Phillip Mendez

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis...That means you pay me what its worth to you and what you can afford for me to find your lost item...There is a call out fee of $25.00 to cover my gas expenses within 25 miles of my location If you live outside the 25 mile mark just contact me to discuss the call out fee.

Search Types

Land & Under Water Searches.

Search Locations

Anderson County, and surrounding areas of TN.

Phillip Mendez's Bio

I have been metal detecting for 20 years now. I am PADI scuba certified and have detecting equipment for underwater searches.

Underwater searches require additional fees: call for a quote.

Phillip Mendez - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Phone during Marine Corps Mud Run (2022)

    After running in the Marine Corp Mud Run I decided to go looking for any lost items that may have been dropped during the run. I happened to come along a lost phone with a debit card found in the lake. Unfortunately the phone was swollen and had already began to bust. I was able […]

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  • Lost Platinum ring in back yard (2022)

    The other day I was contacted by Preston who lost his platinum wedding ring in his back yard 5 days ago while playing with his kids. When he realized it was gone and he went out and purchased a metal detector but was unable to find it. While searching the internet he came across the […]

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  • Missing sprinkler solenoids (2022)

    I was contacted by John and asked if I could find some missing sprinkler solenoids in the ground. I wasnt sure exactly what he was looking for but I told him I would try. At some point previously homeowner had sod put down and most of the access covers were covered. There was one solenoid […]

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  • Lost ring in Sevierville, TN (2022)

    Jimmy and his wife Lindsay were visiting from out of state and rented a cabin in Sevierville for their weekend getaway. Lindsay had set her ring down by the hot tub when their little 3 year old grabbed the ring and darted toward the field with grass 3 feet tall. Jimmy went straight out and […]

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  • Found Ring at Ocean View Beach VA (2022)

    I was metal detecting at Ocean View Beach while on vacation. I was approached by a couple of local ladies who informed me one of them lost a ring about two weeks ago, I told them I would give it a shot. They said it could be anywhere in this general area, not a small […]

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