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Priceless Ring Lost! – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

What an awesome ring recovery!  Bailey reached out to me this weekend and told me that he had dropped his wedding band as they were tying up their boat at his Grandfather’s home. It sounded pretty straightforward but we decided to wait until a bit later so the water could come down and the depth would be a bit shallower. I finally made it out to their home in Saraland, AL and as I walked down to the boat slip I got to meet some of the family. He pointed to where he lost the ring and I decided to put on my drysuit since this water was cold and we thought it was going to be about 5 ft deep. As soon as my feet hit the bottom I realized this was going to be tough. I was on my tiptoes and even though I am 6’3”, the water was up to my chin. It was a small area though so my hopes were high. The first two signals I got could have been gold rings but they also sounded like pull tabs off a Coke can. When the pull tabs came up we thought we had found the culprit as Bailey’s Grandfather stood holding a soda can with no pull tab. We all had a big laugh when his Grandad cracked a huge smile and explained that he never threw his in the water. 😃. The next signal I got was a high tone but I’ve learned over the years that a large men’s ring can sometimes sound high pitched. This one was a bit deeper so I just held my breath and went under for a few scoops. I came up with lots of mud and leaves in my scoop and started to try to sift out the debris. We all heard a little clink of metal so I decided to hand the scoop up to Bailey so that he could dump it out on the boat dock and sort through it. He didn’t even have to say a word, as soon as he saw the ring his smile lit up so much that I knew he had it. Before I was even out of the water, Bailey and his Grandfather were telling me the rest of the story. Bailey just got married this past October. The ring was actually three rings put together by the jeweler. One ring belonged to the Grandfather I was talking to, one ring belonged to Bailey’s Grandfather who had passed away and one ring belonged to Bailey’s Great Grandfather who had passed on as well. With Bailey wearing this ring to honor these men in his marriage, that would make 3 generations of rings at stake. Now you can see why this ring is priceless. Bailey I’m so glad you trusted me to help you recover such an amazing part of your family’s history. I hope the future for you is just as fantastic. God Bless!

Lost Ring Dauphin Island – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Nick and his family were visiting from Oklahoma and had a house on the water in Dauphin Island.  When Nick called I was worried because I was going to be out of town on business for several days but after getting some more information I told him that I thought I could still find it for him when I got back on the weekend.  Nick explained to me that he was playing in the Gulf with his nephew in about 3 feet of water when he took off his ring and showed it to his nephew and joked that he had found “treasure”.  Well he quickly stopped joking when his nephew made a grab for it and it dropped out of his hands and into the water.  Nick and his family looked for hours but weren’t able to recover it.  When I finally got there, they had an over under going on how long it would take me to find it, and if I could find it at all.  Nick had great directions and after some machine adjustments to account for a ton of old nails from an old pier, I heard that awesome Gold sound and got it on the first scoop.  Needless to say, Nick and his family were thrilled and impressed.  This is definitely the most impressive men’s band that I have recovered.  Thank you Nick for giving me the chance to find it for you.