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Lost Engagement Ring in Chesapeake Bay Three Days After Proposal…Found by Ring Finder Brian Rudolph

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Recovered from the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay by ring finder, Brian Rudolph: Madeleine’s exquisite 14 karat white gold engagement ring with a triple diamond set accompanied by additional accent diamonds mounted on either side of the band. And secondly, a sterling silver ring with multiple stones embedded around the band which temporarily held Madeleine’s “betrothal” jewel in place.

Madeleine and Matt were beyond excited that their nightmare was finally over now that THE RING FINDERS’ member, Brian Rudolph was able to successfully recover the amazing diamond ring from the Chesapeake Bay! The newly engaged young lady of only three days (when the ring was first lost) could not have been more grateful to God and for Brian’s expertise.

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Madeleine was proposed to by her college sweetheart Matt up in the Boston, Massachusetts area. He tried to make the proposal really special by taking his girl to a Boston Red Socks game where he had originally planned to pop the question while sitting in the well sought after “Green Monster” seating section in the ball field.

Note: The Green Monster offers a view that very few people ever experience and an electrifying connection with history. The famed left field wall is the perfect spot for socializing, networking and especially for proposals!

Unfortunately, the Socks didn’t do so well on the field that day and Matt decided to keep the special jewel box in his pocket just a little bit longer. He figured that he had already spent 2 years searching for the perfect ring for his beloved, so he wasn’t about to get down on one knee under such sad circumstances at the ball park. Instead, the young man who was deeply in love decided to wait for another opportune time to ask his princess the big question. Eventually, after a night out with friends, Matt made the monumental move and asked Madeleine the golden question in the couple’s kitchen. Happiness filled the air that evening and the young lady was awe struck by the triple diamond spread on the bridge of the engagement ring along with additional diamonds mounted on either side of the band! It was absolutely exquisite!

The timing of the proposal could not have been more perfect as it coincided with a large family trip down to Queen Anne, Maryland, located right on the Chesapeake Bay. I believe there were about 16 people who stayed on the beautiful estate overlooking the gorgeous view of the water. It was a perfect vacation planned for much fun and partying – not only for the relatives and friends of both Matt and Madeleine, but also an appropriate time for everyone to celebrate the newly engaged couple!

Unfortunately, soon after the couple started having their fun out on Maryland’s lovely Chesapeake Bay, something terribly wrong happened…Madeleine lost her irreplaceable diamond engagement ring out in the water, along with another ring that was suppose to keep the engagement ring on Madeline’s finger (the couple did not have enough time to resize the band before their trip to Maryland).

It turned out that while Madeleine, Matt and a bunch of others were playing volleyball in the water, the sterling silver “security” ring slipped off of the newly engaged young lady’s finger, which caused the gorgeous diamond ring that Matt proposed to Madeleine with 3 days earlier to slide off as well and disappear down into the water and silt below. At some point, Madeleine looked at her hand and with great remorse, she saw no jewelry on her finger! She couldn’t believe what had happened! The poor young lady had only wore the band for 3 days prior to it being lost in the Chesapeake Bay! Madeleine was devastated and she felt horrible for what had just happened. Though Matt was very disappointed, he kept a very positive and calm frame of mind during the whole dramatic ordeal.

That afternoon, for several hours, many family members searched for the lost engagement ring but sadly there was no recovery to be had. The next day, more people joined in the hunt, including a couple of very young family members (one of which owned a toy metal detector that was utilized to try to find the ring in the water). That too turned out to be a failed attempt. Later on, the couple was able to rent a metal detector from a shop in the area, however, it wasn’t waterproof and the machine was giving off all kinds of erratic signals that made no sense to the users. Dozens of hours of searching were expended by all of the vacationers and yet with all of their valiant efforts to find the lost ring, nothing turned up in the end.

It was so sad for the family and friends to watch poor Madeleine continue to enter the water, always trying something new to see if she could recover her one-and-only engagement ring from the bay. The young lady would take a strainer out into the bay and with great innocence she tried her best to scoop up pockets of silt with the hope of finding Matt’s very special betrothal gift to her. Unfortunately, there were no happy results.

