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Gold Wedding Ring, With Diamonds, Lost In The Sand, At Goose Rocks Beach, Kennebunkport, Maine, Found With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

Recovery and Return #43

I saw a missed call and voicemail, on my phone, from 11:42am. It was now 12:11pm and 29 minutes had passed, since the missed call. I immediately checked the voicemail and this was the message,

“Hi good morning my name is Chris M***** and I was on Goose Rocks Beach yesterday. I took my wedding ring off and put sunscreen on and I never put the ring back on . I realized, when we got back to the hotel, that it was gone. We went back to look for it , but I’m sure it kind of fell off my lap and chair and went down into the sand . I kinda know exactly where I was when I was sitting. The trouble is where we have to be on the road at 2: 30 PM today to head towards the Portland airport to go home , we live in Ontario, California . A couple of people suggested I give you guys a call and see if maybe we could find my wedding band. My number is 9 0 9- ***-**** and my name is Chris Thank you…”

WOW! Chris had to be on the road, in just over two hours, to catch his flight, to California. This was going to be a challenging search. I need to drive, from my house, to Goose Rocks Beach, in Kennebunkport, meet up with Chris, to find out where he was on the beach and I still needed to contact Chris. I immediately called Chris back, but the call went straight to voicemail. The pressure was on to get this ring, in 2 hours and I don’t know where it was lost.

I decided to just start driving to Goose Rocks Beach and I would continue attempting , to contact Chris. As my wife and I pulled out of the driveway, I called again, straight to voicemail. It was now, 12:23pm. Another call, about 5 minutes later, straight to voicemail. I was now approximately 10 minutes from GRB , when my phone rang. It was Chris. Chris asked me how this works and I told him that I was already on my way to GRB and would be arriving in 10 minutes. Chris was ecstatic knowing, I was already on my way. Chris told me he and his wife would leave their Hotel, immediately and be there in 20 minutes. He and his wife would meet us, in front of The Tides Club, a Restaurant and Beachfront Hotel.

My wife and I arrived and parking, as usual, was a nightmare. I decided to ask Goose Rocks Beach General store, if it would be alright to park, in their lot. I told them the circumstances and they were totally on board, for me to find the ring, and fast. THANK YOU! The store was a 1/3 of a mile from The Tides Club and I had to move fast to get there. Chris called me and told me they were there. I told Chris, I was walking there at the moment and would see him shortly. I saw Chris standing at the beach access entrance and we started towards the area he had lost the ring in. It was now 1:05pm and less than 1 1/2 hours before he had to leave and catch his plane. I started my Minelab CTX-3030 metal detector up, as Chris showed me the general area. I started performing a grid of the area and then a heard a nice low tone signal. I tried checking my VDI Screen but couldn’t see it in the extremely bright sun. I ran my coil over the area, once again and a nice signal was still there. At that point, my coil had moved the sand, just enough, for me to see a small piece of a silver colored ring. I turned around, and asked Chris to come over. When he arrived, I pointed the the shiny object and Chris reached down and pulled out his stunning White Gold Wedding Ring with Diamonds. I had found Chris’s ring. Chris clenched the ring in his had and threw his fist, into the air. YES, YES, he said out loudly. He couldn’t believe it. It was now 1:08pm. It took just 3 minutes, to find his ring, with 1 hour and 22 minutes to spare. PHEW! Chris felt so out of place, without his wedding ring, he actually had purchased a ring, the night before, just so he would not feel naked, without his wedding ring. Chris was extremely happy and was in disbelief that the ring was found and found that fast. He continued to express his gratitude to my wife and I, as we walked off the beach. I felt so relieved to have found it, before his flight. The stars were aligned!
A lot of things came together, to make this happen. Being retired, gives me the ability to just up and leave, whenever I get a callout. GRB General Store allowing me to park there, to help Chris. Chris telling me that multiple people told him about me and to call me. Chris had no idea that such a service existed. So, a big shoutout to Retirement, GRB General Store and to all the people, who referred me and encouraged Chris to call me.
At 2:18pm, I received a text from Chris. It said

“Thank you again Dennis for today. I went back into town and told several shopkeepers about the good news. I’m still stunned we found it.
Chris and Julie M*****”

I just absolutely love being able to help people, like Chris. Have a safe flight home.

