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Men’s 14K Wedding Ring Lost on Old Orchard Beach, Maine Found With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

I received a call from William on Monday morning, 9/11/23. William had lost his 14K wedding ring, the previous night, as he and his wife Sarah, enjoyed their last evening in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.  After leaving a local restaurant, William and Sarah returned to their oceanfront hotel for their last night in town and decided to sit on the beach and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views, around 8:30pm to 9:00pm. When they decided to go back to their room, they were covered in sand, from where they were sitting. William brushed off the sand from both his and Sarah’s pants. Once they got back to their room, William noticed he was no longer wearing his wedding ring. He and Sarah immediately went back down to the beach to search for the ring, but with no luck. William then tore his hotel room apart, praying it was in the room, but still no luck. They both searched the beach again, the next morning,  9/11/23, still no success. William then called me after receiving a couple of very strong recommendations and referrals.
I told William that I would be right there to meet him, as I live less than 5 miles from their current location and being retired, I am able to just get up and leave. He and Sarah needed to start their 5 hour drive back to Sherbrooke, Quebec but would stay to show me the location. Once I arrived, about 10 minutes later, William showed me the area where he thought they were sitting but it now looked different because of the daylight and the tide was different. I searched the area where they thought they were sitting but absolutely nothing. He then said they 1st went to a bench and then moved down to the sand. Still nothing around the bench. At this point, I knew I would need to perform a grid of an area of about 75’ X 75’. I started near the bench and searched down to the high tide line, then back up to the sea grass, turn around and back to the high tide line, etc.. I was finding the usual trash of pull tabs and tent stakes but not much else. After about an hour and as I was at the top of the slope, heading to the high tide line. I received a very loud low tone on my Minelab CTX-3030. VDI screen was reading a very solid 12-24. I stuck my pinpointer into the dry sand and found my target. I caught a small glimpse of yellow and I just had to break out in a big smile. I pulled the ring out of the sand, turned around to show William and Sarah, who were now sitting in the sand up near the sea grass and said, “I got it”. As William saw the ring, he jumped up and said “No Way” and broke out in a smile from ear to ear. He then came over to where I was and we shared a nice big enthusiastic high five. The ride back to Sherbrooke, Quebec just became much more bearable. A Beautiful Day indeed

Gold Necklace Lost In The Water And Waves At Low Tide, Very Sentimental

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

I had seen a post on Facebook, by Kelli,  about a MISSING GOLD CHAIN WITH A CROSS, being lost on the beach. Later that morning, I received a text from Kelli wanting to know if I could help. After talking with Kelli, I found out the Gold Chain and Cross Pendant had been lost 2 days earlier, in the surf, approximately 1 1/2 hours after the low tide. Since it wouldn’t be low tide for another 4 hours, I told Kelli that I would meet her in 2 hours at the Old Orchard Beach, Maine location, where the necklace had been lost, 2 days earlier.
Once I arrived, I met Kelli and her boyfriend, Jake. Jake explained that the waves were really rough that day and the necklace somehow came off his neck and disappeared, into the Waves, Water and Sand. I told them that I would grid the beach, parallel to the water and follow the tide out, hoping the necklace would then appear in just the wet sand and no longer under the water.
I was performing the grid search for approximately 1:20 minutes, when Jake came down to me , near the low tide mark. He explained that he and Kelli had to leave and and were leaving tomorrow morning to go back home, In Massachusetts. I told Jake that I would contact him if I found it and if not, I would be back the next day, at low tide and expand the search. After Jake left, I decided to try the shallow water, as low tide was now upon us. I started a grid search in the water and was working my way towards shore. I finally received a decent low tone signal, reading 12-04 on the Minelab CTX-3030 and put the scoop into the wet sand. I caught a glimpse of 1 gold link of a chain in the wet sand. I reached down, grabbed the link and pulled it out of the sand. I had Jake’s necklace. On 20 minutes had passed since he had left and I immediately called him. Jake and Kelli came right back and I returned the necklace. Jake the told me that the necklace had belonged to his father and that his father just passed away, 6 months earlier. Jake explained that he has  absolutely devastated , the past 2 days and thinking he would never see it again. I am so proud and happy to be able to help people like Jake, in their hour of need.


Metal detector recovery of lost Citadel Class Ring in Boothbay Maine

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

I received a call from Miranda to come search for her husband Tyler’s Citadel class ring, which was lost while he tended to his cattle at their home in Boothbay, Maine. The search took about 2 hours and ended with the ring recovered for Tyler and the cows happy to see me depart their pasture. A portion of their generous reward will be used to purchase locally farmed food that will be donated to The Camden Area Food Bank.