With all of the many recovery attempts made over the next several days by all sixteen guests, no one could find the lost jewelry. Yet, in the midst of great dispair, a new light of hope would soon appear onto the scene! Madeleine stayed calm and poised during the whole ordeal and she decided to look online to see if she could locate an expert metal detectorist that might be able to help her. It turned out that she did find such a great source of assistance…THE RING FINDERS!

As soon as the desperate newly engaged young lady searched for a ring finder on the detectorist directory who deals with special recoveries in water on the Maryland Eastern Shore, Madeleine found my profile information and immediately contacted me.

I was excited to take the 3 hour trip to Queen Anne, Maryland to help Madeleine and Matt recover the lost jewelry. I vividly remember my client on the phone sounding as if she had a new sense of hope and relief just by what I told her that I could add to the search efforts. I couldn’t wait to get there!

When I arrived in the area, it was evening time and the sky was filled with strikes of lightning. Madeleine and I talked on the phone and we both agreed that it was best to wait until morning when the weather would be safer. I stayed overnight in the local town and prepared to arrive out on the water the next morning.

I met up with the newly engaged couple early in the day. The property where they were staying was simply beautiful! The calm water and long private dock out back made the entire scene absolutely picture perfect! They showed me where Madeleine moved about in the water during that one afternoon when the two rings were lost. I asked many questions just to be certain that I had all of the facts before I formed my plan of action.

As soon as I was updated with all of the details, I knew I had to focus on two main areas. One, I needed to search over by the boat lift area where Madeleine retrieved the ball once or twice. Two, the second section was the largest area of water to metal detect which was a 50 foot by 40 foot square section that was parallel to the wooden pier. It was where Madeleine and the others were predominantly playing when my client noticed that her precious keepsake along with the other ring had vanished from her finger.

I made no promises to the couple that I would recover the rings, but I did share that with God’s help all things are possible. The reason I said this was because I didn’t know how much metal content was down in the water. That would determine whether I was looking for the very small treasure in the midst of very large metal “haystack”.

After checking the conditions of the water (which were absolutely perfect) and praying to God with the couple for much success, I returned to my car to gather up all of my gear to bring down to the water’s edge.

I believe the search lasted about an hour and a half. I metal detected all around the boat lift area and there was nothing but miscellaneous metal to be discovered. I then set up a water grid search pattern and scanned section by section, lane by lane, pulling up out of the water every potential target to be identified. At the bottom of the bay I found various non ferrous objects such as: coins, pull tabs, bottle caps and other random pieces of metal. Then, at some point, as I was half way across a particular grid lane, I picked up a very encouraging signal. I was almost certain that I had found Madeleine’s one-of-a-kind engagement ring. As it turned out…it in fact was the very special piece of jewelry that I had been searching for! I was simply elated for the couple! That special betrothal piece was exquisite in design! Matt did an awesome job searching for his future bride’s perfect ring!

Not far from where I scooped up the engagement ring, I recovered the sterling silver ring as well! I couldn’t have been happier for Madeleine and Matt now that all of the jewelry had been accounted for! It was only a matter of minutes before I experienced the excitement of revealing the wonderful news with my clients! They were simply overjoyed! We celebrated together out on the back porch and also gave thanks to God for favoring me with the search efforts!

Prior to the loss of the diamond ring, Madeleine only had three days to wear and stare at that precious keepsake! But now, the happy fiance was reunited with her princess piece which was properly placed back on Madeleine’s finger where it would be celebrated and enjoyed for a lifetime ahead!

I am very happy to share that that irreplaceable jewel that I was able to recover for the couple would soon be greeted by yet another band that would forever keep it company…yes, the wedding ring!


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Lost Engagement Ring in Creek at Corbin’s Island Park…Found by Ring Finder Near Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Tina’s Beautiful Engagement Ring Displayed Once Again in its Magical Glory!

Tina, Lucas and Little One Celebrating Beside One Another the Return of Their Most Special Keepsake!


