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Baseball Field Steals the Ring – Metal Detectorist Hits a Home Run

  • from Boise (Idaho, United States)

Monica called with a soft voice and tremble in her speech.  Could I come and try to find her lost engagement ring?  A short discussion and hours later, I was at the ball field swinging away…not at the ball, but the coil across the field.  This was not an easy task and actually took a few visits.  Luckily the baseball field was only 15 minutes from my place, so getting there was not a big issue.  Getting there when nobody is using it was.

On my 3rd visit and early Sunday morning I had about gave up when one last surface target signal perked my attention and there it was.  A couple calls later she is holding the ring in her hand and all smiles.

Thanks Monica for believing in Ring Finders and Gerry’s Detectors.

Gold and Diamond Ring lost and then found in Warrensburg Missouri.

  • from Warrensburg (Missouri, United States)

Gold Class Ring reunited with owner the day before 10 year reunion

Back in June I recovered this  beautiful Gold and Diamond Class Ring on the edge of a Soccer Field ,  I made some calls about the name inscribed on it. Its a crazy small world sometimes, I used FB and come to find out the young man this belongs to not only still lives in this town but we actually know the same people. I spoke with Derrick the owner of the ring and arranged a meeting. He was more than happy to see this ring again for the first time in Ten years and we had a great conversation covering MDing and discovered how many more people that we both know. NOW sports fans here’s the rest of the story….Derrick’s 10 year class reunion is tomorrow! That will make you ponder the depths of the universe.

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