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Lost Wedding Ring Found and Returned on Texas Ranch – Chris Dean

  • from Kerrville (Texas, United States)

Stuart lost his wedding ring while installing a 3400′ water line on a beautiful 240 acre Central Texas ranch. He already had knowledge of because fellow member John Volek (Houston Metal Detecting Services) had recovered a friends ring early this year on a Gulf Coast beach (John’s recovery). Stuart made the right decision because his lost wedding ring is back on his finger!

Remember, don’t rent a metal detector. Contact an expert metal detectorist to find your lost ring, jewelry or other valuables! Recovered with a Garrett AT Pro metal detector.

Lost Ring FOUND in Kerrville area river!

  • from Kerrville (Texas, United States)

On Thursday I received a call from Brad who asked if I was able to conduct water searches with a metal detector? He told me that on the July 4th weekend he had lost his gold wedding ring while playing with his kids in the Guadalupe River near Kerrville, Texas. Brad and I talked for a while about the circumstances of the loss and the river depth at the loss location. Brad told me he was in approximately waist deep in the river and had a good idea of the location of the loss. He said there were attempts to search for the ring to no avail. As Brad lives out of town we decided to meet on Saturday morning to search for the ring. Wow, I thought, my very first call out will be water search!

Saturday Morning:

My wife, Kathy, and I arrived at the site on the beautiful Guadalupe River.  This area of the river is lined with huge Cypress trees and typically has a river rock (1/2″ to 3″ rocks) bottom. Brad was already there with family members and he pointed out the area that he was wading in when he thought he lost his ring. I asked him about the water depth and said the target area extends to just above waist deep depth. I’m glad he wasn’t a basketball player as I am only 5’9″! He explained that he was in the water and the kids were playing on the floating dock. He also said that he had kept people out of the general area to help keep the water clear. Thank you Brad!

While waiting on my searching partner (my son Shane), Kathy and I got the Garrett AT Pro out along with my other gear. I entered the river about 30′ downstream of the dock proceed to sweep out towards the river center. The water was very cool but felt great as the ambient temperature was already reaching 90 degrees. Water visibility was cloudy and a touch to the bottom stirred up silt. Within 10 feet of bank and still only in knee deep water I got a nice indicator signal on my Garrett AT Pro. As Shane was not there yet I marked the spot with a 3′ piece of iron rebar so I could easily locate the spot again. I continued sweeping into deeper water when Shane arrived with his goggles and scoop. We ventured out as far as we could (chest deep), then turned and starting sweeping back to the bank. The river bottom was really clean of iron and we got another hit. With his goggles on Shane dove down into the bottom and retrieved a good scoop of gravel.  He sifted through it not finding anything.  A further slow sweep of the suspected target revealed no indications of hits so we moved on towards the bank.

When we got even with the location I marked with the rebar I told Shane “Let’s go ahead and explore this target that I marked earlier.” I again was able to acquire a a good signal and Shane when down again. This time when he came up he had the ring on his index finger! Brad and his family were standing on the bank watching and he yelled “You got it?” “Yes, we got it!” He ran down into the water and I handed him his (not) lost ring! His smile was big but I’m sure mine was just as big. EVERYONE WAS HAPPY!

Thanks Brad for contacting me through The Ring Finders and thanks to my son Shane for being my wing man in our FIRST The Ring Finders search.

Remember, call The Ring Finders to help you retrieve your lost items. It’s better to call as soon as possible after the the loss!





Medical Device Recovered in Calgary Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

We had just come through a big snow storm and this morning I received a text message from Justin explaining the night before on his way to work he had fallen in the deep snow,  To top it all off Justin is deaf and had lost his Cochlea Implant when he fell. I texted back and forth with him we agreed to meet at the location.  We communicated through notes and his lip reading skills and I setup a grid of the area.

This was the first hunt for this toy of device for me so I set my Garrett ATPro on Zero Discrimination.  After about 20 minutes I recovered the main part of the interface and then 5 minutes later the wire that clips to the implant and the interface.  Justin put it on right away and it still worked.  He told me that it would cost $10,000 to replace so he was very thankful to get it back.   Another customer thrilled with the service from Justin Coclea Implant InterfaceRecovered Coclea Interface

Lost Wedding Ring in Sedalia MO. Found and Returned

  • from Warrensburg (Missouri, United States)

Platinum Tuesday Return

Received a Monday evening phone call from my Relic hunting Partner Jim Crain. Jim said he had a Gentleman call his Shop trying to get info on how to operate a Garrett GTI 2500 over the phone. Through the course of the conversation Jim learned that the gentleman had lost his Wedding Ring and was getting no where with his fathers GTI. Well long story short Jim informed him that he knew someone who finds Rings. I contacted Andy and met him Tuesday morning at the location he had lost the Platinum Ring. The location was a backyard where Andy and his friends meet weekly to play Volleyball and relax. The grass was very short and Andy said that he and his friends had searched the hole field and sides but with no luck. I gathered my equipment ( Garrett AT Pro/Anderson Shaft/ NEL Tornado) and started my grid search. The area was fairly clean and with short grass you couldn’t ask for better hunting conditions. At right about one hour into the search and of course on the opposite side of the court that I started on and about 20 feet away from the court… BINGO  at a steady 54 VDI  the ring had been stepped on and pressed down into the ground. it was only visible from directly above.  And there we have it sports fans one very Happy Andy Schultze of Bryant Motors in Sedalia MO reunited with his lost Treasure

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Gold and Diamond Ring lost and then found in Warrensburg Missouri.

  • from Warrensburg (Missouri, United States)

Gold Class Ring reunited with owner the day before 10 year reunion

Back in June I recovered this  beautiful Gold and Diamond Class Ring on the edge of a Soccer Field ,  I made some calls about the name inscribed on it. Its a crazy small world sometimes, I used FB and come to find out the young man this belongs to not only still lives in this town but we actually know the same people. I spoke with Derrick the owner of the ring and arranged a meeting. He was more than happy to see this ring again for the first time in Ten years and we had a great conversation covering MDing and discovered how many more people that we both know. NOW sports fans here’s the rest of the story….Derrick’s 10 year class reunion is tomorrow! That will make you ponder the depths of the universe.

class ring