It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in August around 1pm when I received a call from a young lady named Tina. She was devastated regarding the loss of her white gold solitaire diamond engagement ring which was surrounded by smaller diamonds and Emeralds. She, along with her fiancé, family and friends drove from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area all the way to Corbin’s Island Recreational Park, near Huntingdon, Pennsylvania (2.5 hour trip) to enjoy a weekend of relaxation and fun. Unfortunately, while Tina was out in the creek helping a young child get into a raft, she felt her beloved engagement ring slip off her finger and fall into the water below.

Immediately, Tina did all she could to locate the ring, but nothing turned up but rocks, stones and more rocks. All eleven or so people that were in her group teamed up to search for the piece of jewelry and in the end, no one could find it.

After hours had gone by and the emotions of losing the ring began to rise, Tina was desperate to find a solution to her problem. Her fiancé Lucas did not know what happened with the ring because he was not there at the time of the incident. Tina was so afraid to tell him what had happened and hoped that there would be some way that she could find her beloved engagement ring before Lucas returned to the park.

Tina began to look online and she eventually found the elite international metal detectorist directory called THE RING FINDERS. She looked up metal detecting services in the Raystown and Huntingdon, Pennsylvania areas and eventually found me, Brian Rudolph, just south of the Pennsylvania border in Maryland. I referred the desperate lady to another ring finder on the directory who lived closer to her location, but unfortunately he was away on a day trip with his family and was unable to take on the challenge. That’s when I told Tina that I would be willing to do the two and a half hour drive (one way) up to Pennsylvania from the Maryland area just to try to help her situation!

Tina was so happy to know that I was willing to drive all that way to help recover the lost engagement ring. However, because this amazing service seemed too good to be true, her family and friends were very skeptical of metal detectorists like myself who just want to help recover someone’s lost “story” and to do it on a reward basis with whatever the client can afford. Tina texted me and told me that they thought this had to be a scam. I kept telling Tina that she was more than welcome to call the CEO of The Ring Finders, Chris turner, to inquire as to whether this was too good to be true!

Probably an hour past and I still did not hear back from Tina as she was still struggling with whether or not to take the plunge and trust that I was not only the right guy for the job but also that she could trust me with her beloved property. At some point, after going back and forth with multiple text messages, Tina decided to try me out. What she didn’t know at the time was that I started driving her way even before she called me back because I knew that time was of the essence. I did not want another detectorist to pocket the ring during the interim stage of our correspondence. If she decided that she didn’t want me to help with the search, all of that driving would have been for nothing. Thankfully, Tina contacted me and said that she would give me a shot! That’s when I told her I would be there sooner than later (I still had another hour and 45 minutes to go).

The trip to Pennsylvania was quite a beautiful journey. The country hills, lovely little towns and scenic mountain ranges were simply stunning. When I arrived at the park, I got out of the car and greeted not only Tina and her children, but also her fiancé Lucas! It turned out that Tina “told all” upon Lucas arriving at the scene sometime before I got there. She broke down in tears and shared how she lost her engagement ring in the water and tried everything to find the precious jewel prior to contacting the ring finder. Lucas was completely understanding to the situation and was extremely happy that I was there to help.

After our meet and greet time, Tina immediately took me into the water and showed me where she was when the ring disappeared. The creek’s water depth couldn’t have been more than 18 inches to 2 feet at most. I could see right to the bottom. There were mostly rocks and stones filling the bottom floor so the ring was presumed to be hidden under one of them. Some of the family members were worried that the ring was pushed by the current downstream.

We returned to land after my orientation and I assured Tina and Lucas that I would take care of the rest. After putting on my dive shorts, shirt and boots, I grabbed my waterproof metal detector, headphones, harness, pinpointer and scoop and once again made my way down into the creek.

In the first 5 minutes, I heard a few random signals that weren’t in the number range of what I was looking for on my machine. I verified again with the couple the search parameter and kept focused in that particular zone. No more than a minute later, I got the signal that I was waiting for! Just as I knelt down into the water to check the particular target out, my eyes locked in on that most beautiful diamond ring resting at the bottom of the water, patiently waiting to be rescued! The band was “silver” in color and there were diamonds and emeralds surrounding the exquisite solitaire on top. I found the ring! What had initially been an all-day fiasco for Tina and all of the others that were searching with her for the entirety of the day at the park, in the end, I was able to put an end to the nightmare in a matter of minutes! I drove two and a half hours to take care of a quick search and recovery operation and it was well worth the smiles that I brought back to the faces of Tina and Lucas!

