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14K Engagement Ring Found – Marshall Virginia

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

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Received a call from Kenny about a lost 14k Rose Gold engagement ring in Marshall Virginia. The ring had been lost for about a week. His wife lost the ring in a grassy knoll in front of his property. Kenny and his wife both searched frantically for several days. Kenny even rented a metal detector from a local shop but with no luck, so he did a little more research and came across theRingFinders network. Kenny provided me a few more details and we made arrangements for me to be at his location early the next morning.

Upon arriving I was hopeful as the area was not very large, however I did get a little nervous after seeing the amount of trash in the gully, but that’s why I’m here. After greeting Kenny I got to work quickly, gridding out a few short paths, eliminating hits I knew to be trash. After about 40 minutes I got a solid hit on the Equinox 800, vdi 10-11. There buried under the leaves was this beautiful rose gold ring!

I sent Kenny a text with a photo of the found ring. He was so overjoyed and surprised I found it so quickly, and stated he wouldn’t tell his wife until she came back from church. Great surprise on a Sunday morning!!

God Bless and happy hunting.



Lost Engagement Ring in Creek at Corbin’s Island Park…Found by Ring Finder Near Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Tina’s Beautiful Engagement Ring Displayed Once Again in its Magical Glory!

Tina, Lucas and Little One Celebrating Beside One Another the Return of Their Most Special Keepsake!


It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in August around 1pm when I received a call from a young lady named Tina. She was devastated regarding the loss of her white gold solitaire diamond engagement ring which was surrounded by smaller diamonds and Emeralds. She, along with her fiancé, family and friends drove from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area all the way to Corbin’s Island Recreational Park, near Huntingdon, Pennsylvania (2.5 hour trip) to enjoy a weekend of relaxation and fun. Unfortunately, while Tina was out in the creek helping a young child get into a raft, she felt her beloved engagement ring slip off her finger and fall into the water below.

Immediately, Tina did all she could to locate the ring, but nothing turned up but rocks, stones and more rocks. All eleven or so people that were in her group teamed up to search for the piece of jewelry and in the end, no one could find it.

After hours had gone by and the emotions of losing the ring began to rise, Tina was desperate to find a solution to her problem. Her fiancé Lucas did not know what happened with the ring because he was not there at the time of the incident. Tina was so afraid to tell him what had happened and hoped that there would be some way that she could find her beloved engagement ring before Lucas returned to the park.

Tina began to look online and she eventually found the elite international metal detectorist directory called THE RING FINDERS. She looked up metal detecting services in the Raystown and Huntingdon, Pennsylvania areas and eventually found me, Brian Rudolph, just south of the Pennsylvania border in Maryland. I referred the desperate lady to another ring finder on the directory who lived closer to her location, but unfortunately he was away on a day trip with his family and was unable to take on the challenge. That’s when I told Tina that I would be willing to do the two and a half hour drive (one way) up to Pennsylvania from the Maryland area just to try to help her situation!

Tina was so happy to know that I was willing to drive all that way to help recover the lost engagement ring. However, because this amazing service seemed too good to be true, her family and friends were very skeptical of metal detectorists like myself who just want to help recover someone’s lost “story” and to do it on a reward basis with whatever the client can afford. Tina texted me and told me that they thought this had to be a scam. I kept telling Tina that she was more than welcome to call the CEO of The Ring Finders, Chris turner, to inquire as to whether this was too good to be true!

Probably an hour past and I still did not hear back from Tina as she was still struggling with whether or not to take the plunge and trust that I was not only the right guy for the job but also that she could trust me with her beloved property. At some point, after going back and forth with multiple text messages, Tina decided to try me out. What she didn’t know at the time was that I started driving her way even before she called me back because I knew that time was of the essence. I did not want another detectorist to pocket the ring during the interim stage of our correspondence. If she decided that she didn’t want me to help with the search, all of that driving would have been for nothing. Thankfully, Tina contacted me and said that she would give me a shot! That’s when I told her I would be there sooner than later (I still had another hour and 45 minutes to go).

