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Gold Tiffany & Co. ring found in Aurora, Colorado park

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Jena Manning was visiting a friend in Aurora, Colorado. While their children played on the playground equipment the girls chatted and then Jena did something that is normally not in her nature, she tossed her gum into a nearby patch of juniper bushes. When she did this her Tiffany & Co. ring slipped off finger and followed the gum into the junipers. The two girls searched the junipers for several minutes with no success.

Jena sent me an email and we exchanged phone numbers and played phone tag for a couple of days. Finally we connected via phone and decided to meet so she could show me the location of her loss and for me to search bright and early Sunday morning. The search area was a large patch of knee high juniper bushes. I placed my 12” coil on my White’s V3i and began my search hoping that the ring was hung up on the branches of the juniper bushes. Trying to perform a grid search while walking through those bushes was not easy and though I did hear a couple of signals the ring was not found. I then placed a 4”x6” coil on my MXT and began to poke around the bushes. This was the only effective way to search this tangled mess of shrubbery. After a couple of hours search the ring was still hidden amongst the bushes and I needed to get going due to prior commitments. We made arrangements for me to meet Jena again the following Tuesday to continue the search.

Tuesday evening I arrived back at the site and began my search again. When Jena arrived I had her toss a ring with high visibility string attached a few times. The ring always made its way through the bushes and to the ground so that would mean that I needed to use my small coil and poke through the bushes. After a little over an hour of searching and finding only garbage I had Jena toss the ring and string a few more times. I noticed that a couple of her tosses were shorter than the others so I started searching a bit closer to the edge of the patch than my previous searches. Within a couple of minutes my V3i sounded off and there was Jena’s ring. Due to the rings design, basically gold chain mail, the ring gave an exceptionally low VDI number. Jena couldn’t believe that I had found her ring as she was beginning to give up. Luckily I don’t give up too easily or this ring would have never made its way back to where it belongs, on Jena’s finger.


Jena gets her ring back!


Not an easy find, a VDI of 3 due to the ring being chain mail style.

Ring found 3/19/2013.

Wedding ring found in ditch – Aurora, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Recently I was contacted by Melissa. One night while in a heated debate with her husband her wedding ring found its way out of the car window. After a few hours cooler heads prevailed and the search for Melissa’s ring was on. They searched the site, which was marked by a field driveway, several times without luck.

I made arrangements to meet the couple and discussed what had occurred the night of the loss. After a quick re-enactment of the events that lead to the rings loss,  in which a “test ring” was thrown from the vehicle, my search began. Because of quality equipment, which includes a good set of headphones, I was only slightly hindered by the noise of the traffic on the road just feet away. However, with the Air National Guard taking off in their fighter jets just a short distance away and hitting their after-burners while directly overhead, I decided to take a short break. After about an hour of searching the ring was recovered not more than 6 paces from the location where our “test ring” had landed.

 Ring recovered: June 4, 2010