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Ring Found at Pensacola Beach

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

A local surf shop in Pensacola, Waterboyz, celebrated its 30 year anniversary since opening its doors. They celebrated by having a special ring make for the founders. Since the founders surfed, one of them lost his ring in the water at a break west of the Pensacola Pier. The ring was solid silver and my detector literally screamed when I passed the coil over it. The ring was found and returned to its happy owner who was amazed it was recovered from the surf. I was more than satisfied to have been of service, and had a long shot recovery success.

Lost Ring in Backyard

  • from Knoxville (Tennessee, United States)

I was contacted by Dustin after he lost his ring. Dustin said his ring came off after tossing some muck from the pool skimmer over the railing behind his pool. He remembered hearing a sound like the ring hit the concrete. There were a few small trees and lots of underbrush to cover the ring. After I was shown the area I went to work working in sections. Almost 5 minutes later I found the ring.

Platinum Ring Lost and Found at Steppes Beach

  • from Nantucket (Massachusetts, United States)

Alex lost his wedding ring while swimming at steppes beach. His lovely wife called me to help. I met the two on the beach and immediately started searching for the lost ring, Fortunately, I was able to quickly recover it and return it to him.

Beautiful Wedding Ring Recovered from Lake at Andalusia Ala

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

I got a call from Kelli about noon on Wednesday asking if I could find her wedding ring. She and her husband had been married for nine months and the ring was designed by her husband and custom made. She first called my son in law, David Cartee, who wasn’t able to help because of other obligations that day but he recommended She give me a call. Kelli’s ring was lost in a lake off a dock in Andalusia Alabama. It had been a couple day since she lost it. She got in the water up to about neck deep and tried doing a visual search but the bottom was muddy and she had no luck. Listening to her story I felt sure the ring had sunk out of sight in the mud. I told her I would help. I was in the Pensacola area at the time and Andalusia was about 2 hours away. I felt time was of the essence because I didn’t know that lake and fearing the ring might settle deeper in the muddy bottom over time. The lake turned out to be a reservoir used by the power company to generate electricity and the bank was very steep. When I saw how quickly the grade dropped off I began to worry about it having vanished in the deep water or my recovery activity dislodging it to deeper water. It was most important to plan carefully so that would not happen. I took my time making sure the search coil didn’t touch the bottom and to carefully completely search the area before moving my feet to deeper water. Fortunately I got a good signal, the ring had settled on a slope in about 5 foot of water. I set my recovery scoop and both husband and wife stood by in anticipation. I peered into the scoop then looked up at them and smiled, her beautiful precious ring was recovered and returned to her finger. Smiling faces and no more worries all around!