Once I surprised the couple with what I had recovered from the creek, the two were just blown away by what I was able to do for them and what I was able to recover so quickly! We all hugged and thanked the Lord for answering our prayer which we made together prior to me going into the water!

I told them that every mile I drove to Pennsylvania and all the miles I would have to drive back soon thereafter was extremely special to me. Just knowing that I was able to give back such an important and precious “piece of love” that would have been lost forever (had I not responded to Tina’s beckon call for help), it could not have made my day more complete!

After we said our goodbyes, as I drove away I glanced back at the picnic table where the family was still congregated around. There I saw Tina and Lucas embracing one another with the most beautiful expression of love that one could ever witness seeing! No feeling on earth could have measured up to the way I was feeling at that moment, knowing that I had helped the sweet couple find peace and relief over recovering such a sentimental and priceless piece of jewelry!

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Lost Wedding Band In Taneytown, Maryland Pond…Found by Ring Finder

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Lazar’s Wedding Band

Diamond Filled Tungsten Carbide Ring


I received a phone call from a gentleman who was very upset that his ring was lost in a pond while he was fishing by the shore. He cast out his line and while he manuevered the rod forward, his beloved wedding band went flying off of his finger and landed at the bottom of the neighborhood pond where he was hoping to catch the big one. Unfortunately, he let the most important one get away!

Lazar was so upset. His wife had consoled him and told him to let the ring go and that he could buy an identical replacement wedding band. This did not sit well with him at all. It was not the same ring that was put on his finger by his beloved bride a couple of years earlier. They had been a loving couple for fourteen years and got married just under two years ago. Their anniversary would arrive just weeks after the ring was lost, which was another sad thought for Stephanie’s husband.

Lazar was determined to get this ring back on his finger even if he had to get in that pond and fish it out himself! And that’s exactly what he attempted to do. Before having to go to work on the first day that it was lost, Lazar got in the pond and used a rake to attempt to push the ring over to the shore. Sadly, after hours in the pond, his efforts failed. When he searched the large piles of mud from the bottom of the pond that he pushed closer to shore, there was no ring to be found. He had to go to work in wet clothes and messed up boots because he didn’t have the time to go home and change before commuting to work. When he got there, his boss allowed him to leave and return back to the pond where he was completely obsessed with resuming his search to get this priceless possession back on his finger. For the rest of the day, Lazar continued to try to retrieve the ring from the water, but round two of all of his attempts led to no recovery.

The next day, the determined warrior went back to the pond and continued his efforts until he realized that nothing was working and he needed to try something else. That’s when the frustrated ring owner searched online for a new approach and he located The Ring Finder’s Directory and contacted me in the early afternoon. My impression of this gentleman was that he was tired, worn out and distraught about losing his ring and he was worried that he would never wear that sentimental symbol of his love for his wife ever again. I felt so bad for Lazar and I could hear the passion for his wife coming through the airwaves. To be completely honest, I have never heard of anyone quite like this man’s love for a woman the way he expressed himself to me that afternoon. This ring represented his eternal love, commitment and obsession for his bride of almost two years and best friend for the past 14 years.

I said to Lazar, “Lazar, listen to me.” There was silence on the other end of the phone as he waited for me to share what I could do to help him. I pronounced the hope that his heart needed to hear. I said, “Your ring will be back on your finger tonight.” What happened next was completely unexpected and I have never experienced before what transpired on the phone after I made that declaration to him. Lazar broke down crying and wept uncontrollably, sobbing with tears on the other end of the line. I was on the verge of crying myself because the entire moment was so touching. This man found relief knowing that he would not have to replace his original wedding band with something that had never witnessed the vows made two years earlier. I was just blown away by the love he displayed for his wife.

He must have cried those tears of joy for a good five minutes before we finalized all of the details and worked out the time frame that I would be arriving at the neighborhood park where the pond was located. I was beyond moved by all of Lazar’s emotions.