This was my 2nd recovery today. I will have the details of the 1st recovery, this morning, at 6:00am, as soon as I return the ring to the owner. We are in the process of setting up the time.

Gold and Sapphire Ring Lost In Falmouth, Maine Found With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Sunday October 15, I finished up mowing our lawn and my neighbors. I checked my phone and I saw a message from Jordan. Jordan’s message said,
“Hi there. My mother lost a ring 2 days ago and she did a bunch of gardening and cut down a few trees. She lives in Falmouth. Would you be able to help us look for it”.
I immediately sent a message back to Jordan and told her yes I could and would she please call me. A few hours later Jordan called and we discussed the lost ring. Jordan then told me her parents , Bobbi and Dennis had also taken a few loads of the brush and garden items, to the dump. My heart sank a little, knowing that it was possible the ring very well could have ended up in the dump, 2 days ago. Jordan then gave me her father’s phone number and I immediately called him to set up a time to travel to Falmouth and search for his wife’s ring. A date was set for today, Tuesday October 17th.
I drove the approximately 25 miles to Bobbi and Dennis’s home this morning and they were both there to greet me as I parked in their driveway. After a few minutes of exchanging pleasantries, I ask Bobbi to go over the events of 4 days ago, which led to the ring going missing. She told me exactly what had been already explained and pointed out some of the areas she had been working. I asked her if she had been wearing gloves, while working and if the gloves had been checked. She had been wearing gloves and they had been checked. She did tell me that she had taken the gloves off several times while working on the property. Bobbi and Dennis also realized the ring very well could have ended up at the dump but were hoping that was not the case. A positive was that the lawn had not been mowed, since the ring went missing. This meant that it would not have been thrown somewhere or damaged by the mower.
Bobbi then took me to the garden to search 1st. It wasn’t a large garden and I completed the search in about 10 minutes. Nothing but a dime, nail and a small piece of foil. She then took me to an area where some of the shrubbery had been cut down. Still no ring. Then another area of cut down shrubbery and my detector wasn’t going to work over the cut down shrubbery so I took out my pinpointer and stuck it down and between what was left of the shrubbery. Still No luck with locating the ring. Bobbi then pointed to another area of cut down and removed shrubbery. Within a minute I received a signal that wasn’t repeating but I liked the sound of it. I looked down but saw nothing but shrubbery clippings, small twigs and leaves. I started pushing the debris aside, with my coil, still hearing a signal but still no target was visible. I pushed some more debris to the side and I saw a beautiful gold ring with a Blue Sapphire starring back at me. I reached down, picked it up, turned around and told Bobbi that the ring had been found. Bobbi looked stunned and was just so thankful to have it back. For a second, I believed her eyes swelled up a little and her smile was ear to ear. Seeing faces like Bobbi’s is exactly what drives me to help people out, when they need my Metal Detecting Services. This ring would never have been found with a visual search. Bobbi and her family had performed a couple visual searches of the area without finding it and I never would have seen it, without a metal detector.
After the fact, I learned that the Gold and Sapphire ring was a 45th Wedding Anniversary gift, to Bobbi, from her husband Dennis. Later that day, Dennis texted me and stated  the following,                             “Hi Dennis. I gave the ring to Bobbi as an anniversary present (#45 I think). I believe that it is a sapphire stone. We can’t thank you enough for getting the ring back to Bobbi. She’s thrilled! We will certainly follow you on Facebook. Thanks again”.                                                                                                    I just love being able to return extremely sentimental items back to the owners. It is a true blessing to be able to help people like Bobbi and Dennis out, whenever I can.


