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Man’s Celtic wedding band lost in Snake Pond, Sandwich, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

July 20, 2023

Leighton Harrington received the call, took the information of the loss and called for me to set up a team hunt on Friday evening. He had text information and I was to go right and he left. The first hour went by rapidly with no sign of the band. More texting and back in the water we went. This time concentrating on and more specific section of the swim area.

Again, no good results. It was time to call the hunt off, but first one more look at the text. A new text has been received. This one put Brandon to the left of the lifeguard chair, the chair was not to the left of Brandon as we had been working on.

I was confident we had search the water area and went in ankle deep and headed toward the dry sand. One signal in about two inches of water sounded very iffy. What was there to loose, whatever it was to be it would not be in the lake any longer. Low and behold it was the Celtic Wedding Band.

A call was made and a Saturday evening meeting was set for the return. A very grateful Sharon pulled into the beach parking lot with her son who had been playing ball with his dad when the ring was lost.

Brandon was unable to make the ring return, but passed his thanks on via Sharon and their son. It all made for an understanding of why we will go to all lengths to bring a happy ending with smiles to a very stressful situation.