It would be a good hour and a half drive from where I was coming from but I couldn’t wait to do this search and recovery!

Now, what you are going to read next is also something so special that I may never encounter anything like this ever again. Lazar decided to take off work for the rest of this second day of missing the ring and guard the pond from any trespassers. He would stay at the pond area and spend his time watching over the area where he lost the ring. And while waiting for me to arrive, he would contribute to the cleanliness of the park by picking up garbage while he expected me nearly five and a half hours later that night! I couldn’t believe it! He did not want any Intruders to take the space where his belongings were by the water, near to where he lost the ring in the pond! And, he also did not want anyone to possibly obtain his prized possession if there was any logical reason for someone to be able to get a hold of it from the water, let alone have knowledge that the ring was accessible in the pond! But when it came to his love for his wife and how special this ring had meant to him, he wasn’t thinking about any of the particular logistics described above, but only what mattered and that was to guard what was rightfully his like a lion over his own territory. I’ve never met or heard of anyone so passionate about a special personal item even as important as a wedding band. But we are not talking about any average person. We are talking about a man who was completely driven by love and only love for his newlywed bride, Stephanie!

In addition to what I described above, Lazar did something else that was so touching and so far outside the box of the norm! He asked me sometime early evening if I would like for him to provide any food or drink for me by the time I arrived at the park that night. I told him that a bottle of water would be great if he had it. He obliged and not only did he provide a bottle of water, but he kept his car running with the air conditioning on high blast for all five and a half hours while he waited for me and placed a bottle of water up against the vent inside his car so that it would stay as cold as possible until my arrival! I almost did not believe that he did this but his wife volunteered to tell me that this is what her husband actually did for me as she saw me drink some of the cold water from the bottle that he handed to me later that night! She said that he wanted the bottle of water to be as cold as possible for me just to make me happy, refreshed and blessed, and so he came up with the idea of cooling it inside his car in the manner described.  Have you ever heard of anything like this? Talk about appreciation and kindness as a response to his gratitude for what I was about to do for him! I was so beyond touched by this!

As I drove closer and closer to the area which was somewhere north of Baltimore (pretty far out there!), I texted Stephanie (Lazar’s wife) my location and approximately the time when I was going to arrive at the park.

When I first got to my destination, I was on the other side of the pond and I could see the family (husband, wife and child) all hanging out by the water’s edge anticipating my arrival. I came around the other side and got out of the car and immediately Lazar and I greeted each other with a man-hug as if we were long-time buddies from years past! It meant a lot to me that he thought of me as someone close to him already with what I was about ready to help him with. I met his wife and child and soon after all of the greetings, I got all of my equipment out of the car and prepared for the water search that was about to ensue.

By the time I got in the water and positioned myself close to where Lazar recalled the ring entering the water, it was dark outside. I had my wetsuit on, headlamp on my head, my sand scoop in one hand and the metal detector in the other. I could not have had a better group of fans cheering me on! After just a few false targets that I pulled up out of the water, I finally nailed the signal that I was looking for! Instead of using the scoop to remove the object from the water, I decided to reach down with my hand and grab the target with my fingers under the metal detector coil. I was confident that I found what I was looking for because the object felt round and hollow in the middle! I pulled it out of the water and yes, it was the handsome diamond filled tungsten carbide wedding band that I was looking for! This thing was one heavy piece! For a minute there I actually thought it was something else besides a ring because of the extreme weight that it possessed. But just like the degree of love that Lazar had for Stephanie, so was the heaviness of this love story represented here coming out of the water!

I remember raising the ring with my hand facing Lazar who was at the water’s edge, and once again I will never forget that particular scene. The man broke down crying with tears of joy as he could see the wedding band facing him and it was just too much for him to take. He moved over to the grassy area away from the shoreline and he got down on all fours and wept with such an intense emotion of happiness! Immediately, his family came alongside him and touched his shoulder and embraced him so very lovingly.

I came out of the water and moved over to where everybody had congregated and filmed this moment of man and metal being reunited once again! At some point I really didn’t know what to express anymore because it was just too moving to say the right words just watching this man unload his heart of love and feelings of relief and gratitude. I embraced Lazar and we celebrated the return of the wedding band to his finger was placed back on his hand moments later.