Handmade 14K Wedding Ring with Diamond Chip Lost While Bodysurfing in Scarborough Maine, With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Sunday night 9/3/23, which is also Labor Day Weekend, I received a call from Ric. Ric told me that while Bodysurfing at Scarborough Beach State Park, in Scarborough, Maine, his wedding ring fell off, into the very rough surf water. Ric said he was referred to me by members of the lifeguard crew, including Greg, the supervisor.
As it was already closing in on 4:30pm and the State Park closes at 7:00pm, I told Ric that because I wouldn’t be able to make it from my current location, to the State Park until close to 6:00pm, I would go down 1st thing in the morning and perform a grid search, at low tide. Ric was not going to be available to show me the location of where the ring was lost, but gave me a very detailed description of the location. He was just to the left of the webcam pole and approximately 50-60 feet out into the water, approximately “mid chest deep”.
I arrived at Scarborough Beach State Park the next morning at 8:00am and was greeted by Greg. Greg told me that he didn’t see Ric lose the ring but that it was in the general location described by Ric. I decided to overshoot the area by about 30 feet on each side of the Webcam pole, in case the ring was moved by the rough and strong surf. Starting down near the low tide line, I slowly gridded the hard packed sand, up towards the shoreline. I was finding a few trashy targets, like lobster trap bits and small pieces of aluminum, mostly likely from discarded cans. As I worked my way up towards the shoreline, I finally received a great sounding low tone. Looking down at the CTX-3030’s VDI Screen, I saw a reading that put a smile on my face. I had a great sounding low tone and a 12-19 on the VDI screen. Definitely in the gold range. I pressed my scoop into the sand, with my foot and dumped the sand out next to the hole. I ran the coil over the dug up sand and got the signal. I still couldn’t see it so I pulled my pinpointed out and ran it through the sand. Once I found the target, I put my fingers into the wet dug up sand and pulled out a large chunky ring with a small diamond chip in it. I had Ric’s ring. I called Ric and then sent a photo to him. He replied “That’s it, 100%”. We then made arrangements to meet in 20-30 minutes at a local restaurant, on my way home. The exchange was made and Ric explained that the ring was actually handmade, by a friend, and presented to him for his wedding. As The Ringfinders say, “every ring has a story “ and this one has a very sentimental story. Another great happy ending.

Lost Engagement Ring Lost And Found on Ferry Beach Scarborough Maine

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

After a long but rewarding day (I have already recovered and returned 2 gold wedding rings), my wife pulled up in the car,  to pick me up and I was ready to go home. As  I was loading my detecting equipment in the car, my phone rang and I saw a voice mail had been left approximately 6 minutes earlier. The voice mail stated that the callers name was Robin and that she was with a group of people at Ferry Beach, in Scarborough, Maine and that an engagement ring had been lost in the sand. Robin had performed a “google” search and had come across my name. Robin was wondering if I were available to help them with my metal detecting service. I immediately called Robin back and told her that I absolutely would be willing to help. Robin proceeded to tell me they were out on the Point, at Ferry Beach. Ferry Beach is approximately 12-15 miles north from where I was in Old Orchard Beach, Maine and 10-12 miles south of Portland, Maine. With summer traffic is full swing, along the southern coast of Maine, I told Robin that I would be there in 30 minutes. Once my wife and I arrived, at Ferry Beach, Scarborough, Maine,  we saw Robin waving us down.
There were a group of people there and I learned the person that was missing the ring was Emily. Emily explained that she had applied lotion to herself and that 2 of her rings had slipped off and had fallen into the sand. One of the rings had already been found by the group but the engagement ring was still missing. The group had already marked an area off as being the most likely spot that the ring would be in. As I started a grid of the area, I found a nail and then a pull tab. I then received a nice signal on the CTX-3030. I pulled my pin pointer out, found the target and put my hand into the sand. Out came Emily’s Engagement Ring and when I held it up for the group to see, Applause and Cheers filled the air. I was again very relieved to have been blessed to have found and returned Emily’s Engagement Ring. Emily and her group of family and friends were also relieved and extremely grateful to The Ring Finders.
After finding Emily’s Engagement Ring, and the 3rd recovery of the day, I was ready to go home Wow, it was a day I will never forget. I am so blessed to be able to help people out, in their time of need.