arrived Frances and her boyfriend had marked the area with ribbons and had been searching for hours with a rented metal detector. Their unsuccessful searching had them searching for more help. They found The Ring Finders and sent an e-mail. Within 4 hours I was at the site and with a helpful explanation of where and how the loss happened I started a search.

The edge of the woods was grassy and sloped downhill. The ground cover beyond the tree line was very low shrub growth. I really hoped the ring was not in the shrubs as I thought I would not be able to swing the detector close enough to the ground to hear a signal if I passed over the ring. I tried putting my ring on the ground under the shrubs and I could hear the ring’s presence. My hopes heightened.

I decided to search from the edge inward. On my second pass and still in the grassy area I got a signal and under a leaf was the ring.

Needless to say Frances was overwhelmed and very thankful for my help. I was very pleased that the hunt had gone so well and was over quickly as the day’s drizzle turned in more harder rain.

The picture say it all, and with a smile to boot.

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  1. Great outcome with a happy customer

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Richard…Great recovery!

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