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Ring Lost in Kitchen found in Jenks’ Oklahoma

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

I received a message from Michelle about her moms lost wedding ring…I messaged her back and asked what had happened. She told me her mom was doing something in the kitchen. I said ok it couldn’t have gone far. I asked her her mom Eleanor what had happened. I said I will find it. So the search begins by looking thru all the cabinets around the kitchen. I even asked her if I could search the scooter she rides on. Went thru the scooter and no ring. So I looked in the sink everywhere I could. So on to the base boards that weren’t all the way up to the cabinet. There was a one inch gap between the base board and the cabinet. I couldn’t see over the top so I asked Michelle if she had a hammer. She said yes and went to get it. I got the trim off and then she said keep going we want the ring. So I started on the base board part of it broke she said once again take it all out. Second base board I came to was in the corner not more than five inches wide. I broke it off pulled it back and guess what I had found for them. The ring was waiting to be found. (The ring bounced over the the one inch gap behind the baseboard were they couldn’t find it.) I pulled it out still on my knees held the ring up and said. Does it look like this the smiles were back on Eleanor’s and Michelle’s face. Thank you so much found finding my information.

Lost Ring Doing Yard Work in East Hartford, Connecticut… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

A gentleman contacted me about losing his ring while doing yard work in East Hartford, Connecticut. Before calling me, he and his friends spent hours on their hands and knees searching the yard for the lost ring. They even used their metal detectors to search the yard – no luck. The last memory of the ring was placing it in his pocket just before beginning the yard work.

Once I arrived to discuss the situation, he explained how he got off the mower in a few different places throughout the yard. He couldn’t exactly remember where but he mentioned the mower getting stuck a couple of times. I began looking for soft spots and sunken areas in the grass where the mower could have gotten stuck. I was thinking maybe the ring fell out of his pocket while getting off the mower. One of the first places to catch my eye was a disturbed clod of grass with fresh dirt exposed. I scanned the spot, and immediately a loud signal rang through my metal detector! I found the ring just under the exposed soil next to the clod of grass! Just like that, Anhtuan was wearing his ring once again.











Anhtuan Sarita Vo’s Testimonial:

I’ve spent countless hours and with 5+ hours on our hands and knees all over my front and back yard… Metal detectors and every last resource I had trying to find the wedding ring I lost three weeks ago… Today, Keith Wille came over, 15 minutes in, and he found it… Unbelievable! If you lost any jewelry and can’t find it, Keith is the guy!











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