The trip to Pennsylvania was quite a beautiful journey. The country hills, lovely little towns and scenic mountain ranges were simply stunning. When I arrived at the park, I got out of the car and greeted not only Tina and her children, but also her fiancé Lucas! It turned out that Tina “told all” upon Lucas arriving at the scene sometime before I got there. She broke down in tears and shared how she lost her engagement ring in the water and tried everything to find the precious jewel prior to contacting the ring finder. Lucas was completely understanding to the situation and was extremely happy that I was there to help.

After our meet and greet time, Tina immediately took me into the water and showed me where she was when the ring disappeared. The creek’s water depth couldn’t have been more than 18 inches to 2 feet at most. I could see right to the bottom. There were mostly rocks and stones filling the bottom floor so the ring was presumed to be hidden under one of them. Some of the family members were worried that the ring was pushed by the current downstream.

We returned to land after my orientation and I assured Tina and Lucas that I would take care of the rest. After putting on my dive shorts, shirt and boots, I grabbed my waterproof metal detector, headphones, harness, pinpointer and scoop and once again made my way down into the creek.

In the first 5 minutes, I heard a few random signals that weren’t in the number range of what I was looking for on my machine. I verified again with the couple the search parameter and kept focused in that particular zone. No more than a minute later, I got the signal that I was waiting for! Just as I knelt down into the water to check the particular target out, my eyes locked in on that most beautiful diamond ring resting at the bottom of the water, patiently waiting to be rescued! The band was “silver” in color and there were diamonds and emeralds surrounding the exquisite solitaire on top. I found the ring! What had initially been an all-day fiasco for Tina and all of the others that were searching with her for the entirety of the day at the park, in the end, I was able to put an end to the nightmare in a matter of minutes! I drove two and a half hours to take care of a quick search and recovery operation and it was well worth the smiles that I brought back to the faces of Tina and Lucas!

Once I surprised the couple with what I had recovered from the creek, the two were just blown away by what I was able to do for them and what I was able to recover so quickly! We all hugged and thanked the Lord for answering our prayer which we made together prior to me going into the water!

I told them that every mile I drove to Pennsylvania and all the miles I would have to drive back soon thereafter was extremely special to me. Just knowing that I was able to give back such an important and precious “piece of love” that would have been lost forever (had I not responded to Tina’s beckon call for help), it could not have made my day more complete!

After we said our goodbyes, as I drove away I glanced back at the picnic table where the family was still congregated around. There I saw Tina and Lucas embracing one another with the most beautiful expression of love that one could ever witness seeing! No feeling on earth could have measured up to the way I was feeling at that moment, knowing that I had helped the sweet couple find peace and relief over recovering such a sentimental and priceless piece of jewelry!

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Lost Engagement Ring Parkland County Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

IMG_1352 (2) IMG_1350


Received a call around 4 pm yesterday from Cara asking if I could help find her engagement ring which she lost Saturday evening while she was fanning moths away from her face, and away goes her ring into the bush, they spent a couple of hrs looking for it that evening with no luck then after purchasing a metal detector and spending all afternoon with no luck finding her ring, Cara goggled (lost ring) and found the Ring Finders web site and contacted me.

Told Cara I would be there with in ½ hour since I was in the area, meet up with Cara and her fiancé and they showed me the area where the ring flew off with in 20 minute I had the ring back on Cara’s finger, This ring had a huge sentimental value to them both no amount of money could ever replace.

Another very happy client.

 Thank you Cara for entrusting me to find your lost ring and your generous reward.  

Lost Ring Palmer, Alaska

I have been finding lost rings for over ten years and just recently joined The Ring Finder. As spring fever has really gotten to me, and just before the snow started falling again, I was out with my trusty metal detector hunting up an area that has seen a lot of winter activity in town. The ground was still frozen with the exception of the first quarter inch of ground and the water holes that have developed, this, however; did not deter me as the sun was shining and the wind warmer than usual. It was a great day to get out and detect the sunken snow mounds and the park grounds.  My detector picked up a lot of potential finds, but the ground too frozen still to dig, but I will return to see what lies beneath.

I enjoy getting out and looking for lost treasure. If you have lost a ring or jewelry in or around the Palmer area and need it found asap, call me, I would love to help!