Silver wedding ring found in school athletic field

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

I was notified to see if I could search a school athletic field in Clarks Summit, PA for a silver wedding ring. While playing water sports with the kids during their end of year field day, the ring had fallen off in a large field. I arrived to meet my client and he showed me the primary areas where he was playing. Using my Garrett ATPro I began searching in a grid pattern covering a large area. After a little more than an hour of searching I got the loud hit for his ring. He was sitting on the bleachers with his 3 year old when I approached him with his ring. He got chocked up and said he had just been praying with his young son that I would find the ring. A few minutes later his wife arrived and said she had just been praying as well while driving to our location. It was truly a blessing to return his ring and to see the smiles on their faces. Call me at 610-207-8677 whenever you need to find lost jewelry.