Wedding Ring Lost at Clearwater Beach (found) by SRARC

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Wedding Ring Lost at Clearwater Beach (found) by SRARC

Mike was down from Virginia visiting Clearwater Beach with his wife and 3 children for spring break. Yesterday afternoon he stepped out onto the beach and into the water. When he got about knee deep he thought it might be a good idea to remove his wedding ring and store it in his pocket for safe keeping. As he was pulling it off of his finger it slipped from his grip and fell into the water. After frantically searching on his hands and knees for a while it became clear that he would not find it. He returned to his room and worried about it for several hours before searching the internet for help. When he did, the Ring Finders popped right up and he found the SRARC Ring Finders group. He called that evening and we set up a meet time in front of the Hotel on Clearwater Beach. At 8:00 am the next morning, Mike Miller, Mark Sillence, Wayne Cree, Jerry Schneider, and Rick Magyar showed up for the recovery. After listening to Mike’s story and getting clear on the area the wedding ring was lost we started the search. In about 15 minutes Rick gave the thumbs up and brought Mike his ring. We got lots of smiles and hugs from him as he celebrated the return of is ring. It was a real pleasure for us to meet Mike and be able to make his day. Thanks to all who participated.

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