I also had the privilege of returning to the water to search for their son’s fishing lure which got stuck somewhere in the pond while the boy was fishing earlier that day waiting with his father for me to arrive. It could have been a long drawn-out recovery because of all of the potential targets that were beeping on my detector screen, but the young man had a pretty good idea as to where the lure ended up and within a couple of minutes, I was able to bring his lure back to surface and into his hands it went! He was so happy!

That night searching for the wedding band and the lure was really something special for me which I will never forget. Lazar, his family and I bonded in a very deep way and I think we will always be friends because of the happiness that we all took part in receiving through the celebration of the return of Lazar’s ring. I will never be able to completely describe it with words because of how special everything was that night by the pond.

After taking some pictures together, we all packed up our things in order to prepare to leave the park. I smiled as I looked over and saw the family work as a team to pack up all of the camping chairs, and fishing equipment that was out by the pond for the entire day and evening.

We said our goodbyes with hugs and with the assurance that we would stay in touch with one another. I look forward to getting together with this family at some point to have a meal together and reflect on that memorable evening when we all celebrated the successful return of Lazar’s wedding band! What a special time it was for me to be a part of such happiness!


Lazar’s Testimonial:


“As any young married man would do, I made a mistake. I went fishing and during a botched fishing rod cast, my wedding ring came off my finger. I jumped in the pond to try and save it but it was a failed attempt. After numerous hours of searching, I had the idea of searching for people that could maybe help me find my precious ring. I googled “ring finders”. It led me to THE RING FINDERS and Mr. Brian Rudolph. I sent a text not
thinking that I would get a reply and no more than 20 minutes later, I received a phone call. I stated my name and told him what happened and before I could finish, he said these words which I will never forget!
“Your ring will be back on your finger tonight.”
I immediately broke down into tears on the phone. I never thought I was ever going to see my wedding band again. A few hours later and after a couple of phone calls back and forth, I met the man that I spoked to on the phone. An angel.
He got set up as my small family watched. He got right to work and 10 minutes later he found my ring! It was unbelievable! This man saved my soul!
There’s so many more things that I could say about Brian but there wouldn’t be enough lines on the paper. How can you describe someone that does what he does for others? He’s an angel, inspirational, positive and a life saver! There’s not enough words to best describe Brian!
I could never ever thank him enough!”                
– Lazar W Cooper
Taneytown, Maryland














Wedding Ring Lost at Clearwater Beach (found) by SRARC

SRARC Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service – Tampa Bay Area, Pinellas County, Manatee County & Sarasota County

Lost something important? We can HELP! Our services are FREE! Donations to the Club are accepted.

We will send a team of metal detector experts to search virtually any location. Some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks and even your own backyard.  If you have lost your ring or any other precious item, “Don’t Wait – Call Now.”

Wedding Ring Lost at Clearwater Beach (found) by SRARC

Mike was down from Virginia visiting Clearwater Beach with his wife and 3 children for spring break. Yesterday afternoon he stepped out onto the beach and into the water. When he got about knee deep he thought it might be a good idea to remove his wedding ring and store it in his pocket for safe keeping. As he was pulling it off of his finger it slipped from his grip and fell into the water. After frantically searching on his hands and knees for a while it became clear that he would not find it. He returned to his room and worried about it for several hours before searching the internet for help. When he did, the Ring Finders popped right up and he found the SRARC Ring Finders group. He called that evening and we set up a meet time in front of the Hotel on Clearwater Beach. At 8:00 am the next morning, Mike Miller, Mark Sillence, Wayne Cree, Jerry Schneider, and Rick Magyar showed up for the recovery. After listening to Mike’s story and getting clear on the area the wedding ring was lost we started the search. In about 15 minutes Rick gave the thumbs up and brought Mike his ring. We got lots of smiles and hugs from him as he celebrated the return of is ring. It was a real pleasure for us to meet Mike and be able to make his day. Thanks to all who participated.

IMG_20160401_082408436 IMG_20160401_082237370 IMG_20160401_082316141